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Plushie Love Story Idea Later

Plushie Love Story Idea Later

Plushie Love Story Idea Later by Falconlobo
Plushie Love Story Idea Later by Falconlobo


Plushie Love Story Idea Later
Plushie Love
"Sandy You Don't know how long I waited for this." He was about to kiss her...
when his eyes opened and he realized he was kissing and hugging his pillow. Dang dream again when can I kiss the real thing he thought to himself.

He was still groggy and wondering what happened to his plush of her

when he heard a familiar voice speak "Why were you kissing your pillow?"

:SpongeBob Why are even in my room!" "Oh I wanted to ask you something but I forgot what I wanted to ask hahahahah."

"You could have used a phone ya know this is my private Quarters what I do here should be private!"

Oookay as long as I'm here I can help you make your bed."

Before he could Object SpongeBob had already flung the blanket off the bed revealing a Sandy plush.

"Er Squidward either sandy shrunk or this is a plush of her is it yours?"

Squidward was speechless and blushing so that answered SpongeBob's' question

squidward fainted back into bed out of embarrassment

SpongeBob let himself out pondering what had transpired not realizing he took the sandy plush with him

He was thinking Does Squidward have a crush on Sandy when did it start and how long has he kept it secret
when he got back to his pineapple he noticed Patrick on top of his rock holding a plush resembling squidward.
"Patrick where did you get that?" One hour earlier Sandy was sleeping and she reached over for her plush when she realized it was gone.

she semi woke up and panicked when she heard a familiar deep voice asking a question
"did you drop this" she noticed Patrick holding her squidward plush

she took his water bowl off punched Patrick and gave him a shiner screaming "give me that or die!

Patrick ran away holding his breath and the plushie

maybe I should have done that after getting my plush back she said as she face pawed

"wow" SpongeBob said "so that's how you got that shiner and the plush resembling squidward."

oh I thought it looked familiar and is that plush his?" "what Plush?" then he looked in his hands"
he said ooboy I didn't know I took this what are we going to do?

"I know SpongeBob Sandy's going be mad and so is squidward!

"SpongeBob said I have an idea Patrick we need some info and what better info giver is there than a computer."
"What now er why are Squidward and sandy plushafied did we enter a world where everyone we know are plushies ahhhhhhhhhhhhh how do we get back to Bikini Bottom!"

"Calm down Patrick I'll explain everything on the way to Plankton's."
"Why are we going to find out if Plankton has plans for stealing the formula
no Krabs and Plankton are on there vacation since they don't trust each other it's the only way they agree to go on them now.

"okay so who are we seeing?" "A friend Patrick who might no more than us."

They knocked on the Chum Bucket's door it opened on both sides making an imprint of the starfish and sponge in them Karen Was yelling "Go away We don't want any and bad enough my husband can't afford to take me with him and his frenemy"

Karen Calm down it's me and Patrick "

Oh Sorry SpongeBob what's going on and where did you get those plush of she looked and them for a minute and gasped is that Sandy and Squidward!"

Yes I think they are each others but the question is why

Well due to recent events I think that Squidward has a crush on her I wasn't aware of the crush of hers on him though
"what recent events we don't follow/" they were confused

"You two weren't at your surprise party disaster he looked like he was really jealous after Larry Scooped her up in his arms."

"why did he do that?"

"it was a dance move we were trying to keep things together by having fun."

"well I wanted to redecorate my pineapple anyway hahahaha!"

"So anywho what do we do now? I thought you might have an idea so we came to you."

"I do have one but it requires a switch.

Here's what is going to go down You guys put Squidward's plush for Sandy to find and viceversa,"

"ohh so sneaky I love it!

"Patrick can put Sandy's plush in Squidward's house and I can put Squidward's plush for Sandy to find."

"okay sounds good to me I don't want another black eye"

"okay hope it works out for all I'm going to go into sleep mode for a nap."

Squidward finally woke up after the two's plan had gone unnoticed
"What a nightmare I dreamed SpongeBob found out about my plush he saw it was gone

"Where is it!" franticly tearing apart the bed sheets from the bed. "I gotta find it if word gets back to her I'm dead!"

He finally made it to his living room and saw a plush but not his

"Is that me?" he thought why would she have a plush of him and how did it get here
he should return it despite the consequences.
Sandy was a bit baffled as well as where her plush went and was replaced with on of her

"There must be a scientific reason my plush was now one of myself or maybe gremlins playing tricks on me!"

She then noticed someone was at her door

"Gashdarnit lost my train of thought wonder who that could be?"

Sandy opened the door after draining the water out luckily for the occupant he remembered to put on a water helmet.
Sandy wwweeee neeeeedddd tooo taaalllkkk he stuttered a bit and was blushing

she was trying her hardest not to blush but failing showing a red tinge to her face too.

I see I'm not the only one who has a plush she said in a similar way to his care to explain?

"You first Sandy."
"Okay fair is fair since I would beat you at rock paper scissors due to having fingers
I concede to go first

I kind of had had a crush on you for a while not sure when it started it just never went away so I made a plush of ya your turn Squiddie

He was a bit perplexed he stated he always wished he could kiss her but this dang helmet made it impossible he went on his crush started a long time ago ever since he first saw her in her outerwear and not her suit he just tried to put it off as fascination as a different species the time he tried karate and she saved him many times even when he became a feral octopus he was glad he did not hurt her

even trying to date others of his own kind didn't help he was hooked so to speak
"I was even was a bit Jealous when Larry dipped you during the dance session."

"I am glad to hear we feel the same way I always wanted to kiss you to."

"But how do we do this you can't go out with out your suit and I can't kiss you in here either!"

"Well there is one way two when I perfect my transfer serum it only works with mutual love"

"I can't wait until then what's the first way?" well first we leave the plushies on the bed and I wait for you to put on these trunks.

"Are we going swimming I didn't see a pool outside?"
"not exactly she motioned to him to come into the bathroom after he had his trunks on and his shirt was off.

he gulped wondering what was in store for him in there he went in not knowing what to expect when he heard the running water of her shower he noticed her in it but still in her undergarments

he was thinking what's she up to he soon found out as she pulled him in to the shower into a kiss

he decided to kiss her back and wondered why didn't I think of this before.

"I can't wait for the other way I want to kiss you and more but not just in a shower."

"won't take much longer squidie I infused the shower water with the serum while you changed"

you mean you can breath my elements and vice versa? yes and if you want we can move on to the more part. You know it sandy I wanted you for longer than I can remember.

"I've wanted you too Squidie just took longer than expected to make the serum."

they made it into the bed for the more part placing the plushies on the floor Sandy joked "they didn't want to mortify them." And he quipped "Speak for yourself hehe just kidding my love you're perfect.

"I think you're handsome as well my love." they turned of the lights for more intimacy

and below on the floor the plushies were placed with hands touching and a slight blush
thinking it's about time

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General Info

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