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Artists of the month, and some problems

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TitleArtists of the month, and some problems
Body&lt;p&gt;This month&#039;s Artists of the month are &lt;a href=;fallenangel&lt;/a&gt; and &lt;a href=;ryosen&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;<br /> <br /> &lt;p&gt;In other news, there are a few problems with the site for some people. I am aware of them and am working on them, so you don’t need to email me about them&lt;BR&gt;<br /> 1. This site is unable to send any email to Verizon email addresses. This means no comment notifications and stuff, and validations will not work. Due to Verizon ignoring my emails, this may never get fixed. Use another email provider.&lt;BR&gt;<br /> 2. If your email address breaks/broke and I invalidated it because of bounced emails, you will be unable to re-validate it. I&#039;m working on fixing it.&lt;BR&gt;<br /> 3. Some people seem to be getting an &quot;Invalid Password&quot; error when commenting. I think this may be related to profile editing. I suggest not editing your profile if you are worried this may happen. If it already has, you&#039;ll just have to wait for me to fix it.<br /> &lt;/P&gt;
Date Posted1086093997