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Crash Blue, Jak Orange

Crash Blue, Jak Orange

Crash Blue, Jak Orange by Rexy
Crash Blue, Jak Orange by Rexy


I ended up doing this pic a while back, which probably explains on the dodgy markers involved. XD<br />
This is a picture drawn for a contest held at a Crash Bandicoot related club outside the site. In celebration of the releases of Crash Purple and Spyro Orange on the GameBoy Advance, a contest has been held to create ideas on any other possible crossover games. And so, here's my side of the deal - Crash Blue, Jak Orange.<br />
<br />
The event itself takes place about a year before Crash Twinsanity and a fair way into Act 2 of Jak II. The basic storyline between them basically starts with Dr Neo Cortex plummeting his way towards Haven City from the sky, after entering a porthole discovered by his accomplice Dr Nefarious Tropy. Once down there, he soon ended up face to face with Baron Praxis, the ruler of the city. At that moment in time he was still in search for Mar's Tomb, still seeking for the deadly prize of the Precursor Stone.<br />
Both characters then teamed up for their own purposes - while the Baron's intentions were for expanding upon Haven's territory using Cortex as his own puppet, Neo himself had plans of his own to use Praxis to find the stone and achieve enough power to rule the world himself. One word - ouch.<br />
<br />
"Crash Bandicoot Blue: The Baron Praxis Project" follows Crash as his jungle territory is suddenly stormed by Krimzon Guards roaming around his home. With Aku Aku hovering by his side to help finding out what went on, he soon discovers Jak and Daxter roaming around the borders of his world. That left them both to start searching around their own territories together.<br />
In this particular game, Crash is left to collecet wumpa fruit to unlock mini-games, bosses, trading cards and certain power-ups. Some of these can be obtained through portals, while others can be traded in with Oracle, whom can be seen anywhere around the area. Crystals and gems are the main objective, needed to progress from one world to another. Unlike Crash Purple, Crash can be able to become his invincible form by breaking 3 Aku Aku crates all after another.<br />
NPCs included here will be Coco, whom will help with the logical side of things alongside with Torn, and Crunch with his weight training capabilities. Bosses that are planned to be used here include Jak (a gun fight across a river - not all friendships start positive) Tiny, Dingodile, N Tropy, Baron Praxis, and a final dramatic chase showdown with both villains. Appearances of characters like Sig, Keira, Young Samos, Tess, Brutter and Onin (with Pecker) are there for hint-giving assistance.<br />
<br />
"Jak Orange: The Cortex Chronicles" begins with Jak receiving another mission from his underground accomplice Torn. His mission there was to take a look around the Pumping Station due to reports of strange 'Orange Metal Heads' roaming around there. That left Jak and his ottsel companion Daxter to try and fight his way through them, but on the way along his path... he ended up seeing into Crash again. And you know what? They team up and look closer into the events of what occurred.<br />
Jak's mechanics of the game are similar to Crash's, except that Power Cells are needed to progress from one mini-game to another, and Precursor Orbs are needed to trade with Oracle and unlock other levels. What makes Jak's fighting style different is the use of becoming Dark Jak when collecting a lot of eco pellets.<br />
NPCs involved in this end of the game are Torn, whom works his way alongside Coco, and Sig, whom managed to take a hold onto a few obstacle courses for Jak to accomplish in order to earn more trading cards. Bosses in this end are Crash (again, gun fight :P), Erol, Ashelin (she befriends you afterwards), Tropy and Cortex, all leading into the same dramatic chase showdown in the other. Appearances of characters like Crunch, Keira, Young Samos, Tess, Brutter and Onin (with Pecker) are there for hint-giving assistance.<br />
<br />
Whew... that was one heck of a mouthful. o_O Wish me luck!<br />
<br />
(DISCLAIMER: My image, but Crash and his lot belong to Universal and Jak and his lot are part of Naughty Dog's creations.)

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parveenjunus on January 19, 2007, 11:50:02 PM

parveenjunus on
parveenjunuslol thats so cul X3 i made a story sumwut simmilar 2 that XD when i was playin jak2 my brother told me "Man, this daxter guy would suffer if he was teamed up with crash" And I thought to myself...that he will. so i made this story. ARRG! do u know how upset i got when "daxter" came out? it was the only way for me to connect my story *~* awweell im pretending naughtydog (not the compagny...the dog,dog) made that game to make no traces of crash XD. Daxter somehow got onto planet earth and met crash and crash sum how has to get daxter back to his planet (theres no way that his planet is earth they have a green moon and 3 suns)b4 sumtin bad happens 2 jak...And the title is called ORANGE FREAK cus they are orange with big teeth and eyes and they have the
never-ending smile
(the series is called pawprint urutora)i came up wid this idea when i was 10 or 11 now im gunna turn 14 XD.

o one more thing..

nice pic ^-^
p.s. don't take my idea 0-0

GothDemon on June 19, 2006, 6:40:03 AM

GothDemon on
GothDemonRexy you rox! rexy you rox!

silverlum45 on June 19, 2005, 11:15:19 AM

silverlum45 on
silverlum45nice pic! a kewl crossover!

Sesaka-Spade on November 20, 2004, 10:41:06 AM

Sesaka-Spade on
Sesaka-SpadeVery cool crossover Rexy! Love the full detail!

JakDepidtor on October 25, 2004, 12:13:08 PM

JakDepidtor on
JakDepidtorCool, Hope you won, or will win that contest! You deserve it!