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A Thought about Resolution...

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TitleA Thought about Resolution...
BodyThis is something of an inpromptu announcement, but after glancing at today&#039;s submission queue I think the issue needs to be acknowledged openly, once and for all...<br /> (...and also better enforced by us, the staff):<br /> <br /> <u>Please review your image size before submitting it to your FAC gallery.</u><br /> <br /> While we have no &#039;hard&#039; limit or policy rule on how large an image file you can submit to your gallery, images larger than a certain threshold (about the 3 megapixel range) are always held for manual review by site staff. This has become, by far, the <strong><em>number one reason</em></strong> a submission is held for manual site staff review. It&#039;s actually becoming rare to see a submission queued for any other reason!<br /> <br /> Apparently, a few of our users (not many, and you know who you are) are in a bad habit of submitting their art &quot;as is&quot; - directly from the scanner, camera, or digital art program. What you should be doing instead is keeping the original size/version archived safely on your computer, and creating a resized (i.e. smaller) copy for posting and sharing in your FAC gallery.<br /> <br /> I&#039;ll be posting a longer rumination on this topic elsewhere and later, but if you have any thoughts before then feel free to post them on my user profile page.
Date Posted1506070192