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Movie: Catwoman concept

Movie: Catwoman concept

Movie: Catwoman concept by RickytheRockstar
Movie: Catwoman concept by RickytheRockstar


so in the Dark Knight my favorite part was when Bruce is talking to Lucius, asking him if the new armor will protect him against dogs, and Lucius responds saying, it'll protect against cats.

uh i was so excited when i heard that, cause i dont think Nolan would put that line in the movie if there wasn't a big possibility that Catwoman would be in one of his movies. and i would LOVE that so very much. kinda like how excited i was when there was a Catwoman movie announced a few years ago......and Charlize Theron was set to star...............then she was replaced by Halle Berry..........and, well, we all know how that turned out.....

So ever since that line i have been thinking of how she would be in the Nolanverse. and this is what i thought up in my head. i did this idea a while ago, and just found the sketches and decided to finish and post them.

here is my idea if anyone interested: so i don't want Catwoman as the next "villain", let Batman battle two other villains or what not, to me i feel there needs to be more established villains, because Catwoman's character, to me, is best when you don't know what side she's on, and there needs to be other villains besides Scarecrow, and uh, the Joker, (if he'll even be in another movie), for Catwoman to play off of.

so no Catwoman, but i think Bruce should have a new love interest in the form of Selina Kyle. A gorgeous woman, who is making a name for her self in the upper class social life of Gotham City.

this is how i see it, Bruce gets a call, either Batman related or business, he is running, pushing past people on a crowded sidewalk, he's not really paying attention just trying to get to his car, Selina Kyle is exiting a store, holding her phone in one hand and digging in her purse with the other, Bruce bumps into her send her phone flying and knocking her purse on the ground. He continues down the side walk not realizing what just happened, because the sidewalk is so crowded. Extremely upset Selina yells at him "Jerk!", he turns around and see's her kneeling on the ground, collecting the spilled contents of her purse. "I'm extremely sorry, let me help you." he says. she responds "No! You've done enough damage, my phone is completely destroyed!". "Here", he says as he hands her a business card, "I'm in a hurry, but just get in contact with me and I'll replace it." Selina still collecting her things, looks up at him for the first time "Yeah right-" she realizes who he is, takes the card, but is kind of frozen as he apologizes and goes on his way. There's a close up of her face as she reads the card deviously, "Bruce Wayne, Wayne Enterprises"

later that day, or the next, she goes to Wayne Enterprises to talk with Bruce, but he's not there (she goes there to see him in person instead of calling him, cause she wants to flirt with him, she wants him to notice her, who better to date when your trying to build a social life, than Gotham's most famous, and richest Bachelor), he's already left for the day, and she over hears someone in the lobby talking about the Gala tonight. i haven't figured out the rest, but i picture, Bruce standing in a group at the Gala, and some pulls Bruce aside and says "Bruce, I'd love to introduce you to someone", and before we see her, we hear "Bruce Wayne, you owe me a new phone." as Selina, looking perfect, steps into view. Bruce is fixated on her.

I figure Bruce is not in the place to date since he recently lost Rachel, but Selina takes him by surprise, she different, she's ballsy, smart, they begin a romance. i wanna add that i think a good way to incorporate Selina's Catwoman, into this movie would be to have background reports of a burglar , not reporting a female, or cat, but just burglar in the beginning. and at the Gala Selina arrives not wearing a necklace, but when she leaves with Bruce she is wearing one, no explanation. (that she stole at the party off of someone, who was wearing it, but she's so good that they didn't notice.)

Selina is stealing in this movie, just wearing black, not a whole catsuit yet. but we don't see it, she's just a background character, there is not speculation that she up to no good, she seems just, perfect.

she is meeting Bruce at Wayne Enterprises, she walks into a conversation between Bruce and Lucius, they are talking at Bruce's desk with the material used for the Bat suit, but it is unrecognizable that it is from the bat suit, Selina hears them saying how it's strong and durable, as they realizes she's there Lucius says, "yeah, perfect for any extreme sports, I'll get right on this Mr. Wayne". the next day, that sample fabric has gone missing, either stole or miss placed.

We don't know, but Selina broke in and stole it, figuring it would be perfect for the new costume she wants to make, as she decides to up the anti on her night time activities. this is where i figure she officially makes the Catwoman costume, and starts to steal from higher stake jobs, to put her name out there. the background reports, and newspapers report that there is a cat burglar, (literally), on the lose.

Batman is mainly fighting the other villains, in my head i think The Riddler definitely, the other im not so sure on. But we see one more date with Selina, this time at his house, they're close, maybe he opens up to her about his parents, cause at this point they have been dating for a good amount of time.

we don't know, but this is where Selina realizes that this situation is not good. the only reason she was dating him was 1. to use his name, to get her Celebrity up, and 2. was to steal from him, get him to buy her stuff, but as the relationship developed she found herself falling for him. but the relationship isn't all that great, he has to leave early to attend to Batman affairs, and he even blows off some dates with her, maybe like on Valentines day. knowing that he's not going to settle down and make time for her, she decides to break up with him. Just like in the Dark Victory.

So towards the end of the movie, she tells him that they're done. so the movie is ending, Batman defeats the villains, or whatnot. but at the very end of the movie we see a high rise penthouse. someone breaks into the window, leading into a dark bedroom, we see the legs as the figure moves over to a picture, removes it form the wall, and behind it is a safe, we see the figures hands working the lock, opening it and pulling out valuables from inside. Suddenly a light is turned on, and the figure turns around, and for the first time we see Catwoman, she is staring at the man who turned on the bedroom light, its Falcone (is he still around in the Nolanverse? i cant remember right now) he shouts "Who the hell are you! And what the hell are you doing!" he's has a gun or gets one, as Catwoman leaps outta the window onto the big balcony. and just like in Batman: Year One, Falcone's guards follow after her and she is surrounded on the balcony, outnumbered, but suddenly the men are dropping, Batman is on the Roof and he has thrown Batarangs, or something to KO the guards. Falcone is the only one left standing, has his gun on Catwoman, she kicks it loose from him hand, and knocks him to the ground, raises her hand, as retractable crawls spring from her glove, with one swipe she slashes Flacones face. As she makes her way to the edge of the balcony, Falcone is heard screaming "Your dead dog!, your dead!'

Batman is standing at the edge waiting for her, she looks at him and smiles, "Batman!, Hello..." she says low and seductively. and that's how i see it ending.

So i figure then, she would be one of the main "villains" in the next movie. and it would take place a year later, or at least a good amount of time later. Bruce hasn't seen Selina in a while (maybe she was in Rome, and she gets her own spin-off movie...) and when he does, she has cut off all her hair, and style of dress is "'Classier" and more "Rich", looking. and Catwoman and Batman relationship would be the cat and mouse relationship, she helps, him at times and at most times he's not sure what side she is on. And she has created an enemy in Falcone.

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