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The Perils Of Love Edited

The Perils Of Love Edited

The Perils Of Love Edited by Falconlobo
The Perils Of Love Edited by Falconlobo


The Perils Of Love Edited
random title is random colored pencils edited colors

Hooded Claw X Penelope Pic edited colors version
if think of a story to go with it i will update

The Perils Of Love

The Figure moved toward him slowly he was nervous he didn't know why he was the Hooded Claw after all he perused That pitstop day in day out. Then the figure finally came into view It was Penelope Pitstop.

He was a bit shocked this did not seem like something Penelope would do needless to say he was tied up to a chair in nothing but his boxers.

finally she spoke "ah how is my captive doing"

He said "A Bit drafty in here don't you think and why am i tied up?"

"Let's just say i decided on a change of pace now to remove those boxers"

Hooded Claw blushed madly needless to say he was turned on as Penelope was removing his boxers slowly.

she stopped for a bit and put her arms around him and kissed his lips. this made him blush even more then He closed his eyes gasped and woke up.

Only a dream he thought but wow what a dream.

The Bully bros heard his gasp and wondered what had disturbed their boss's sleep.

"Boss you okay?"
" I'm fine you dunderheads i need to go back to sleep so leave me be."

he turned over to the end of the bed not facing the bully bros so they would not see he was still blushing a bit.

The Bully Bros shrugged and went back to their bunk-beds.

Fortunately he did not dream again for the rest of the night just slept until the next morning.

He woke up earlier then the Bros to take a walk in the park in his Hooded Claw disguise just in case he ran into Penelope unfortunately for him she was nowhere in sight.

He sighed and sat down on a bench. Why did he feel like this did he miss her company or was it deeper down he was in love with her. That thought hit him like a ton of bricks why had he not noticed it before he did love her that was the reason he left time for a rescue or escape. And it was the reason he was a bit worried when the Anthill Mob went Jekyll and Hyde on her in London even though he put her in Peril after their trap failed He was glad they were back to normal and were there to save her.

Penelope was now in the park and noticed that the Claw was on a bench she was sort of relieved he was okay she had heard the Explosion in London and secretly had hoped he was okay.

Deep down she had feelings for him and knew who he really was even though she never let on she knew.

she sat down on the bench next to him

The Claw finally noticed her and blushed a bit when she put her hand on top of his.
she blushed too and he noticed that she was coming closer to him and was now hugging him.

he didn't know what to do except hold her back she said "I'm glad you did not get killed in that explosion"

he was a bit taken aback that she was worried about him and after the hug broke off
he said "why would you be worried about someone constantly putting you in perils."

he was surprised and shocked when she kissed his lips

he said "he felt like he didn't deserve her affections she was showing him."

She said i love you despite what you have done in the past.

He was blushing again and said i Love you too Penelope i just did not realize it for a while.

He was a bit reluctant to tell her about his dream he had last night but decided to come clean with her He told her i guess if you knew who i really was you wouldn't like me as much. he removed his hat and mask and said i mean what kind of Guardian tries to off his charge. "It's okay Sly" she hugged him again and she went on "i always knew but it seemed to be so much fun and games like that it did not seem like you meant to actually kill me."

"I guess you're a better judge of character then i had thought" he gulped again and decided to tell her of the dream. She giggled and said that sounds like something i might like to try a bit of role reversal might do you some good she kissed him deeply this time and he was blushing again but decided to kiss her back they had rolled off the bench onto the ground still kissing

now they had moved off the Bench and were holding each other standing up gazing into each others eyes then he asked "Will you marry me Penelope and she said "yes i will and l i was hoping you would ask me that. Then they started kissing again

The Bully Bros were worried about their boss and wondered where he had wandered off too

but they did not expect to see him in the arms of Penelope Pitstop and kissing her

they blushed a bit and muttered well back to the henchmen unemployment center and left it at that because they knew by the way they were kissing they were in love and the perils were over.

or were they there was always the bedroom antics to be had by them.

The End updated

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General Info

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Time Taken over an hour and 15 minutes at least
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WH2007 on June 14, 2011, 1:48:25 AM

WH2007 on
WH2007So cute and romantic! :D

Falconlobo on June 14, 2011, 7:06:38 AM

Falconlobo on

PeachyDreamy on June 13, 2011, 12:37:47 PM

PeachyDreamy on
PeachyDreamyOooh! I love this version too!! :D

Falconlobo on June 13, 2011, 12:38:29 PM

Falconlobo on