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"Aid of a Limbless Angel" - feat. Rayman

"Aid of a Limbless Angel" - feat. Rayman

"Aid of a Limbless Angel" - feat. Rayman by Rexy
"Aid of a Limbless Angel" - feat. Rayman by Rexy


This image I placed together about a month ago was one of those more pain-based images. It's based around the events of "Another New Generation", a past fanfic that I wrote which I should classify as the prologue for the world of Ecaros. In this image, the foundations for the Slate Circle team that roamed around the wastelands of Rexy's original home of Gaia VI are built here, by the simple task of approaching the weaker travellers and lifting their spirits.<br />
Of course, the team would be Rayman's idea, ever since he managed to see the pain of the world right in front of his very eyes. You know how his task manages to follow on from here.<br />
There even is a passage that manages to go along the pic - it's not from the fic itself, but I see it as a little intermission somewhere on the lines.<br />
<br />
(For full effect, read while listening to Linkin Park - "Crawling" [Mike Shinoda remix, as heard on their Reanimation album])<br />
<br />
---<br />
<br />
Bruised, torn, mangled, crushed and damn right damaged... these are the emotions I have faced as soon as I stepped foot onto this filthy world that the locals call "Gaia VI". I know how different it is to my former home in Haven City, when I was more than happy enough to fight on against the Metal Heads and defending the citizens through to the end. I left my life there with no regrets, with the hope that the city will be in safe hands upon leaving.<br />
But then, it was by that strange white light that I knew I had another chance to prove myself as a strong and noble entity. But alas, it ended up to be one big mistake. The wizard that brought me here, one which called himself Zarleck`, could have been the creature to pay all my respects to, just for bringing me back on my feet again. But he just eyed me and said a cold structure of words to me.<br />
"Get out - you're too old to be needed."<br />
My heart sank. I thought to myself, what's the point in him bringing me over here when all he wanted to do was just tear me down again? He even allowed some skinny scientist with a keen interest in cheesy science fiction movies* join his side! And judging by his hairstyle he looked much older than me, in spite of his lighter diet.<br />
However, because of that comment, he left me to roam around the empty plains alone. There were barely any creatures roaming around, so the best that I could do was let every single day be a struggle for survival.<br />
By the end of the week, I felt heavily weakened. The bigger creatures I fought with eventually pummelled me down into nothing, leaving me to struggle to keep alive. My clothes were torn, all my pride was stolen from me, and I felt heavily weakened. I knew that my returning time was over - better that way than continuing to struggle any longer.<br />
I was about to get set to stand up from my weakened position on the ground, climb up onto the cliff above me and commit suicide by jumping off it, when... a hand touched my arm.<br />
"Is there something troubling you, sir?"<br />
Those words... I never heard such kind words from any male before. I looked up, and brought my eyes upon a rather unusual creatures - orange-blonde hair that stuck up, a big nose, a red hood partially covering his purple body, a pair of yellow shoes, and no limbs - his head, hands and body seemed to be floating in the air. He looked so similar to that Zarleck guy - could he have had a connection?<br />
"I'm fine", I said in return. I didn't want to express my pain - he'll be almost bound to leave me too.<br />
"I can tell you're hurt", he said in return. He then took me up onto both feet, keeping his eyes on me. "Here, let me help you."<br />
I was surprised. "How?"<br />
"I'm thinking that this world has been in ruin for quite some time", he responded. "Nearly everyone's hiding away in the desert or have been caught by the strange soldiers that have been roaming around us as of late."<br />
"Strange soldiers?" Could they be connected to him?<br />
"Yep. They kept saying that they got orders from someone called Zarleck or something."<br />
I raised my voice at the chance. "I knew him! He brought me back from th-"<br />
He blinked at me as I suddenly stopped speaking. I didn't want to tell him more, as I knew that my tales could make him turn against me at any time. He squeezed my hand - I then had the chance to continue.<br />
"He brought me back from the dead, just so he can tear me to pieces."<br />
The creature's expression showed a lot of sympathy, something I wasn't expecting from him. "Maybe I can help you after all. If we can find enough support we can probably turn the world back to its former state. I know that we may have come from two separate paths, but it's the best we can do."<br />
He definitely showed determination. Could he have been some kind of limbless angel?<br />
"I should have mentioned this earlier, but my name's Rayman", he said back at me.<br />
Rayman... that's pretty unusual, I thought, but still a hopeful one to restore order.<br />
Over time, the promised support managed to come together. We first found a cat-alien and his robot** that came to the world in a spaceship crash not long ago. We also earned support from a bird-like robot^ in which the cat fixed with a mere wrench. A wild lion-creature+ also opted to help us, even if she couldn't speak English. And finally, we had a photogrpaher++ who came very close to the armies and provided a lot of detailed information behind Zarleck's army.<br />
But even if I was surrounded by such reassuring company, my own mind was triggered to tackle one task and one sole task alone; to kill Zarleck after all he's did to me. He will be ready to come head first right into the wave of terror from Baron Praxis.<br />
<br />
You hear me, Zarleck? I will annialite you filthy bastard once and for all!!!<br />
<br />
---<br />
`Zarleck is a character from my good friend BleydBreaker<br />
*Dr Clayton Forrester is the original evil movie plotter in Mystery Science Theater 3000<br />
**Ratchet & Clank... do they need an explanation?<br />
^Crow T. Robot - one of the robots roaming around the Satellite of Love in MST3K<br />
+Nakita - an alkent lion character given to me from OzyOxy<br />
++Jade - the photographer main star of Beyond Good & Evil<br />
<br />
--- <br />
<br />
Yeah, a rough excerpt, huh? But that was the very motion that managed to fill my mind when putting this together.<br />
Must admit, I found it so hard to figure out how to tear the Baron's suit to shreds, and so it all had to come to the urge of several smudges, snaps and tears of his suit.<br />
Mind, I was still happy with the background imagery that went alongside it. Fits the feeling of despearation at the darkest hours, eh?<br />
<br />
Anyhow, hope this works well as a soothing lesson to you. ^^<br />
<br />
(DISCLAIMER: I drew the image, Rayman belongs to UbiSoft and Praxis is the property of those people at Naughty Dog o.o)

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hobbes on July 3, 2005, 5:40:58 AM

hobbes on
hobbesCOOL!! great job!!! i love those games although i'm a big ratchet fan O_O... * runs off to kiss ratchet* AWWW HE CUTE!