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Protecting you

Protecting you

Protecting you by Alex_McCat
Protecting you by Alex_McCat


The sunset shown the beauty of the desert as night fell.Shakespeare and Sarah walk back to the burrow after spending some time together.

"So you and Mitch talk it over?"Sarah ask as she try to keep warm.Even though the desert can be so hot.It gets cold when the sun went down.

"Yeah."Shakespeare nod at Sarah."I never saw him that angry before.But everything fine and he knows that we're together.He said he'll try to get to know you more."

"Thats good."Sarah smile at Shakespeare who was smiling at her.She started to get shakey from the cold.

Shakespeare saw that Sarah was trying to get warm.He took of his jacket and put on Sarah's shoulders giving her a sweet smile.

"There now you won't freeze to death."Shakespeare said to her.

"Thank you Shakey."Sarah blush as she smile."But what about you?Won't you get cold too."

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine.I gotten use to cold nights like this."Shakespeare told her as he started to laugh alittle."I'm too tough and brave to get cold."

Sarah laugh along with Shakespeare as they heading home.Then Shakespeare stop laughing and then stood there.His eyes darken as he search the trees.There was someone or something out there.Sarah stop behind him as she look around.She saw nothing.

"Shakespeare whats wrong?"Sarah ask in a worry voice.She wonder why Shakespeare was acting like theres someone is out there when she doesn't see nothing but trees,bushes,and sand.

Shakespeare growl as he search everywhere.He knew someone was out there.Was it a Lazuli member ready to get him and Sarah?Shakespeare guard Sarah making sure nothing gets her.He was growling louder as he saw a shadow moving from tree to tree.Then he saw the thin long needle like things coming at him and Sarah.He acted quick and grab Sarah and block the needles from hurting her.The needles strike Shakespeare's back as blood ran down from where the needles struck him.

"Shakespeare!"Sarah cried out as she saw Shakespeare in pain."Ar-...are you alright."

"I'm fine.All it matters are you alright?"Shakespeare ask as he check to see Sarah was alright.He sigh in relief to see Sarah didn't get strike by the needles.He saw Sarah's worry eyes as she cling to him.

"Who thrown the needles at you Shakespeare?"Sarah ask worry as she hug Shakespeare tightly ignoring the needles poking her.

"I don't know."Shakespeare said in a bitter voice.He search around to find the attacker.

"Was it a Lazuli member?"

"Thats was my first thought was.But its not, Lazuli on what I know of never use needles and hide.They move quickly in for the kill with their blades."Shakespeare told her as he hold Sarah close to him."Plus the scent was nothing like the Lazuli's scent.Its something must be a new rival gan-"

Then he heard someone getting closer.The scent was getting stronger.Shakespeare let go of Sarah as he got ready for anyone who come after him.

"We have to get to the burrow."Shakespeare said.There was a anger in his voice.Whoever was out there was making Shakespeare angry.

Sarah stay close to Shakespeare.She was worry whoever was out there could hurt Shakespeare badly.Maybe even kill him.Sarah knew they have to go back to the safety of the burrow.

Suddenly a black figure jump from the tree branch and hit the back of Shakespeare's head hard knocking him out.Shakespeare fell on the ground, he could hear Sarah's screaming fading slowly as everything went black.


HUGE spoiler of my story.But I always spoil things so oh well o:.
Ignore the typos,and grammer mistakes.

By the way Season Two of Meerkat manor starts in nine days.I'm so happy x33.
Plus I heard that theres going to be a new rival gang for the Whiskers o:.

Arn't they so cute together x333.



I still hate MS Paint >o[/complain]

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Fatal_dreamer on October 7, 2006, 1:35:27 PM

Fatal_dreamer on
Fatal_dreamerWOW this is aweskome!!!collie job lol i like the idea and the pic and trhe story all great and no comments this is soo unfair i love this and its adorablke