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Welcome to Fanart Central 2.0

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TitleWelcome to Fanart Central 2.0
BodyWell over a year in development this new FAC comes with far more than just a new layout. It&#039;s a full core rebuild of the site with lots of new features.<br />  <br /> A newsletter will be available soon with a detailed article on the new features, but here are some of them at a glance.<br />  <br /> &bull; Brand new color-scheme and design of the website. Specially selected bold, neutral colors have been used purposefully to help display your work off the screen giving it extra depth.<br /> &bull; New rating system to better allow people to filter content by their preferences.<br /> &bull; Images can now be submitted in over 90 file formats and are automatically converted as appropriate.<br /> &bull; Category selection is now much easier with a better select box when submitting work.<br /> &bull; No more picture lists. All pictures are now thumbnails and can be filtered and sorted according to your preferences. Same goes for the stories.<br /> &bull; Fanfiction file uploads should work better now and fanfiction also can be submitted via a text box with BB code formatting or a Java applet with formatting controls.<br /> &bull; Fanfiction also gets a new browsing system and the recent stories feature has returned.<br /> &bull; In most places on the site (comments, picture/story/profile descriptions), you will now find BB code based formatting buttons and a spell check feature.<br /> &bull; Search engine has been redesigned. I hope this interface will work better<br /> &bull; Pictures of the hour are no more. Instead selected good pictures will be featured on the front page. A random pictures page is also available for those who want more.<br /> &bull; Profile&#039;s now look much nicer with favorite pictures thumbnailed, thumbnails of your top pictures, the addition of blog support, and the ability to feature any one of your pictures as your best work. You also get to have an avatar on the main site now.<br /> &bull; By editing your profile you can now change a wide variety of preferences.<br /> &bull; You can now receive notifications when your favorite artist submits a new picture or story.<br /> &bull; New forums. phpBB now instead of Invision.<br /> &bull; This new version should be faster -- epically at peak hours. But, expect it to be slow at first as the system is tweaked and the thumbnails rebuilt to fit the new colors.<br />  <br /> Because of this major rating system change, everyone should check that their pictures are rated appropriately under this new system and adjust them as necessary. Everyone should also edit their profiles and adjust their rating preferences there too.<br />  <br /> This was a huge amount of work, and I couldn&#039;t have done it without the help of the site helpers, beta testers, and all the members who have given suggestions to improve the site. <br />  <br /> There are still more features planned that I couldn&#039;t get finished fast enough, so watch for more new features in the coming months.
Date Posted1147957036