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To Dream Perchance to Trap A Claw Edited^^

To Dream Perchance to Trap A Claw Edited^^

To Dream Perchance to Trap A Claw Edited^^ by Falconlobo
To Dream Perchance to Trap A Claw Edited^^ by Falconlobo


To Dream Perchance to Trap A Claw Edited^^

Penelope awoke from her slumber blushing a bit.

She had some dreams of late of her kissing Sylvester Sneakly

And also ones of her and the Hooded Claw kissing.

She knew this was a bit odd because she secretly knew they were one and the same but she acted like she didn't know at all.

To her it was sort of a game of cat and mouse and she secretly liked him.

But she wondered if he really meant to do her in or if he had similar feelings for her.

Maybe she could get lucky and trap the Claw for a change.

It could happen the Bully Brothers frequently goof up plus the Ant Hill Mob were away at a comic convention.

So she got up showered got dressed and went out on her way hoping that she could run into the Hooded Claw and that it all worked out.

Hooded Claw Now spotted Penelope standing alone in the park it was early so they were the only ones out at this time.

"There she is Bully Brothers now when I go over to grab her

You drop the cage on her from that building above her.

Then I will carry the cage to her next perilous peril of a trap HEH HEH HEH HEH!"

"Right Claw"

She said out loud "I hope little ol me won't get trapped by the Hooded Claw and this time the Ant Hill Mob Is at a comic con so I'm all alone to fend for myself."

Hooded Claw sneaked up behind her and went to reach out to grab her which was the Signal for the Bully Brother to drop the cage on her.

There's the Signal one brother said looking through a telescope

But The Bully Brothers got distracted by an airplane flying over head with a sign.

One Brother said "what does it say?

"Hold on I'll adjust the telescope."

"If You Can read this you're probably using a telescope."
Of course it was meant to be a joke for laughs.

But The Bully Brothers may have thought it was a trick by the Anthill Mob

"The Heck" then he went "follow that airplane"

"But we can't fly can we?"

"On foot dummy use you brain"

"No need to be insulting"

"ugh let's just go after we drop the cage on Penelope "

They dropped the cage and as it fell the Hooded Claw was still reaching out to grab her and thought what's taking so long.

Then the cage fell over both of them trapping them both inside of it.

"Blast it now I'm trapped too let me out"

Penelope turned around and Said "Goodness I'm trapped in a cage with the Hooded Claw.

I wonder how that happened and why he would trap himself in a trap obviously meant only for me."

He sat down on the ground with his hands on his face looking down at the ground and said "believe me it was not my plan to trap myself in here too."

"Now i have to wait for those bunglers to show up to let me out then we can precede with the perils. " then he went "got any cards to pass the time."

He then looked up and saw Penelope had removed her helmet so she was now sporting her long Blond hair which caused him to blush a bit.

And he blushed a bit more when he saw that Penelope now was sitting next to him and put her arm around his shoulder.
now he was sweating and blushing a bit what was going on he thought

Had she flipped her lid?
He was the Hooded Claw she was Penelope Pitstop they were enemies weren't they?

He wasn't prepared for what happened next he found her lips pressed to his he didn't know what to do except kiss her back now both were blushing kissing and had their arms around each other.

after the kiss he said "why don't we skip the perils and go back to your place that is if we ever get out of here."

she said "i have a hair pin that should do the trick then she proceeded to pick the lock and the door swung open.

They went out of the cage and started kissing again.

Then the Bully Brothers came along said "sorry about that boss we were going after a plane and just got here now"...
... then they stopped talking when they realized he was not listening but kissing Penelope.

"They mumbled to each other why don't we back away now and head to the unemployment lines while we still have our sanity"
"good idea."

Then with The bully Brothers now gone They Broke off the kiss for a bit

Hooded Claw said "i was wondering if you'd consider marrying a soon to be ex villain.
That is the man behind the mask he removed his hat and mask.

And he went on "I have been in love with you for a long time.
But i wanted your money a bit more and I was afraid if I got to close it would make it harder to try to off you.

Penelope went "It's okay Money is the root of all evil sometimes"

"He went I'm sorry about that i kind of was blinded by the money.
I should have been trying to win you over instead of trying to do you in.
And now I'm glad i always failed and I'm sorry for fooling you for so long."

She said "oh no worries it takes more then that to fool me i always knew it was you Sly.
I was just having fun with our game of cat and mouse
Ya know thrill of the chase and all and I love you too.

"Well what do ya know I'm not the only Sneaky one around not that i mind if you love me as well"

The they kissed again and went back to her place for some pre-marital bedroom fun

The End

just a story to explain the pic or a pic to expain the story^^

just colored pencils and Hp Image Edited Still no refs used

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ShiaLaB486 on January 15, 2010, 1:49:41 PM

ShiaLaB486 on
ShiaLaB486Awww! I love the story and the pic. ^w^

articunotamer on January 13, 2010, 3:28:43 PM

articunotamer on
articunotamerGlad they got that all settled. Heh (Use to watch this as a kid) A good story to go with the picture.

ShadowPrincess1982 on December 10, 2009, 3:19:35 PM

ShadowPrincess1982 on
ShadowPrincess1982Awwwe! How cute that they managed to get stuck in the cage together..hehe.

WH2007 on November 29, 2009, 3:29:13 AM

WH2007 on
WH2007Nice picture and story! Keep it up!

NinjaChan on November 27, 2009, 4:55:48 PM

NinjaChan on
NinjaChanneat ^^ I like the colors