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New Features Available

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TitleNew Features Available
BodyIt&#039;s here! FAC has now been updated to include the new site features we&#039;ve been working on. You may already notice the &quot;Popular Works&quot; and the poll now included on our mainpage.<br /> <br /> Some of the features you can now use are:<br /> - &quot;Scraps&quot; system<br /> - Comment Preview<br /> - Expanded Search options<br /> <br /> We also have a new set of rules, the <strong>Fanart Central Terms of Service</strong> (or &quot;FACTS&quot;, for short) which covers general matters that apply sitewide (such as &quot;no trolling&quot;). We&#039;ve had a copy of them available in the forums for over a month, so if you haven&#039;t read through them yet, please do so!<br /> <br /> &gt;&gt; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br /> <br /> Another new feature, very important from a staff point of view, is the ability for FAC site admins to issue timed suspensions for violations (such as spamming). Suspensions automatically expire after a specified length (ranging from 24 hours to 4 weeks, depending on the infraction), so there is no need for the admin to come back later and remove it manually.<br /> <br /> Unfortunately there are still a few bugs left for us to work out over this week (and maybe the next). I&#039;m currently maintaining a [url=/profile-Stratadrake.php]list of known bugs[/url] on my profile page, so if you run into something peculiar you may want to check my list first, chances are good we know about it already.<br /> <br /> The &quot;top two&quot; bugs are:<br /> <br /> - Error messages when you try to +Watch a user. We&#039;ve already patched this in the RC domain, so as a temporary fix, when you want to Watch a user try replacing the &quot;www&quot; in the URL with &quot;rc&quot;, and it should work.<br /> <br /> - The &quot;Delete comment&quot; link isn&#039;t showing up on userpages (or submissions) like it should be. This has also been patched on the RC domain, but you can still contact a site moderator to have them remove offensive or disruptive comments for you.<br /> <br /> Also, a reminder that comments are <strong>never truly &quot;deleted&quot;</strong> from our site; they&#039;re just hidden from view, and FAC site staff members can access removed comments at will. In fact, this ability is now &quot;always on&quot; for FAC staff members, meaning that if there&#039;s a removed comment anywhere on a page we&#039;re viewing, we <em>will know about it</em>.<br /> <br /> So that&#039;s all for now. If you manage to find a bug that we haven&#039;t (yet), be sure to stop by our forums and let us know.
Date Posted1250649620