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Book of Mudora: Link (Wisdom)

Book of Mudora: Link (Wisdom)

Book of Mudora: Link (Wisdom) by Katalyvos
Book of Mudora: Link (Wisdom) by Katalyvos


Lincoln 'Link' Mathis
Race: 1/2 Hylian, 1/2 (???)
Age: 12 (Bloody History) - 54 (Endgame)
Height: 6'1"
Family: Marian (Mother), Zach (Half-Brother)

A young boy who grew up in peace with his mother and brother, Link is the primary protagonist of the Book of Mudora and one of the three chosen heroes pulled together to stop an ancient evil. Like his ally, Dyami, he is connected with the Triforce of Wisdom instead of Courage. This gives him greater knowledge, which he uses in planning his actions in battle, but this also makes him, physically, the weakest of the Link trio. Link is initially incredibly stern in his demeanor but slowly loosens up as he develops a closer friendship with Dyami.

- - - - -

Link was born Lincoln Mathis, a name his father chose for him. According to outside sources, before he was even born, his father knew his son would be the chosen hero, but didn't want the enemies of Hyrule to immediately recognize the boy's name as that of the hero, while letting his son have some sort of clue to his true destiny. Only a few months after his birth, his father disappeared and his mother would never speak of why he suddenly left.

Even without his father, Link still enjoyed life with his mother and brother. At the age of 12, Link was working with his brother for the local tailor, Leon, a man he saw as a father figure. It was just another day at work when the unthinkable happened and Hyrule came under attack. It was a strange mechanical bird, the likes of which no one in the city had seen. In the beast's rage, it set fire to much of Hyrule, prompting the brothers to rush off to get their mother to safety. The two were separated in the chaos, forcing Link to take a longer route that would ultimately cost him. As he finally made it to his house, he was devastated to find that it had already collapsed during the creature's rampage. Link tried to get into the ruins of his home when he was suddenly whisked away by a female warrior and taken with several refugees to the safe haven of Kakariko Village.

Left behind, but inspired by the strength of the warrior who fended off the beast, he followed her as she pursued the group that appeared to have some connection in the attack. Despite her protests, he tagged along until they came upon an old temple where a group of sages revealed to Link his destiny in bringing peace to Hyrule and pointed him towards an old forest where the Master Sword slept. With an ally at his side, Link ventured into the forest, taking his first steps towards becoming Hyrule's savior.

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