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Eclipse - Human Practice

Eclipse - Human Practice

Eclipse - Human Practice by TheGameArtCritic
Eclipse - Human Practice by TheGameArtCritic


No, this wasn't for me, this was all just a fanservice - why do you ask?

*COUGHHACKDIE* This is Eclipse. As a human. *awaits the bricking*

I have screwed up so much whenever I tried to make Eclipse a hooman. SO. MUCH. I finally did it right. Yay. Go me. It's still fanservice. *bricked*



Me: no, eff you, generic Sonic fan. You are unoriginal, and boring. Here's how to REALLY make a character;

1. Give the character a name (duh). Try to use a name that hasn't been used a billion-and-two times. Eclipse is a poor example. So is Crystal, Umbra, and anything with the word "dark", or "night" related, or in it. A good example is Jacob the Hedgehog. Yes, he may be an unoriginal hedgehog, but he's got a normal name to help people relate to him more.

2. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHARACTER A SUPER FORM. It has been already done twenty-million-and-a-half times, and the idea has been milked to the point in which the super form is no longer threatening. It's just a goddamned super form. Oh no, you're sparkly. You must be an effing vampire.

3. DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHARACTER A VAMPIRE/WEREWOLF/DEMON/D, ALL OF THE ABOVE. Like the super form, this idea was milked to death. If you've done this, shut up, smack yourself around a few times, then go crawl into a corner and think about your life. I am guilty of using demons. I, however, so very totally did it before Naruto made it super-duper-popular, and shut up, I can do it because I said so.

4. Shut up, and skip to 5.


6. So you want to make your character have a backstory. If you're going to make it tragic, or something, then please do NOT involve Dr. Robeggnikman. PLEASE. FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDRENS. NEVER use Eggman. Eggman doesn't just randomly appear out of blipping nowhere in order to kill your character's parents who he doesn't know. NO. Eggman does NOT go searching around the planet, thinking "Hmmm... who can I kill today? I love killing random strangers!" NO. NOOO. Eggman doesn't THINK like that - he doesn't BREATHE like that! Eggman even SAID in Sonic X (not that it's SO VERY ULTRA close to canon, but whatevah) that "when you actually hurt somebody, that's going too far". Yus. It IS going too far for Eggman. Shut up, I know I made him kill Amy, but Amy isn't a person, Amy's a man-eating rhinosaurus. I DO WHAT I WANT, GRAAAAHHHH.

7. Don't make your character a hedgehog. Or a ninja. Or both. Japanese culture is no longer popular, and you will turn into a if you dare touch any more of it. As for hedgehog-ness, there are PLENTY of animals you can use - after all, our planet is not completely inhabited by echidnas, hedgehogs, and foxes (and wolves). We have MANY interesting creatures, including BUGS. How come no one has used a bug yet, hmm? Use a goddamned bug. They can make interesting characters.

8. A character's personality is a very very good thing. Please decide to magically give your character(s) one. Your character means nothing to me if it's ultra powerful, but lacks the ability to carry on an interesting conversation. That's when they become ZOMBIES. And God-knows how much you all hate those fricking zombies. Those stoopid things'll eat your fingers. You want your fingers? THEN DON'T MAKE ANY MORE ZOMBIES.

Good example of a well-rounded character;

a. Eclipse. Over time, Eclipse has gone from a flat, good person, to someone who focuses on the best decisions to make, as opposed to the RIGHT decisions to make. He will kill a person if it means doing something like winning a war, or saving himself. In that way, he's slightly selfish. Also, see Eclipse's profile thingy to see more sheet on him.

b. Jacob. AHAHAHA, AND YOU THOUGHT I WOULDN'T USE HIM AS ANOTHER EXAMPLE! Stupid fans! You know NOTHING about me! NOTHIIIING! Jacob is not a good guy, or a bad guy. He is just a regular guy. He doesn't even have any powers. He is a doctor who studies demons in his spare time "THEY'RE REAL, I SWEAR!". Before he... *sigh* became possessed by the very thingermajig he studied, he was a professor at the Moonglow University. He taught "The Study of Demons", 1, 2, and Advanced. He so totally has a life, why do you ask? Oh, and he killed all of his students, and his fiance after horrible scary events of I'm-crazy-and-suddenly-ultra-Christian (no offense to the ultra Christians).

Where were we?



8 1/2. -

Flat Character Example: Fully good, or evil. Will always refuse to join the other side, and GRARRR I WILL NEVER JOIN YOU, GENERIC HERO, OR VILLAIN, OR EGGMAN! The one character trait that will stick out is "emo", and personally, I don't think "emo" is a character trait. The character's other character trait is usually explosive anger targeted at absolutely nothing for no real reason. It's more like the character has random hissy-fits because the character didn't get enough attention. No, really. the character never has a reason to be anger, yet chooses to do so. Like an asshole. This makes for an unlikeable, and so totally not sexy character.

Well Rounded Character Example: The character actually behaves correctly to certain situations depending on certain feelings the character may have, or fears, or special "quirks" (see mental illness). If the character feels out-of-it, and is asked to help fight, or whatever, the character will NOT automatically spring into action, and blow up everything because said-character is super-sexy-and-cool. Said-character might fight, but maaaaybe won't preform his or her best, or maaaaybe, if angry, or something, like, because someone blew his or her arm off, he/she will fight harder, and more violently than normal (brutal attacks are much preferred to be colorfully described. The color red is my favorite color in this). The character is NOT bipolar (unless he/she really IS bipolar). The character WILL REACT IN A REALISTIC WAY to certain situations, and WILL NOT BE ABLE TO KEEP FIGHTING IF SAID-CHARACTER HAS BEEN SERIOUSLY INJURED. YOUR CHARACTER IS NOT CHUCK NORRIS. YOUR CHARACTER IS NOT COOL ENOUGH, AND IF YOU PLAN FOR THE CHARACTER TO BE COOL ENOUGH, WORK IT INTO THE CHARACTER, DON'T THRUST THE POWER ONTO US - IT'S OVERWHELMING, YOU PLEBES!

I am now tired of yelling in all caps in order to make myself sound cool.

General Info

General Info

Category Comics » Sonic the Hedgehog » Fan Characters (OC's) » Hybrids
Date Submitted
Views 1211
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Vote Score 2
Comments 36
Media Digital drawing or painting
Time Taken 2 Days
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Comments (36)

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zaraki333 on June 26, 2011, 6:29:24 AM

zaraki333 on
zaraki333Wanna play a forum based RPG Naruto game? Then join Naruto-Sagas where you can join a village, achieve a bloodline, learn jutsus and compete against other ninjas!. Just register at:

Neopetgirl on July 13, 2010, 2:40:06 PM

Neopetgirl on
NeopetgirlHm, I like your style, it really catches the eye. I love the sketchy-type feel to it, I usually do. <3 Very nice. The expression really is awesome, btw. I can't say much else, because I can't think for right now. XD So good job, aye?

I couldn't help but laugh at nearly all of the tips there in your description, not out of mockery, just how true it stands out. I especially enjoyed number 4 and 5. I'm hyper today. I dunno. XD

Falconlobo on April 19, 2010, 1:13:19 PM

Falconlobo on
Falconlobonice i like the hair eyes outfit and pose

TheGameArtCritic on April 19, 2010, 1:17:40 PM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCriticcooooooooool, thaaaaaaaaaaanks, but didja read the guide?

Falconlobo on April 19, 2010, 1:19:41 PM

Falconlobo on
Falconlobokind of i try not to make oc's to often and if i do i am not really good with coming up with powers and such to often and such i just mostly make fan art

so yeh

TheGameArtCritic on April 19, 2010, 1:20:06 PM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCriticblaharharhar, they don't need powers. >:D

Falconlobo on April 19, 2010, 1:23:13 PM

Falconlobo on
Falconloboi know so i don't give them any

Zukoinferno on April 20, 2010, 10:02:59 AM

Zukoinferno on

This was very helpful, Critic. I will study this as hard as I can. But two questions:

1. "Zuko" is just a nickname for my OC so I made his real name "Daniel Cornilius Hedgecat". You know any languages that aren't overused to the point of exhaustion (like Japanese)? I need something that doesn't sound like something off of a Nick cartoon :P

2. Do you think blood mutations count as demons? Kinda similar to me :/

TheGameArtCritic on April 20, 2010, 12:20:54 PM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCritic1. Try "english", it so totally works. XD

2. hmmmmmm, counts on the blood mutation (Venom is technically a blood mutation)

Zukoinferno on April 21, 2010, 9:22:46 AM

Zukoinferno on
Zukoinferno1. "English the Hedgecat". Sooooooooo helpful, Critic. lol, no XD I dunno. Whenever it's in English, it seems to loose that sort of edge and sort of give a sort of 'cliche' vibe to me. Example: Bludshot/Bludshoot

2. You mean Anti-Venom? That KINDA worked... I guess. I'll just make some antagonist so that I can avoid the Chaos Emeralds :P

TheGameArtCritic on April 22, 2010, 2:36:19 PM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCritic1. It's called a thesaurus. XD

2. (and Carnage...?) GOOD. Friggin chaos emeralds, making everything less-threatening.

Zukoinferno on April 23, 2010, 9:55:47 AM

Zukoinferno on
Zukoinferno1. Well THANK YOU. XD

2. (Yes, Carnage too. Just figured you'd know that.) But villians take time. And originality. Neither of which I have DX

TheGameArtCritic on April 24, 2010, 1:56:38 PM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCritic1. and if you open up any Stephanie Meyer book, you get HALF of the thesaurus! :D

2. I'm sure you can MAKE time. As for originality, if you're stuck on a villain-idea, just ask me, as evil is my specialty! ^^

Zukoinferno on April 25, 2010, 12:08:08 AM

Zukoinferno on
Zukoinferno1. WITHOUT the definitions! :D Even though she saw them while using the dictionary XD

2. Oh, I knew aaaaaaaall about that XD But thanks. I don't like using too much of your help, but since you're a 'giver', I'll accept it. Just accept both your presents :P

TheGameArtCritic on April 25, 2010, 2:41:54 PM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCritic1. hurrrrrr :B

2. NEVARRR! D8< *runs off*

Zukoinferno on April 26, 2010, 8:56:02 AM

Zukoinferno on
Zukoinferno1. Well put XD But the face reminds me of Mc. Unt.

2. *lassos joo* >8C

TheGameArtCritic on April 26, 2010, 9:39:57 AM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCritic1. you're right, it looks a lot like him. *imhappyplz*

2. NROOOOO!! *gnaws at rope*

Zukoinferno on April 27, 2010, 11:13:01 AM

Zukoinferno on
Zukoinferno1. lawl, he looks like Spongebob.


TheGameArtCritic on April 28, 2010, 10:05:11 AM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCritic1. Yes. Yes he does.


Zukoinferno on April 28, 2010, 11:10:14 AM

Zukoinferno on
Zukoinferno1. Copyrights! Dah-yahyahyahyahyahi!

2. ...

Hounds: om-nomnom*

mechadragon13 on April 20, 2010, 11:54:35 AM

mechadragon13 on
mechadragon13i like his face. a lot. but something about the body's throwing me off, i think the torso's MUCH too long compared ot the legs, and his feet are angled funny.

*points at description* that, is pure WIN.

TheGameArtCritic on April 20, 2010, 12:47:33 PM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCriticI agree with you on the god-awful leg length. It sucks.

HOWEVER, I will DISAGREE with you on the feet, as they are in a perfectly normal outwards stance. Perhaps the blackness of it all threw people off.

Thank you for luffing my guide.

mechadragon13 on April 22, 2010, 6:06:43 AM

mechadragon13 on
mechadragon13Just need to fix it is all ^^;

now that i look at it, yeah they're fine. but they're too big .____.

YW <3

TheGameArtCritic on April 22, 2010, 2:34:39 PM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCriticI don't think I'd be able to, so I guess, for now, Eclipse has the god-awful "sagging pants" fad.


mechadragon13 on April 28, 2010, 5:41:53 AM

mechadragon13 on

SONICXROUGELUVA on April 20, 2010, 9:58:23 AM

SONICXROUGELUVADAMN THAT WAS LONG 8l it took me 20 minutes to read .__.

TheGameArtCritic on April 20, 2010, 1:17:11 PM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCriticaaaand? :D

SONICXROUGELUVA on April 23, 2010, 9:25:17 AM

SONICXROUGELUVAdamn it XD I replied to myself instead of you xD wow that was a fail.

SONICXROUGELUVA on April 23, 2010, 9:19:45 AM


It makes so much sence .___. i agree with everything in that god awwwweful long description XD

WillHawk14 on April 20, 2010, 5:01:14 AM

WillHawk14 on
WillHawk14Ah the truth, ah how it stings.

I think all characters start off like this. Flat, unoriginal, etc.

But as you so wonderfully put, with hard work ( and Time ) Flat characters become just dandy.

I still fail at it, and I've been doin it a while.

ahem, Anyway, a great pic. I think the feet culd use some work, they seem a bit odd, but otherwise great, especially the face, and as stated above your guide is wonderful, straight to the point and entertaining.

TheGameArtCritic on April 20, 2010, 9:28:19 AM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCriticBlargh. I actually really like your characters, so there. Perhaps the only problem you have is that you are your own worst critic, as we all are?

Thank you for taking the time to read my painfully long guide. :D

WillHawk14 on April 21, 2010, 6:06:58 AM

WillHawk14 on
WillHawk14Coming from you that means a lot.

I probably trash my characters more than anyone else on the site.

I loved your guide, it was very well said, it covered all the details and was ( I thought ) fun to read.

So thank YOU, for an enjoyable 5 minutes.

TheGameArtCritic on April 21, 2010, 10:07:40 AM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCriticI feel warm and fuzzy that my text means so very much to you [/not sarcasm].

A shame it only takes you five minutes to read, as opposed to SXRL's 20... XD but it must mean you read as much as I do, and therefore, you are a literate person - a type of person who I respect very much.

_ren_tao_fan_ on April 20, 2010, 5:00:00 AM

_ren_tao_fan_ on
_ren_tao_fan_He has prettyful eyes and he is sexy. There. I said it.

Win description wins. Thank you for creating original, interesting, awesome characters. You have done the world of Sonicfans a great service, O Mighty One.

TheGameArtCritic on April 20, 2010, 9:29:47 AM

TheGameArtCritic on
TheGameArtCriticHeeee~ so very glad you think so. :3


_ren_tao_fan_ on April 20, 2010, 10:18:32 AM

_ren_tao_fan_ on
_ren_tao_fan_*bows to Critic*