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Size Matters

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TitleSize Matters
BodyLately we&#039;ve been seeing some users upload very large pieces to FAC, images measuring in at 1600, 2000, even 3000 pixels to a side!<br /> <br /> Now while we believe that in general you should be able to upload your art at whatever size you wish, there&#039;s a certain point beyond which we wonder <em>why</em> you need your image to be that large (or if some of you are even paying attention to its size at all).<br /> <br /> Uploading a Very Large Scan of your drawings <strong>does not break any rules or policies, but</strong> it doesn&#039;t do you any favors either. If a scanned drawing appears much larger on-screen than it is in real life, this actually <em>degrades</em> the quality of the piece because the viewer can&#039;t see the entire thing onscreen at once, they have to scroll around and can only see small portions of it at a time.<br /> <br /> Therefore, you should generally not need to upload an image any larger than <strong>75 or 100 dpi</strong>, or which is larger than about <strong>1500 pixels</strong> wide or high. We&#039;ve seen drawings scanned at 150 dpi (1650x1250 pixels) and 300 dpi (3100x2500 pixels), and there&#039;s no reason a piece needs to be <em>that</em> large.<br /> <br /> Therefore, double-check the pixel dimensions of your image before uploading it, and if it&#039;s very large, take a minute to resize it smaller before proceeding. If you need instructions on exactly <em>how</em> to resize a drawing, check out the <strong><a href="" rel="nofollow">Resizing Tutorials</a></strong> in our forums area.
Date Posted1181431987