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Moscovian Evenings

Moscovian Evenings

Moscovian Evenings by TeeJay87
Moscovian Evenings by TeeJay87


Igor has never been deeply involved in relationship with female - just like most of his Russian communist brethren, he rather cared about vodka, food supplies and facilities to harass people living westwards from Russia than about having own progeny and second half. After all, communist dogma considers marriage as family as "obsolete relic of bourgeoisie capitalist society" or something like that; in simpler words, it means that true cultist of Marx, Lenin and Stalin is expected to replace his biological relatives with community of dim-witted individuals, who share beliefs in utopia impossible to imply. Revolution against nature for the glory of proletariat.

Things have changed, when Igor met Olga in the Red Square. Perhaps our feline bolshock found Commissar Salotchkinaya attractive, perhaps he had need to have friends in Moscovian KGB, or perhaps he was simply in need of female companion. It wasn't real obstacle, that Olga already had husband and kids - true revolutionary despises ideas of private property or honesty. Especially since Russian Blue chekist did agree for a date with our meatball.

During the rendezvous, Igor was so charmed with Olga, that he forgot about need of eating and drinking until he took his new girlfriend into special restaurant for Russian communists only. One thing for sure, he found a woman, who agrees with him almost in everything.

Two fat cats put together in one picture:

- Igor (Siberian Forest)

- Olga (Russian Blue)

drawn in casual clothes on top of balcony with view at Moscovian Kremlin.  Title of the picture was inspired by famous Russian song .

Olga is wearing necklace with Stalin as Orthodox Saint - despite harsh prosecution of religious people in the Soviet Union between 1924 and 1941 (during Stalin's reign), many Russians do consider that bloodthirsty monster as their lord and saviour. Igor isn't better - he's wearing Erbsenmuster camouflage trousers adjusted to his body shape.

This picture is my gift for Saltwater, who inspired me to draw those Moscovian Meatballs together. :)

General Info

General Info

Category Cartoons » Crossovers
Date Submitted
Views 617
Favorites... 2
Vote Score 4
Comments 16
Media Digital drawing or painting
Time Taken 3 weeks
Reference none


Comments (16)

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Jadis on March 26, 2016, 7:53:45 AM

Jadis on
Jadisnice background, lots of little details, i bet that took some time to draw.

TeeJay87 on March 26, 2016, 11:04:12 AM

TeeJay87 on
TeeJay87Thanks, drawing the landscape behind Olga and Igor was the most demanding part.

Saltwater on March 20, 2016, 4:13:08 PM

Saltwater on
SaltwaterOh my! 
What a beautiful and perfect couple!!!!  ;-)
This is so sexy!  LOL
Olga is wearing a very rare and precious piece of jewellery! :-)
The Kremlin is very detailed and well drawn too.
I really like this artwork.
This is hilarious.
Many thanks for your wonderful present,
which is highly appreciated and savoured. :D

TeeJay87 on March 21, 2016, 12:26:08 AM

TeeJay87 on
TeeJay87Olga and Igor match themselves almost ideally:

1) both are native Russian cat breeds (Russian Blue and Siberian Forest) ;

2) both are members of Communist Party of the Soviet Union ( CPSU) and Communist Party of Russian Federation (CPRF) ;

3) both are similarly fit (for leftist standards xD );

4) last but not least, their intelligence quotients are on similar level.

As for necklace, you're right about its limited availability and price - such silver portraits of Stalin with golden frames are only sold to CPSU/CPRF members with proven at least 10-year active service, which includes harassing opposition in Russia and spreading lies about communist crimes perpetrated since 1917. The rest of so-called "Moscovian proletariat" is allowed to buy simpler version of such jewelry - made of aluminum and without enamel. That's equality Karl Marx would definitely admire. ;)

Glad you like this small gift from me - have to admit, Kremlin landscape was the most demanding part to draw with all those details. And thanks for inspiration ! :)

Jadis on March 26, 2016, 7:56:10 AM

Jadis on
JadisI like that you made a point of using actual Russian cat breeds and I like your description of the necklace in this comment,

TeeJay87 on March 26, 2016, 11:03:19 AM

TeeJay87 on
TeeJay87Of course those are just parodies of Russian breeds - real Russian Blues and Siberian Forest cats look differently.

Saltwater on March 21, 2016, 3:36:03 AM

Saltwater on
SaltwaterThis image is sensational;
It makes me smile whenever I see it.
Indeed, Olga and Igor are perfectly matched.
So perfectly that they have been nominated for "the couple of the year" in the "Pravda".
Pravda means "Truth", so all the commies will have to rejoice and celebrate this iconic couple,
which represents so well all the "great values" of the soviets.  :D

TeeJay87 on March 21, 2016, 12:33:56 PM

TeeJay87 on
TeeJay87I know the meaning of word "pravda" - we also have it in Polish (written "prawda" and pronunciated the same as in Russian and meaning the same).

Finally that brain-polluting newspaper of so-called "Russian proletariat" admitted something, which isn't lie at all. ;)

Saltwater on March 21, 2016, 1:37:18 PM

Saltwater on
SaltwaterOf course they widely praised such an "inspiring" couple!
Why wouldn't they? ;-)
But these  "great values" of the soviets  may be interpreted quite differently according to the side we stand.  :-)

TeeJay87 on March 22, 2016, 1:12:39 PM

TeeJay87 on
TeeJay87Life and history have proved many times, that Russian left-wingers (Bolshocks and their successors) tend to percept the word in opposite way than normal people do. That must had been the origin of "In Soviet Russia..." jokes and our jokes like this:

- Chairman of regional CPSU chamber in State Farm number 79 got new Lada car. Trip to Moscow for 1st May parade by his car took him 1 hour, but trip back to the State Farm he was controlling - 3 hours. Why did it happen ?

- Because Lada cars, like most of civilian vehicles, have 5 gears forward and only one rear gear.

alitta2 on March 21, 2016, 3:16:08 AM

alitta2 on
alitta2As they say, everyone gets his/her ideal match sometime :D
Anyway, I really laughed when I saw that orthodox-like icon Olga wears as a necklace.
It really makes the whole scene authentical :)
For some reason, the necklace reminds me a similar one that this "gigolo" wears: 

TeeJay87 on March 21, 2016, 12:31:23 PM

TeeJay87 on
TeeJay87The idea for Olga's necklace is based on beliefs 95% of Russians tend to have - despite Stalin led severe anti-religious campaign in the Soviet Union between 1924 and 1941, Russians somehow do worship him as deity or at least one of the Orthodox Saints. As if nobody cared about preachers and religious people murdered by Chekists at Stalin's command.

As for link you passed me, I assume the bloke from photo is Italian ? They're known of appreciating such inconvenient in wearing jewelry. ;)

Falconlobo on March 20, 2016, 1:32:50 PM

Falconlobo on

TeeJay87 on March 20, 2016, 1:50:38 PM

TeeJay87 on
TeeJay87Igor and Olga match themselves, don't you think ? ;)

Falconlobo on March 20, 2016, 2:29:42 PM

Falconlobo on