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FF:CC Kurenai - Lineart

FF:CC Kurenai - Lineart

FF:CC Kurenai - Lineart by Kalooeh
FF:CC Kurenai - Lineart by Kalooeh


My FF:CC Char..... comic -
Clothes are a bit more cutosmized then in comic Vvvv *see below* vvvV
Cross thingy & edge on back - Sangria (red)
Front - Beige
back - Charcoal
Feathers - Tan & Cinnamon (brown)
Pointy thingy - Silver

~Over shawl thingy
Main - Beige
Edge - Sangria
Designs - Black & sangria (circle & arrow)
Bottom - Black, Cinnamon (V-stripe)
Metal pointy thingys at bottom - Gold
Shoulder spikies - Dark Cinnamon/brown & Copper (edges)
Elbow/Forearm gaurds - Dark Cinnamon/brown & Gold Clavat design

~Main outfit.... dress..... thingy......
Main - Black
Spike/fire design - Amber/Red-Orange
Edge - Sangria
Danglies - Gold

Hair - Golden chestnut
Eyes - Cornflower blue
Skin - Wheat

~Sword - Lots of shades of blue... typical Rune Blade... or was this is the steel blade? 0_____e
Base- Silver
Edge... thingy - Black
Hooky, linky thingy on the side - Gray
Metal thingys along bottom - Gold

Wow..... I'm a color dork... hurruh!

Name - Kurenai
Gender - Female
Tribe - Clavat, "white cap"
Trade - Merchant
Hometown - Termina (either that or it was Hyrule... can't remember)
Sword - Rune Blade
-Steel Blade
-Marr sword
Sheild - Storm Shield
-Mythril Sheild
Armor - Mythril Plate
Accessories - Thunder Badge
-Crystal Ring
-Devil's Earring
Likes - Meat, Fish, Striped Apple
Dislikes - Gourd Potato (not a major dislike... but it's at the bottom of her list)
Fave Spell(s) - Cure/Curaga (pretty *____* ) & Fire/Fira/Firaga
Fave Items - Pheonix down, Cure ring, Fire ring, Strange liquid

-Other junk-
Friendly (kur- except to monsters.... and certain people *punches Hana Kohl* Me- 0___e *backs away*) Somewhat cynical, "brutally" honest, energetic, kinda paranoid, problem solver, pack rat, short tempered, likes Gil *SHINY*, shiny things, and hats... especially Bal Dat's hat ^___^
Like racing friends to secret item locations
More highstrung than most clavats, she hates the phrase "Go dig dirt like a clavat", and will often resort to violence during conflicts..
Gets along with all tribes but tends to hang out with the lillities and selkies more.

Was excited to visit Leuda, but after an old selkie stole 5k gil from her she's been quite peeved at the selkies there... after a couple of times of getting gil swiped from selkies, she broke a couple of some selkie's arms and lets her (selkie) friends/caravan members talk to the inhabitants instead and shoots off threats to horribly maim them when they get to close to her
(kur- I realize they live on a desert island, but goddamn! You should see some of the kick @$$ items you can get in the Lynari Desert! They need to keep their hands off my stuff before I have to break some fingers!
Me- ............ you already broke a couple of arms...
Kur- yah, but arms are easier to set than fingers... so they're more likely to heal like they're supposed to ^____^
Me- ...... ooooookay then.... moving on...)

.............. oh wait.... that's it? ok..... well, I'll add more crap when I can think of it.... Toshi, Bo...... draw up (doesn't have to be good) some designs for your characters (if you can remember what they were, if not let me know.....) or write them up or..... both... *shrugs*

...... the design on the sheild was fun to do ^____^
and the designs on the front clothes are from Makar's Violin ...  (Holy hell! I can't believe I forgot to submit this pic here!)

Clavats & FF:CC (c) of Square Enix
Kurenai (c) me
Done with Pencils... then copied with the scanner.... darkened the lines, copied again, then finally scanned and cleaned up a tad in photostudio (don't have photoshop at home ;____;)

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General Info
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Date Submitted Time Taken 2.5 hrs (I think) e___o lots of details
Views 1304 Reference Instr. booklet that comes with the game, Makar
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littlecapnjack on July 18, 2007, 3:47:26 AM

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littlecapnjackExcellent!! I love it!