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big update

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Titlebig update
Body&lt;p&gt;Site design has been changed a bit. Now includes some javascript error checking on picture adding. Adding a comment opens up a news window to enter the comment, this way you can look at the pic while commenting.&lt;br&gt;<br /> <br /> Please choose your categories more carefully. Several artists have been choosing categories very badly. <br /> I&#039;m working on a better category choosing method to help with this.&lt;br&gt;<br /> <br /> I have added a new rating system for pictures. Once there is a significant number of ratings, I will display the top rated pictures on the front page, as well as the newest.&lt;br&gt;<br /> Links have now been added, not much there yet, but i&#039;m adding stuff regularly.&lt;br&gt;<br /> <br /> The next change I&#039;m planning is a new nav bar, i&#039;ve beel looking into a flash one, but due to compatability reasons, I need to setup a non-flash one too.&lt;br&gt;<br /> The other next change it unregestered users able to add comments.&lt;/p&gt;<br /> <br /> We have a new poll, this time it makes some sence.&lt;br&gt;<br /> Results of last poll: 84% of you like Squares.
Date Posted1012856764