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Help Wanted.

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TitleHelp Wanted.
BodyFAC and it&#039;s affiliates are looking for volunteers to help out with various parts of the sites.<br /> <br /> <br /> Requirements for all positions:<br /> * Free time. If you are busy and don&#039;t have time to put into the job you aren&#039;t much use.<br /> * Independent learning. If you can&#039;t figure stuff out yourself when given the appropriate information resources you are not any use for this. I don&#039;t have time to explain every detail of everything.<br /> * Actively using an instant messenger (any of them) is a bonus for all positions.<br /> <br /> For all positions please provide your skills and experience and samples of your work. To apply send an email to <a href=""></a><br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Graphic Designer<br /> ------------<br /> With the previous web designer retired, we need a new designer to help maintain the site design.<br /> <br /> Responsibilities will include making new buttons/icons/banners/logos/etc as needed as well as working with the marketing/advertising department to make any graphics they need.<br /> <br /> Must have design skills appropriate for the job.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Programmer<br /> ----------<br /> There are many new features and improvements I would like to make, but I just don&#039;t have time to do them all.<br /> <br /> Minimum Required skills:<br /> Front end developers: html, css, javascript.<br /> Back end developers: experienced in php and any sql database.<br /> <br /> Desired skills: Expert in postgresql or any other powerful database system. AJAX experience. Flash programming.<br /> <br /> <br /> Available projects<br /> * Portal<br /> * Tags<br /> * stories AP<br /> * various stories improvements<br /> * New permission system<br /> * More/better admin tools<br /> * Oekaki based submissions<br /> * Improve search<br /> * Improve BBcode system<br /> * various bug fixes (avatars/notifications/ratings/cacheing)<br /> * Many more small features<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Marketing/Advertising<br /> ---------------------<br /> We need to get more visitors and are looking for people with skills in Marketing/Advertising to get them.<br /> <br /> Responsibilities will include writing advertising text for text based advertisements like Google adsense/adwords and creating advertising banners on your own or in partnership with the design team.<br /> <br /> Required skills: Sales/marketing/advertising.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Writer<br /> ------<br /> I suck at writing. A skilled writer is needed for various writing on the sites. This position is currently largely done by Stratadrake, but he doesn&#039;t have the time to do all that needs to be done.<br /> <br /> Responsibilities would include: writing the newsletters and the various text on the site such as rules/policies/about/faqs/this/etc.<br /> <br /> Skills needed: Formal writing for most things, more casual writing for newsletters.
Date Posted1193305727