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Rahman al-Taysir

Rahman al-Taysir

Rahman al-Taysir by ZpanSven
Rahman al-Taysir by ZpanSven


Fandom: Assassin's Creed

Name: Rahman al-Taysir

Time Period: Ancient Times/The Crusades/AC1

Age: 40+

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2”

Weight: 185lbs

Eyes: Hazel-brown

Hair: Short black hair and beard streaked with silver

Ethnicity: Arab

Religion: Muslim (would be considered quite moderate to even practicing in-name only)

Assassin/Templar/Other?: Assassin, Master-ranked with-in the Levantine Brotherhood

Clothing: Master Assassin's Whites when 'on-duty' in Masayf or on Missions - does wear normal clothes when he is 'off-duty' or blending in with crowds to do his scouting before missions (he often poses as a Carpenter, taking work near his target).

Weapon: The traditional hidden-blade, throwing knives, sword, skilled with cross-bow as well as a long-bow

Physical Characteristics: Is missing the ring finger of his left hand; has various scars from past conflicts scattered over his body; crows feet, laugh lines, and scowl lines; has scars gained from the eldest of his daughters which range from bites, clawed, to having things thrown at him; tall, with a muscular build and broad shoulders

Fighting Style: The same as every other Master Assassin – swift, precise, with quick reflexes and is very strong

Habits: getting up an hour before morning prayers to go for a run and do his morning exercises; usually carries a small piece of wood and a carving knife to whittle with on his person; always checking the straps of his gear and his weapons when on a mission

Hobbies: Carpentry; reading the Koran; whittling wooden toys for the children of his fellow Assassins

Goals: To raise his daughters, for them to marry, have happy marriages, and have children; to teach the next generation of Assassins; for the Templars and all other threats to the Order to be defeated

Talents: Carpentry; Whittling/Wood Carving; Has a very pleasant voice when he chants prayers or recites from the Koran

Soft Spot: Children, animals

Crush: (I haven't even decided his sexuality yet...but I think he's probably going to be heterosexual)

Strengths: He is a physically impressive man for his age, still able to put men younger than he through their paces; level-headed; resourceful; patient

Weaknesses/Flaws: strictly adheres to the Creed; as he ages he notices a stiffening in his joints when the weather is cold and first thing in the morning; stubborn

Personality: He is a very calm and collected individual, able to separate aspects of himself – the Assassin, the Father, the Teacher, ect. As such, who he is around reflects who he is at that moment – with his daughters he is the gentle, patient, strongest man in the world, while on a mission is a no-nonsense Master Assassin.

History: Born and raised in Masyaf, he is a Master-ranked Assassin of the Levantine Assassins. He was among the age-group of Umar Ibn-La'Ahad, Ali bin-Jamaal al-Abdul*, Ahmad Sofian, Husam al-Mezall**, and Faheem Al-Sayf; unlike the others, he never married or had any children of his own and became a favored uncle to their sons by often bringing back trinkets or aiding in their training while their fathers were away and he was in Masyaf. To him, the death of Ali was a sign of foreboding for Rahman as the deaths of Umar, Ahmad, and Faheem followed years after. Soon only Husam and Rahman were left of their group of friends and between them, tried to be role-models for Husam's son Rauf and the sons of their dead friends - Altair, Farim, Abbas, Malik, and Kadar.

In time though, he became a father to two orphaned children he found near the wreckage of what once was a merchant's caravan. Due to being a single father at his age, he was delegated to teaching and guarding Masyaf as his children grew. The elder whom he named Rami - who was originally named Kalb for her tendency to constantly bite him - became his student along with Kadar al-Sayf. Meanwhile, his youngest Zahara would follow the path of healer and scholar, a path that would eventually take her to working at the Jerusalem Bureau after the events of Solomon's Temple.

* - father of Farim, grandfather of Swami

** - father of Rauf

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