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Dagur and Rae - Behind Closed Doors

Dagur and Rae - Behind Closed Doors

Dagur and Rae - Behind Closed Doors by MeltyCat
Dagur and Rae - Behind Closed Doors by MeltyCat


Version 1 of 4 (But two are very NSFW, so I might not post them, as censoring could be hard to do. )

Each version follows on, each versions story also advances. They aren't the same c&ped in to each one, it'll have extra at the end for each. But since they get gradually more and more NSFW I won't be posting the other 3 versions on here. (You can find them on my HF account at: - NSFW LINK 18+ ONLY )

This is the safest version of the 3.


Dagur and Rae had been very busy throughout the day and had both looked forward to night time when they could finally rest. They'd been out hunting again on an island that they'd stopped at and the prey they had been stalking had been particularly fiesty. Rae had commented that it was the time of year making the animals antsy which just made Dagur wrinkle his nose and punch a tree in frustration. After they had finally caught what the needed, they had headed back to the armada with their kills. Normally Dagur would have had his soldiers do the hunting and bring in the food, but since Rae had joined them and offered, he couldn't resist keeping up the old tradition that they both shared when they first met.

Dagur removed most of his armour, only leaving his linen tunic and leather vest on and laid down on the basic wooden bed that he'd had his men fix up below deck. He wouldn't just sleep on the floor, after all. He was a chief! He smiled somewhat cheekily as he watched Rae do the same at the foot of the bed. She removed her attire, just leaving her brown woollen tunic dress on. 

"I have to say," Dagur chuckled as his eyes moved across her body, "The view from here is very nice."

Rae had been too preoccupied to notice he was staring at her and raised a brow as she placed her spaulders down carefully. "What are you talking about? We aren't near any views, we're below deck." She turned and caught him staring at her rear with an almost ravenous look on his face. "Hey! Don't look at me like that! If you're hungry, go get some of the meat we caught today." She slowly climbed onto the bed and sat on the end, only for Dagur to grab hold of her by the tunic and haul her so that she was straddling him. 

"Oh, I'm hungry alright." He looked back and fourth to make sure none of his soldiers, or Savage were around below deck before leaning up and planting a soft, very out of character kiss on her lips.

Rae's eyes widened in shock and when he pulled away she checked his forehead for a fever. "Are you feeling ok?"

"More than ok." He ran his hands down her back, over her rear and across her thighs either side of his waist and let out a long, husky, satisfied sigh. He pushed his fingers under the fabric of her tunic and slowly ran them up over her under-wrappings. "What makes you think I'm not?"

"I just," Rae stuttered for a moment, "I... I just... you're being so..." She had no more time to explain, however, as he leaned up once again and pressed his lips against hers, his hands grasping hold of her under-wrappings tightly. This time the kiss became more intense as she felt his tongue push past her lips and into her mouth. Rae let out a small, whimpering moan which made him shiver inside as he explored her mouth in an unusually delicate manner, which in turn caused him to release a sound or two of his own.


HTTYD and Dagur © Cressida and Dreamworks

Rae and art © Me

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