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Majora: Bringer of Chaos

Majora: Bringer of Chaos

Majora: Bringer of Chaos by Katalyvos
Majora: Bringer of Chaos by Katalyvos


Aliases: The Serpent, Goddess of Chaos, Mother of Darkness
Race: Neithim (?)
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’8/6'9" (Suppressed/Reserved Form), 27' (God Form)
Family: Laris (Adoptive Mother)

Majora is a major character in my Zelda stories: the Book of Mudora series, and an ancient goddess whose allegiances are shrouded in mystery. Believed to be only known throughout Termina, a few Hylians belonging to the secret sects that guard the true course of history know of her existence. Among their ranks, she is vilified as a goddess of death and chaos, something she does not refute.

- - - - -

How Majora was born is a mystery that the gods could never hope to solve. As an infant, Majora was discovered by one of the rulers of the Godly Realm, the Covenant, after a strange pulse of energy struck their world. It was only years later that tragedy struck the Neithim, driving them to near extinction.

Oddly, Majora completely vanished on this day and was not heard from for countless years. The Neithims' city was repopulated and returned to its former glory, but tensions were mounting with their neighboring city, Aerias. Their feared leader, a battle-hungry warrior they called the Fierce Deity, demanded Majora come out of hiding and face him. Ultimately, when the Neithim and the Angeli, the Fierce Deity’s personal soldiers, went to war, Majora resurfaced and a battle ensued.

Not long into their battle, tragedy struck as a second pulse of energy tore through their realm, destroying everything and casting its inhabitants into a void between dimensions. The Fierce Deity and his forces broke through to a lower realm and were quickly followed by Majora’s forces. Within this new realm, they were drawn to a world created by three goddesses, Din, Farore, and Nayru.

Crash landing on the strange world, the gods were left weakened and so they slept in suppressed states to recover their strength. Unfortunately, the sudden arrival of Demon King Demise and his followers drew out the gods to protect the innocent and defenseless humans. The Fierce Deity didn’t waste a single second in pinning the blame for the demons’ uprising on Majora and trying to rally the races of this new realm behind him.

The three way battle amongst the gods and demons waged on until the demons' numbers were no longer anything worrisome. After killing one of the strongest Demon Lords, Majora took this opportunity to finish the promised fight with the Fierce Deity. Though their fight with the demons had weakened both of them greatly, their waning powers were evenly matched. Majora saw only one way to end the fight and with the aid of her allies, Majora strips a vast amount of power from the Fierce Deity’s body before sealing him within a crystalline prison and casting him deep inside the planet. Too weak to continue, Majora, the Neithim, and her human followers escaped the war-torn lands for a safer haven, a land land she hid in a parallel dimension. As one final act, Majora granted her followers a portion her powers as protection before her physical form vanished from the world.

The oldest of Majora's human followers would utilize arcane magics to create masks to hold not only the power she granted them, but the power of the Fierce Deity as well. However, this power which had always protected them was tainted and by some outside force, Majora's mask was twisted into an object of pure chaos that would wreck havoc across the newly found lands of Termina. The rampaging mask was quickly subdued and sealed away along with the Fierce Deity's mask to prevent any further casualties.

Ages have passed and the story of the war between these two gods has been erased from history by the will of another. Little does the world's populace know, the Fierce Deity still slumbers beneath the earth and Majora exists somewhere in the world, biding her time until she restores her strength. The day is quickly coming when the dimensions will reunite, signaling the return of these two gods and all races will prove powerless as Majora and the Fierce Deity seek to end the war they started thousands of years prior.

(This is a full body picture of Majora that is an updated version of an earlier work. ( Originally I was just going to make a few changes to her dress, but I ended up giving her hair a new style and color.

I also added in a few details I left out in the original background about her fight against the Fierce Deity. Originally, the lands were going to be attacked by a single great demon (Ganon) and with some help from the opposing gods, the demon would be brought down by the hands of humans. I merely changed that from a single demon to seven with Demise and his Demon Lords.)

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