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Azure Ruell -Contest Entry-

Azure Ruell -Contest Entry-

Azure Ruell -Contest Entry- by ZimaZem
Azure Ruell -Contest Entry- by ZimaZem


Picture comment:

The drawing is meh but whatever.
I have more entries to come, anyway.

This is for ElevatorMusicINC's contest. :33

Yes the uniform may not be exactly right, but it can always be changed later on, anyway.

>:| I had to resize it and wait till today to submit it.

Name: Azure Ruell
Age: 27, though technically older
Race: Mutated Veninian
Job: Scientist
Sexuality: Eh, straight.

Former Hair Color: Black
Former Eye Color: Hazel
Former Complexion: Pale

Likes: Pain inflicted on others, pain inflicted on himself, inflicting pain on others, inflicting pain on himself, pain in general, pointy objects esp. syringes, science in all forms, mutants, mutations, creating & preforming experiments, dreams, the human mind, organs(in organisms and the instrument), the human body, out-of-the-ordinary things, non-Veninians(they interest him), blood, ripping things open, taking things apart, chemicals, insects, disorganization and/or filth, small animals, his hair and keeping it nice, caffeine/sugar/etc, quiet, solitude(unless it's a non-Veninian), Mexican food, girls in skimpy outfits/boobs/butts/other fetishes he has/etc(though he won't admit it), candy(esp. lollipops/suckers), Bacteria/Single-celled organisms, sicknes/disease, discomfort, extreme temperatures, music of most sorts, goggles and wearing them, the colors blue, red, white, black and yellow/gold in all shades, technology, the fine arts(though he's not very artistic himself)

Dislikes: No pain, numbness, normalcy, prejudice(against him, for the most part), being told he's crazy/insane or has issues, when experiments dislike him, being made fun of, very chatty people, uneducated people, people with small vocabularies, people who aren't good with speaking/writing, colognes/perfumes, eating, spicy things(unless it's Mexican food), junk food other than candy and caffeine, rudeness/rude people, people arguing over scientific theories(which is a little hypocritical, most likely), religion, problems/arguments/fights/etc caused by religion, politics, most people under the age of 10

Powers: Nothing flashy. Fairly high IQ and his scientific ability is really the only super special things about him.

Personality: Azure is sadistic and a tad insane. Or, rather, he has quite a few issues and a number of strange fetishes. He's very sadistic and enjoys pain in all forms, on anyone or anything. Especially upon himself, but he slightly denies that. He's a closet pervert, and... well, having the fetishes he does and being in the place he's in... let's just say he enjoys his job a tad more than he should. He'd secretly love a girl of his own, and maybe a few whips for each of them, among other things... (xD;;) He gets a kick out of a lot of things he does and has to do, and loves to do it. He would love nothing more than to befriend an experiment, preferably one he created/mutated himself. He's not much of a fighter, simply because he's never really been put into a situation where he's needed to fight anyone or anything. He would more than likely enjoy it both ways though, because it would involve pain being inflicted on both parties of the fight.

Backstory/Info/Whatever: Azure grew up in a pretty normal home. He was always a little smarter than the other kids, and he'd always loved science. He did always have the strange enjoyment of inflicting pain upon creatures though, thus his parents could never really get him a pet without him trying to cause harm to it. He didn't stamp on ants because they were "yucky", he stepped on them because it was fun and he got a kick out of it. When he was a young adult(basically after he got through school and everything) he pursued a career in science and eventually picked up a job at EMINC. His first experiment... was himself. He'd always loved non-Veninian creatures and envied their differences from everyone else. So he messed around and made a serum to mutate himself. The result was strange eyes, blue-gray hair, a ghost-white complexion and a strange, striped tail. He loves these features of himself, even though they make him undesirable to others. He only cares that he is desirable to himself, and with these out-of-the-norm traits he was perfect in his own eyes. A side-effect of this now "perfect" him, his mind was a little bit affected by the serum. He seemed even more odd than before, and developed more than just a pain fetish. He's in constant denial of true facts about himself, and he sometimes talks to himself as well. As he worked longer at EMINC his strangeness started to become more apparent. Co-workers and higher ups tend to keep an eye on him due to his strange personality and fixations, and not-so-stable state of mind. Luckily for the women, he's a closet pervert, so any comments or arousal within him stays within his own mind.

God, that was a LOT if typing.

Azure is miiiine. :C
EMINC and a lot of certain stuff mentioned above was made up by ElevatorMusicINC... Aka Kaj c:

To Kaj: I shall do a little sampley thingy later or... I dunno, maybe we can role-play or something. *shrug*

General Info

General Info

Category Miscellaneous » Characters » Male » Young Adult (19-29)
Date Submitted
Views 1471
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Media MS Paint
Time Taken Dunno
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ElevatorMusicINC on July 2, 2008, 2:18:22 PM

ElevatorMusicINC on
ElevatorMusicINC:D Ah I love him.

I love how you actually made him before my contest too xD

>w> -posts link to this on contest page-
Thanks again for entering dude :3

ZimaZem on July 2, 2008, 2:48:58 PM

ZimaZem on
ZimaZem<DDD No problem. <33