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Earth-Three DelilahxIan

Earth-Three DelilahxIan

Earth-Three DelilahxIan by TeeJay87
Earth-Three DelilahxIan by TeeJay87


After numerous defeats, Mechanikat decided to recruit additional members for his crew, as he did in “Puss in Space Boots”. Amongst the prospective recruits, one of them was elected – a fit and cunning Turkish Van named Ian, who presented top combat skills. The newly drafted member of Mechanikat’s crew focused Delilah’s attention mutually and their relationship started to grow.

Due to lack of quarters aboard the spaceship, Ian was initially stationed in one of the storage rooms, where he placed his sleeping mat and the few basic furniture he found. Snooky approached Ian with indifference at first, until he observed Ian and Delilah spending increasingly more time with each other and he found it disgusting. On one occasion, Delilah told Snooky to scram and Ian threatened to rip him with bare hands.
Meanwhile, Mechanikat hasn’t abandoned his plans to purge the galaxy from dogs. A couple of new attacks wound up as usual, with defeats from The Dog Star Patrol. After one of those unsuccessful clashes, Ian suggested with Delilah’s backup a temporary change of goals, so the space cats could build up power against their canine enemies. Even Snooky agreed, although with reluctance. A target of opportunity occurred on the Planet Burpoola, inhabited by drunk and stoned teenagers with excessive master race syndrome and lack of actual skills to live up to their claims. Ian and Delilah led the Catbot strike force, which subjugated the Burpoolans without many losses. The local population was sent to gather the planet’s natural resources and produce additional weaponry.
Ian has proved to be quite a merciless taskmaster and Delilah found it attractive – about 2/3 of the Burpoola’s population was lost due to their lack of skills and not being accustomed to actual labour. Their effort paid off for the cats – harvested resources allowed them to expand their armoury.
The Dog Star Patrol did appear on the Planet Burpoola for investigation, after receiving a distress call from one of the bums, who didn’t live enough for the arrival. Ian presented Krypto, that the local population has been taught the labour ethos by the feline invaders. The canine superheroes considered those actions as works of good performed upon a corrupted society and refused to make a further intervention. Mechanikat and Snooky couldn’t believe, that their old enemies were evaded so easily, while Delilah found Ian’s diplomatic skills another of his good qualities. Ian invited her for a date.
Within a week, Burpoola has become depleted of natural resources, which were needed by the Mechanikat’s crew. The survivors from the original Burpoola’s population changed their mentality completely – they matured and learnt responsibility for their actions. A number of them, who were opposing the previous traditional majority, rose into the ranks of executing the cats’ will as their representatives on the newly-found protectorate. Despite the success, Mechanikat grew weary of evading The Dog Star Patrol. He convinced Snooky to clash Krypto and the canine superheroes once again, even in spite of Catopia’s Council insisting on a cease-fire.
Another conflict occurred - this time Ian disabled Mechanikat with an electro-gun he constructed together with Delilah. His lover managed to incapacitate Snooky without dealing him actual harm. Being recognized as the cat crew leader, Ian made a deal with Krypto and the Dog Star Patrol – Mechanikat and Snooky were handed to the canine superheroes on the condition Ian would keep Delilah and refrain from outright wrong activities.
Ian married Delilah back on Planet Catopia, had Mechanikat’s original ship rebuilt, and gathered new crew under his and his new wife’s command. The couple had their first child, a daughter named Diana, born shortly after the marriage ceremony. Four years later, their son Danny was born. The new crew became anti-heroes, who tackled the villains using their own methods, and surprisingly, they built up a friendly relation with The Dog Star Patrol.
The story for the picture posted above was inspired by the Earth-Three universe from DC Comics I also took inspiration from Bizarro World and Shattered-Glass settings developed by the same company.

Delilah was drawn between 2019 and 2021 - I was experimenting with Furry Fish and Solar Specs heads. One of the earlier episode's ones was elected in both versions - bare-headed and with a harem veil and Season 2 cap.

Delilah belongs to PAWS Inc.
Ian Zaleski belongs to me.

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General Info

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Media Digital drawing or painting
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