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Dolt in Trouble 2015

Dolt in Trouble 2015

Dolt in Trouble 2015 by TeeJay87
Dolt in Trouble 2015 by TeeJay87


Our feline heroine has just learned the same lesson as her sister Mona did in 2013 - that spending holidays in the land of Putin and his thugs from KGB/FSB (formerly NKVD) is bad idea, just as it was proven here

Dolt-on-istov has also learned something - that liars have really short careers.

This picture is promised gift for my pen friend Gavin, who accompanied me on dA and is still keeping in touch with me on Skype. If I did not have such amount of chores at work and classes, this gift would have been done last year.

Penelope Pussycat belongs to PAWS Inc.
Dolt-on-Istov belongs to me.

General Info

General Info

Category Cartoons » Crossovers
Date Submitted
Views 597
Favorites... 2
Vote Score 3
Comments 10
Media Digital drawing or painting
Time Taken 2 months


Comments (10)

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alitta2 on January 19, 2015, 9:08:47 AM

alitta2 on
alitta2Hehe, that M16 will teach him a lesson for sure :D
BTW, is it just me, or he was really inspired by one of the Dalton brothers from Lucky Luke? He reminds me of Emerald from this view a bit.

TeeJay87 on January 19, 2015, 10:47:18 AM

TeeJay87 on
TeeJay87You're absolutely right about similarity - Daltonistov, or Dolt-on-istov, is direct descendant of Averell Dalton created in my story:

In 1910, Lucky Luke defeated the Dalton brothers in gunshot somewhere in San Francisco, Averell was the only one, who managed to escape. He found a ship, which brought him to Vladivostok in Czarist Russia, then he travelled to Moscow, married Russian woman there and settled down as Averell Daltonistov. They had a son Averell Averellyevych, born 1911, who joined the Soviet Army in 1929 and fought in WW2, his military career was broken, when he died during Ussuri River war with PRC in 1969.

But before becoming hero of the Soviet Union, Averell Averellyevych had his son Dimitryi Averellyevych "Dolt-on-Istov" Daltonistov born in 1950 - he's the one, who's having issues with angry Penny. xD

alitta2 on January 21, 2015, 11:09:21 AM

alitta2 on
alitta2Then I guessed right ;)
Honestly I didn't know about the story of Averell. Recently they have aired the 2001 series of Lucky Luke cartoon on a Hungarian channel, and I heard his name as Emerald mistakenly, so sorry for that.
Anyway I knew that the Dalton brothers did exist in real life as well, and the cartoon characters were based on them, even only three of them were in the same gang while Bill Dalton was in an other one: ​

TeeJay87 on January 21, 2015, 11:49:47 AM

TeeJay87 on
TeeJay87Perhaps that's because it's my own-made story, not official canon. ;)

As for real Dalton gang and their comics/cartoon counterparts, Morris and Goscinny (who created Lucky Luke) did admit once, that Joe, William, Jack and Averell were supposed to be cousins of the original Dalton gang.

Saltwater on January 16, 2015, 10:46:24 AM

Saltwater on
SaltwaterI think I have a jolly good idea of these censored words!  lol

Back in the USSR!
Your amusing little stories about these silly commies are amongst my favourites.  :D

TeeJay87 on January 16, 2015, 12:02:51 PM

TeeJay87 on
TeeJay87One of the censored words is model example, how did communist propaganda in the Soviet Union spoil its own people - by making word commonly considered as offensive in Polish and Russian, meaning female reproduction organ, be used to describe female citizen of the United States. This word remains offensive one in Polish, while Russians (especially commies, neo-Nazis, nazbols and Putin's electorate) consider it as normal word for everyday use.

Another word has been censored, because I'm aware that not everyone in the West understands our Polish idiom about "doing something in Russian way", despite it's been in common use since 1820s, when Great Duke Constantine Romanov and his subordinates kept violating laws casted upon us, Poles, by the Czars from Romanov Dynasty themselves and nobody in Sankt Petersburg cared about such abuses. So we made up a term "to respect law in Russian way" meaning "to respect the law by not respecting it" , which was later expanded into almost every activity. It's funny that the occupants from Moscow didn't care about use of this idiom during the first Russian slavery (Czarist) 1795-1918, but they did much during the second Russian slavery (Bolshevik) 1939-89 - it was a crime against "the brotherly Russian nation of the Soviet Union". xD

Last censored word isn't shown from obvious reasons, since it's ad personam insult to Penny's nationality and gender.

I've intentionally left words "pindos" and "pshek" uncensored from two reasons:
- those sound less offensive to people, who don't know Russian;
- I believe that such proofs of Great-Rus pro-Soviet imperialist chauvinism must be seen in public, so people will know the truth about fanatics of socialism.

And I appreciate your kind words - it's been times silly commies had appearances in my works, it's about time they proved they're remaining Stakhanovs of comedy. ;)

Saltwater on January 16, 2015, 12:20:44 PM

Saltwater on
SaltwaterWell, I had guessed the first word:  txxt
and the third: cxxt

but not the second, which is very specific    LOL
(  for the second I thought it was the usual: fxxxxxg   )

thanks for all the linguistic and cultural details!  ;-)   

TeeJay87 on January 16, 2015, 2:16:19 PM

TeeJay87 on
TeeJay87Anytime. ;)

TeeJay87 on January 16, 2015, 9:59:47 AM

TeeJay87 on
TeeJay87Those, who are interested in seeing version without censorship marks in Dolt's quote, are asked to let me know - I will pass you original file through email, since I doubt the pic can be posted due to one rude word used by our Hero of the Soviet Union.