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Plans of Change Unedited Version^^

Plans of Change Unedited Version^^

Plans of Change Unedited Version^^ by Falconlobo
Plans of Change Unedited Version^^ by Falconlobo


Plans of Change Unedited Version^^

Penelope Pitstop and her cousin were in the park on a bench.

Little did Penelope know someone was in the bushes spying on her.

Penelope told her cousin Pauline "hey Cus I have a problem"

"What is it this time Hooded Claw problems?"

"Sort of" she replied

"That creep always seems to have it in for you peril after peril it must be annoying."

The hooded claw was about to grab Penelope but he hesitated
when he heard her say "it's not really that kind of problem I kind of like two guys.

Now he was a bit interested.

"Hmmm that is a problem which guys do you like

And which one do you think you would choose?"

"Well I kind of like..." But she hesitated a bit thinking her cousin would think she was crazy.

"Who is it and who is the other one?" "don't leave me in suspense cus."

"She shouted all right fine! I kind of like the Hooded Claw are ya happy now!"

The Hooded claw could not believe his ears and he blushed in the bushes.

He thought she liked him??!!
this could not be true. he was never that lucky, what was the catch?

"Wow cus you like the maniac who always tries to off ya that is a bit odd."

"But oh well it's your life hope you can live it as long as you can."

"Very funny cus can ya stop bugging me about it."

"Okay okay I'll stop bugging ya" "Oh before I forget who is the other guy ya like?"

"My guardian Sylvester Sneakly."

Hooded claw got jealous and wanted to off the competition then he blushed again when he thought duh that's me as well.

"Oh well he's a bit older then you but I guess it's better then a guy that tries to kill ya on a regular basis."

He always felt a bit rotten about what he always put her through he wanted to tell her he liked her.

And that he did what he did because he had always thought that she did not like him.

He had thought in the past that money would make him happy in place of her liking him.

Also back then he had thought if he tried to off her that money of hers would be the next best thing.

But after a while of thinking that back then
he wanted to kick himself for thinking that.

later on He felt he did not want to really kill her but it was more of the thrill of the chase and being near her.

He was thinking now in the bushes if only i could marry her then i would have some of the money an more importantly her.

And then he thought of Back when she saved him he had thought maybe she liked him.

But when she told him to think nothing of it.

Then he thought maybe not and went back to trying to off her.

He was now glad he always failed maybe he had a chance with her yet.

the next thing she said made him blush a bit

"I know but I'm sure he does not want to kill me he always leaves me time for an escape or rescue."

She thought Maybe this is why he always failed in trying to off her but perhaps it was because he liked her a bit too. that thought made her blush a bit.

He blushed after he noticed her blush

And thought did she realize that he liked her now.

Maybe he could kill two birds with one stone.

He could capture her as the hooded claw and let her know that he and Sylvester were one and the same.

And let her know how he truly felt.

he told her once that he was the hooded claw and Sylvester Sneakly

but she did not buy it.

Well The Hooded Claw Jumped out of the bushes and gave Pauline a nerve pinch making her faint

and he grabbed and gagged Penelope so she could not scream and he ran off with her.

Pauline had woken up a bit later and noticed her cousin was gone

She yelled "that creep I'll not let him get away with my cousin this time!"
then she went after him.

The Hooded Claw picked a flower for her and tried to hand it to her but she looked ready to fight him.

he removed her gag and quick changed back to Sly

and turned away from her said "I'm tired of fighting and trying to kill you so i thought i would take a different approach."

"If that was your idea of a different approach it seem more like the old ones with a new twist.

so what you said was true intriguing i guess the two guys i like are one and the same."

"Sorry about that old habits die hard but yeh i am The Hooded Claw and I like you too.

and he changed back to his alter ego and kissed her to her surprise she blushed a bit and kissed him back."

Being kissed back by her made him blush a bit too.

they broke off the kiss and he asked her to marry him and she told him yes.
Then they kissed again.

they decided to leave the past in the past and plan their future together
Pauline had caught up to them but noticed they were kissing instead of fighting

so she decided to let Penny handle it and she went back to the park bench to wait for her.

When Penelope met up again with Pauline she was not alone

and they told her what had transpired.

And the funny thing about the two guys that Penelope liked were one and the same

and he said that he would not try to kill her anymore.

Pauline said after they had left

well I guess the Perils are over for you but the journey has just begun.

The End

Just a story to explain the pic

i used colored pencils only for this unedited version

i used the puzzle pic as a ref^^

LOL i made up a name for her cousin of Pauline

as a reference to the show of Which the Perils Of Penelope Pitstop is based on

The Perils of Pauline an old black and and White series

i never saw it^^

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General Info

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Reference pic of them


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Candycane9 on May 18, 2009, 12:52:43 PM

Candycane9 on
Candycane9Awww, how adorable. I love it! <3 Good work on the coloring, the rose looks nice.

thingy on May 4, 2009, 4:34:21 PM

thingy on
thingyhaha i like the ? in the pic

Falconlobo on May 5, 2009, 2:36:51 AM

Falconlobo on
Falconlobothanks i think?

alitta2 on May 3, 2009, 6:00:57 PM

alitta2 on
alitta2Cute, nice pic and story^^

Neopetgirl on May 3, 2009, 2:37:56 PM

Neopetgirl on
NeopetgirlAww, I thought it was so cute that she said that while he was in the bushes and he blushed! So cute! <3

WH2007 on May 3, 2009, 4:47:32 AM

WH2007 on
WH2007Nice picture and story ^^