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Pterynkus, Pterodon and Pterateryx

Pterynkus, Pterodon and Pterateryx

Pterynkus, Pterodon and Pterateryx by TapeJara
Pterynkus, Pterodon and Pterateryx by TapeJara


Team Rocket needed starter flyers for new recuits, but that were more powerful than the average pidgey. In the games, a Pterynkus' stats are all always 1 point higher than Pidgey.

DNA: Pidgey + Aerodactyl
lv. 5: Sand Attack
lv. 9: Gust
lv. 13: Swift
lv. 17: Screech
lv. 21: Peck
lv. 25: Mirror Move
lv. 29: Slash
lv. 33: Wing Attack
lv. 37: Drill Peck
lv. 41: Steel Wing
lv. 45: Mirror Coat
lv. 49: Air Slash
Evolution: lv. 18
Evolves from: None
Evolves into: Pterodon
Location: Caves
Type: Normal/Flying
Description: These new borns are born flightless and their parents must take care of them. When they fly for the first time, it's a sign they're close to evolution.
Origin: Based on a Pterodactyl. Name comes from the names Pterodactyl and Ramphorhynchus.
HP 41
Attack 46
Defense 41
Special Attack 36
Special Defense 36
Speed 57
DNA: Pidgeotto + Aerodactyl
-Sand Attack
lv. 26: Peck
lv. 30: Mirror Move
lv. 34: Slash
lv. 37: Wing Attack
lv. 41: Drill Peck
lv. 45: Steel Wing
lv. 50: Mirror Coat
lv. 54: Air Slash
Evolution: lv. 36
Evolves from: Pterynkus
Evolves into: Pterateryx
Location: Caves and grass in the mountains
Type: Normal/Flying
Description: Their crests are hollow and amplify their screechs. Some screams are so high pitch they can cause temporary paralysis to an opponent.
Origin: Based on a Pteranodon, and its name is an abreviation of the latter.
(DNA: Pidgeot + Aerodactyl)
-Sand Attack
-Mirror Move
lv. 40: Wing Attack
lv. 44: Drill Peck
lv. 48: Steel Wing
lv. 53: Mirror Coat
lv. 57: Air Slash
Evolution: lv. 36
Evolves from: Pterodon
Evolves into: none
Location: none in wild
Type: Normal/Flying
Description: Their wings are so thin, rigid and sharp that they virtually fly on two butcher knives.

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General Info
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