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Captain Jack Sparrow wasn’t quite sure why he was standing in front of a rather large factory at three in the morning. He couldn’t even remember how he got there; all he knew was that he was there and no where else at the moment...
Sky High WarrenXWill one-shot written for Yuletide.
yep thats right! ZAoTSAM is writing fillers for NATM with two new characters: Thema and Rehema!
This is a poem inspired by The Mouse Avenger's character, Angela Rodelaire-Westbrook from her Clockwork Orange fanfic "A Spark of Good."
Kate loves Will, but she doesnt think he loves her back, because she's just a silly little blacksmith. But does he? Will/Kate
This was inspired by the short-story Brokeback Mountain.

Many people dislike the nature of this story and movie because it deals with two homosexuals that love each other.

Why is it that female-to-female action is more accepted than man-to-man action?