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Love And A Bulletproof Vest Save The Day Edited

Love And A Bulletproof Vest Save The Day Edited

Love And A Bulletproof Vest Save The Day Edited by Falconlobo
Love And A Bulletproof Vest Save The Day Edited by Falconlobo


Love And A Bulletproof Vest Save The Day Edited

The Hooded Claw woke from his slumber in a cold sweat from a terrible dream he just had.

He wondered what was that all about why did i have such a dream and why did it frighten me so.

A dream like that he thought should have made him happy but instead it made him sad and scared.

In his dream he saw the Bully brothers shoot and kill Penelope.

He went "Why did you shoot her Bully Brothers?"

They thought why is he crying then they went "well boss it seemed like a good way to off her.

and himself later on at her grave crying and placing a flower on her grave site.

In his dream even though he now had her fortune he thought if only he had a second chance he would not let this happen.

He knew what his dream meant he realized he did not want the money he only wanted her.

He now realized he was in love with her and wanted to let her know before something like this happened but it was only a dream right? what if it was an omen.

pheh an omen heh yeh right like his dream could come true like The bully Brothers would think to shoot her instead of him planing a trap.

He went to get a drink of water to calm his nerves

when he overheard the Bully brothers saying " why don't we just shoot Penelope it's a whole lot easier then setting an trap.

Yeh later on at night she's gonna get it plus since the Anthill Mob is on vacation and Penelope did not go with them and no one can stop us."

Hooded Claw couldn't believe his ears as he went back to his room perhaps his dream was an omen but what could he do he did not want this to happen.

he decided to write her a letter to take precautions and that if she did not she would get shot.

Then he put it in an envelope that he wrote on from anonymous to Penelope Pitstop.

But he realized he had no stamps when he went to look for some in his room with the light on he did not noticed his window was open and the letter took off for parts unknown on a gust of wind.

Dang he thought now she won't know she's going to get shot. And she won't believe it coming from me directly i hope they goof up and miss or something.

Later that night

Penelope was out for a walk in the park The Hooded claw was not to far away he was behind a tree.

Then he heard a the sound of a gun shot and Penelope lying on the ground apparently bleeding and possibly dead his heart sank into his stomach and he felt ill.

He ran to her and held her and The Bully Brothers wondered why he was doing this when they thought this would be something he wanted to happen.

They went "Boss what's up we did this for you we thought you would be happy about yet you're crying and it does not seem like tears of joy."

He went "it may have been what I used to want but i had a change of heart and i wish for her to still be alive so I could tell her I love her."

The Bully brothers now felt guilty and wished they had discussed this plan before with The Hooded Claw.

They went "gee boss we're sorry we didn't know."

It's my own fault i should never have created my Hooded Claw persona then she might still be alive.

Then to his surprise Penelope Opened her eyes and said so you love me.

He said "yes I do and I am glad you're alive but how. she opened her blouse and the three guys blushed and tried to look away but to their relief it was not a brassiere but a bullet proof vest and blood capsules that were burst on it.

He went but how did you know she pulled out the letter from under her hat.

I guess the letter knew how to find me without postage.

He went Now i know I love you and that we are meant to be together.

she went on "would that be The Hooded Claw or The guy behind the mask which might i add I always knew who was behind it but i enjoyed our game of cat and mouse abit i decided to wait to see if you'd ever reveal your true feelings. and by the way i love you too

He was a bit surprised that she knew who he was but he didn't care so he smiled and went "would that be the Hooded Claw or Sylvester Sneakly?"

She kissed his lips and said i think the mask makes you a bit mysterious but i love the man behind it but i do like the Hooded Claw as well but maybe we can keep that contained to the bedroom in the future.

He removed his mask and hat and went Penelope will you marry me and yes i think that suggestion would be a good idea and i promise i will no longer be the hooded claw to kill but to please you in the bedroom.

That would be nice and who says i won't please you in there too. she winked at him and kissed his cheek and he blushed

He went i can't wait for it and he kissed her lips and they wrapped their arms around each other as she returned the kiss.

The Bully Brothers were both blushing and wished they weren't there to see this display.

Now realizing they had an audience of two they were blushing as well.

But All's Well that Ends Well

The End

just a story to explain the pic

he's covered by his cape and holding her she's bleeding fake blood^^

colored pencils and edited it in Hp Image

used refs none i forget?

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General Info

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WH2007 on September 26, 2009, 2:54:40 AM

WH2007 on
WH2007Nice picture and story! Great job!