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The Goodbye Claw Pic Edited

The Goodbye Claw Pic Edited

The Goodbye Claw Pic Edited by Falconlobo
The Goodbye Claw Pic  Edited by Falconlobo


The Goodbye Claw Pic Edited

she's got her arms around him too both are blushing a bit

random pic colored pencils edited colors

former title Penelope Giving Hooded Claw A Cheek Kiss

she's got her arms around him too both are blushing a bit

random pic colored pencils

she's got her arms around him too both are blushing a bit

random pic colored pencils
i dunno how long it took to write i was thinking about it last night after the dream and altered it some after thinking about it more during the day and wrote it tonight the dream and thinking was a bit more graphic and was gonna be a dream he had based on the convo they had then she was gonna either off herself or be captured by the bros i went with the latter then the real thing was the bully bros he saved her from in the sawmill when he found the note on a desk but i made it work without any nightmares or death

The GoodBye To Claw

After Their Latest Fling Penelope And The Hooded Claw were kissing and once they broke apart Penelope asked him a question.

"Do you love me Claw?"

He laughed "HEHEHEHEHEH" and said after that "You're kidding right?

I'm a villain i would never fall for my prey i might have a fling but never fall in love."

"That's what i thought" she tried to hide her pain of her now breaking heart and went on as she was walking away "Goodbye Claw"

He wondered what did she mean by goodbye? he found a note that fell out of her pocket and it said I love you claw he dropped the note and hoped she would not do something foolish

he later found out about a crowd of gatherers near the ocean apparently the one who saw what happened first told what they had seen a Blond woman was going for a swim and had left her racing type hat and scarf on shore. Claw figured it was Penelope probably wanted to clear her head he was starting to feel guilty for what he had said truth was he did love her he just was afraid that she did not feel the same.

but that was not the case now he hoped that she was okay.

"what happened to her" he inquired of the passerby who knew more then the other gatherers.

Well she was swallowed by a whale but it did not look like a real whale it looked more like a sub disguised as a whale and it looked mostly like a mechanical one:
"Say you aren't by chance the Hooded Claw are you"

"Yes i am but what does that have to do with this?" he tried to hide that he was worried.

"well this note in a bottle washed up on shore addressed to you."

He read the note and crumpled up the paper in anger and went off in a hurry.

well the note he replayed in his mind on his way to do what he never thought he would have too

Dear Boss we the Bully Bros got tired of the ways things had been going and decided to take care of The Penelope Problem on our own If you want to see what and where our plan is follow the map.

luckily Claw had a photographic mind and did not need the note.

He hoped he was not too late He saw from a window of a sawmill Penelope tied down a on a log on it's way to be sawed in half.

he gulped and thought how could he save her?

he needed a plan and he knew the anthill mob were in Vegas for Two weeks and would not be back for a bit.

He decided it was now or never he went around the front bust down the door and this shocked the Bully Bros.

But the shock wore off and they found themselves being beaten up by their boss they tried to fight back but to no avail once the dust cleared the bros had been knocked out unconscious by Claw and he hoped he had time to save her.

He was to far from the controls to make it there in time so he threw a monkey wrench into the works literally he threw a wrench at the works of the machine stopping it before she could be cut in half it just kinked her helmet a bit.

luckily the bros had retrieved it for her because she asked nicely and figured she deserved a last request.

The claw cut her bonds and pulled her to her feet and asked are you okay? when she was silent still trying to comprehend what had transpired now and before and the conversation they had even prior to that confused her a bit.

He noticed her look and he said "I'm sorry for earlier i lied to you about my feelings for you and to myself i do love you and i think the perils should stop as of now and i hope you do really love me like it said in your note."

She was still silent and he hoped she had a answer for him.

He thought her silence said it all until he found himself with his lips being kissed hard by hers and her arms were around him tightly he figured this was a good sign so he put his arms around her and kissed her back more passionately
now she returned his passionate kiss and afterward she said "what do you think claw?" and she smiled he smiled back and said "i think the kiss speaks for itself"

The bully bros who were conscious during the kisses between Penelope and the Claw decided to worm their way out of there slinking along the floor hoping their next jobs would be less hazardous to their health.

The Claw went on "well now that those creepy crawlers are gone i hope your answer to my next question is yes"

It depends on what the question is if it's will you marry me i think that you know what my answer will be after a pause he found himself being kissed on his cheek and he blushed and said "i hope that means yes" "Yes to what Claw?

"To will you marry me" She giggled and said how could i say no the the man who saved my life?" she paused again and turned around her back toward him this worried him a bit and hope she was not toying with him.

he started to walk away until he found her arms around him and she said Of course i will i love you"

He said "you had be worried for a bit i love you too and now we're even"

"even how so?" "
"you saved my life once and now i saved yours"

she said "well i believe you saved me twice Claw at the carnival even though you dropped me you ensured my safety by having that loose thread from your pants and we both know it did not get loose by itself HMM Claw?"

He laughed "Hahhahhah you got me there Penny but one last thing my identity"

Hold the mask removal claw or should i say Sly I've always know who you were i just didn't say anything.
and sometimes the perils seemed a bit to much like fun and games then real perils.

so i figured you were not to into getting rid of me for just the money because if that was the case you could have just asked me to marry you then get half the money and or kill me after and then keep all of it but where would the thrill of the chase be then"

"oh and i don't care who your are i still want to marry you it's like I'm marrying two guys wrapped up into one.

Wow you're as good as keeping a secret as i am well that's water under the bridge now and since you know I'm Sylvester Sneekly and I'm glad you still want to marry me despite all the perils i mean what if one had succeeded like today i was almost too late i don't think i would have been happy without you in my life.

"Nor would I Claw/Sly that is why i was glad i had goof up friends to help out when i could not get myself out of peril."

"Well i hope when they return they will accept me as your finance"

"well when i tell them how you saved me I'm sure they won't mind that The Hooded Claw And Sylvester Sneekly were one and the same and never really wanted to do me in"
"And I must say i will miss your other persona"

"Hehehehe Who says i have to give it up there is always the Bedroom for the Hooded Claw Penelope Pitstop escapades:"

"That's what i like about you Claw Dirty Minded and cute all at once"

Well i will try my best and hardest to please My soon to be Mrs Sneekly

He paused a bit after and smiled she smiled too and said "oh just kiss me again you fool"

"If I'm a fool i''m a fool a fool in love with you"

Then they kissed again.
The End based on a a slight dream i had last night

updated with story

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