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Las Noches

Las Noches

Las Noches by Dark_Alchemist
Las Noches by Dark_Alchemist


(pasted from the lineart:)

The lineart for theme 32, Night. It's Shadow. As an Arrancar. In Hueco Mundo. I'm excited. I love this one ... and I couldn't wait 'til after I coloured it to post. Because I'm a moron.

He is saying, 'Mi nombre es Shadow Diablonoches, Espada número trece.' Because I felt like it.

I know there are only ten Espada. So why is he number thirteen? Because I say so. xDD; And Diablonoches isn't his real surname either, I just wanted something Arrancar-ish, and I didn't want to change his first name. (Diablonoches = devil-nights, for those who aren't Arrancar-savvy.)


p.s. Yes, I modelled the hollow-thingy off Ulqui's. However, I did so without a reference, and I wasn't trying to make it the same anyway. I just happen to like his little horn-things ... [/paste]

(psst: lineart is here.)

Okay. So I'm thinking this is possibly one of the best things I've ever drawn. Seriously. I love this. I love Shadow~

Nehh, The date is for the lineart, peoples. I finished the colour roughly an hour ago. I should be going to sleep ...

And in case you can't tell or are as tired as I am, That orangey thing in the sky is indeed the moon. Just so ya know. It's a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses are orangey red, because of something to do with the way sunlight refracts through the atmosphere. Not that anyone cares ...

Has anyone else noticed that all of my backgrounds are dead? Nuthin living there ... 'course, Hueco Mundo is s'posed to be pretty dead-looking. But yeah. Can you guys tell I'm loopy offa lack of sleep?


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General Info

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Comments (5)

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Trinity_Fire on May 28, 2007, 9:43:15 AM

Trinity_Fire on
Trinity_FireThen may we fill you up with luve. :>

I was curious, where do you get these :number: :emotion/word: pic idea things?? Are they posted somewhere or something? XD; I'd like to see some, and maybe try my hand at them someday...~ :twirl:

Anyway, this is AMAZING. But, I have to say, what I love the most here (n-not that I DON'T love the foreground, but, but~ ;A; ) I ADORE that background. Those gorgeous orange clouds and moon, and the night sky, and the tree, and~ It's amazing. :'D


silverfox on May 27, 2007, 7:41:24 AM

silverfox on
silverfoxHeeeeeeeeee. xD You've already heard my initial reaction, since I was on the phone with you, but yeah. I really like this. Since it's Shadow and I think I may have to build a shrine to him in my closet. He's awesome enough to expend the effort. I'll do it sometime this summer... I'll have to make a little figurine of him, too, so that I've got him all 3-dimensional. Yesss.

I could tell that it was the moon, but maybe it's just because I've known you nearly a decade and I know how you think well enough to decifer most of what you do. o.o

wish4love on May 27, 2007, 5:07:09 AM

wish4love on
wish4loveit's very cool, but the torso seems a little too long

hvite_devil on May 27, 2007, 12:24:54 AM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devil.I.. I don't know what to say!! This is a work of art!! I really love the outfit and the pose! AND I can't stop loving the faces on your characters! They're absolutely.. SEXY! LOL!
The background is really cool and the hair is simply amazing! Can you write Japanese?!!! :O

Good job! Your art allways makes me smile!

Dark_Alchemist on May 27, 2007, 3:57:23 AM

Dark_Alchemist on
Dark_AlchemistI can write in katakana and hiragana, the two phonetic 'alphabets', and I know a little kanji. But he's actually speaking spanish there ... I just like to write stuff in kana, cause it looks cooler. xD;