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The Final Battle

The Final Battle

The Final Battle by Kaonashi
The Final Battle by Kaonashi


Hmm... I was unsure what category to put this in, but I think it pertains mostly to Invader Zim. O.o

This is finally done! It took well over 20 hours... since I was working on it for 10 hours straight just now (sleep is for SUCKERS!). I''m going to make an unsure guess at 25 hours or more... this thing was beastly.To give you an idea of the original file size, lets just say that, at100% zoom, it looked like 200% zoom or more. My Mac was suffering all throughout it.

There were so many layers, I lost count. Either way, I couldn''t have them all visible at once, or everything would lag. X_x But onto an explanation of the picture...

For one, this is a hideously, undeniably,intolerably, offensively late Christmas present. From the beginning of this year. O_O The picture itself is a timeline of sorts. You can see how much I''m drastically improved. I shaded Dib/IC/Lard Nar/Midna when I first started on this, and to me they seem less defined than Ganon,the stalchildren, Midna''s helmet, and the rest, which I worked on just now. This also marks my discovery of the INSANELY helpful "natural"brushes that Photoshop has. I screwed with them, and the effect can be seen in the pillars, which are personally my favorite part of the picture... both because I have a weird obsession with stone and they''re just cool looking. Doing the texture for the floor was good, wholesome fun as well. O_O I''m really proud of this, as you can tell from the rambling comment. But ANYWAY!

This is how I''ve always imagined the final battle scene in a OoT-IZ crossover I''m doing with my friend Balet. They''re all ganged up on the baddie, Ganon, ready to reclaim Hyrule and return to their normal universe.
I''ll skimp on the details on how they came to be in those unfortunate positions, unless someone asks.

On the left pillar, you have my friend''s OC, Tex. He''s wearing the Captain''s Hat, which previously belonged to the enormous stalchild(Skull Keeta). He now controls a league of the undead with it, which he''s trying to force into battle... but they''re not the best soldiers,anyway, as you can see. Highly reminiscent of the Resisty. Doing this picture, I found I''m hopelessly bad at drawing stalchildren...

On the right pillar, you have my OC, Khoste (disguised). She''s wearing the Bremen''s Mask, which controls small animals, and she''s hailing a flight of ravens. Why, I don''t know. It just looked cool and I had no better place to put her.

To the left of Ganon, you have Midna. I''ve never played TP, so I probably got her all wrong... I didn''t know how she lifted objects using magic (and I couldn''t find any references), so I improvised. X_X Hopefully it isn''t too off from the real thing. She''s about to chuck those at the blissfully ignorant Ganon. Her helmet was absolute hell, by the way...

To the lower left of Ganon, we have our legendary hero of time, Dib. The Master Sword is glowing for a reason. To those unfamiliar with OoT,the sword in emblazoned with the power of the gods and sages of the realm, so in your final battle, it begins to glow when you vanquish the Evil King, Ganon. If you look closely, the Triforce is near the hilt of the sword.

To Dib''s right, we have IC, my other OC. She likes weapons... big, nasty weapons. Which is exactly why she''s holding a poorly drawn MegaTon hammer. Not much to say here, except I really hate that bloody hammer. I couldn''t fix it, either. So... ah, well.

ToIC''s right, we have Lard Nar, the dorky, Star Trek-esque, wannabe Legolas. He''s about to fire a light arrow at Ganon, which can be used to stun the monster (to then slash at his tail, which is his weak spot). Again, nothing much to say here, except that archer poses are a pain in the butt to draw with a mouse.

Ah, and of course, we have Ganon, the big baddie, the King of Evil and all that other nonsense. He''s my second favorite thing in this picture, besides the pillars. I found a really awesome technique of making cloth look more video-game esque! the multiply tool is the greatest thing in Photoshop,when dealing with complicated-looking clothing. Also, I learned something. Contrast is everything. So is composition, and so are repetitive colors. It may pass off as nothing, but if you look closely at all the highlights on him, I used the cyan of the lightning and Dib''s glowing sword, the yellow of the light arrow, the purple on his tail, the red of the fire... and it did wonders.

Speaking of that tail. It was a lot of fun to do.

Heck,the entire picture was loads of fun to do, even though it seemed overwhelming at first. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? My ENTP side tackled it with DETERMIN-ATION! P:

...Enjoy this, you guys. ^^

A slightly bigger version can be downloaded at my DA.

General Info

General Info

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Comments (3)

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irkenDay on August 25, 2008, 9:44:36 PM

irkenDay on
irkenDaywow what a work of art

AlyssaC on June 6, 2008, 6:30:02 AM

AlyssaC on
AlyssaCOMG!! this is so cool! you put like so much work into trhis!
everything is so well detailed!
you are like the best artist i know on Fac!
awsome of awsomeness!

Kaonashi on June 8, 2008, 4:43:09 PM

Kaonashi on
KaonashiThank you! =D I'm glad it was worth the effort!
And, FAC comments seem to be working again. WHOO! Now I can get some feedback!
Speaking of which, thanks for the comment! And ego boost. XDD