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Laura by bermudamoon
Laura by bermudamoon


Laura’s a pretty complicated character, and she’s not originally from the X-Men Evolution world, but she’s there now (she can travel to different worlds), and I didn’t know where else to put her. ^^;

I was originally going to have her laying down, but I decided I liked it standing better. Plus, I’d already done the shading for her standing and didn’t want to change it…

Here's the briefest summary of Laura I could come up with.

● Name: Laura Griglak
Code Name: none
Age: 68
Affiliations: Instructor for X-Men-in-training

Powers: Laura has a vast variety of powers. A few of these include her ability to transform into a white timber wolf, a cape eagle owl and an aquatic dragon.

When in her wolf form she has heightened strength, senses and agility. She can run at an average speed of sixty to seventy mph but can run faster if the need were to arise. Her jaws are incredibly strong and her bones are almost impossible to break. This allows her to bite through just about anything, including metal. Her claws are sharp as well, but not as useful as her teeth. She can also emit a sound wave that acts as a sort of sonic boom.

In her owl form she has heightened strength, senses (super hearing) and agility as well. She can fly at an average speed of one hundred mph, and can attack with incredibly sharp talons or a powerful hooked beak. She can also emit powerful gusts of wind by flapping her wings.

She has heightened strength, senses and agility while in her dragon form too. Though she’s not the swiftest in this form, it does grant her with the most strength. She stands on two legs and has bat-like wings attached to her arms. When swimming, she tucks in her arms, but extends the outer part of her wings which act like fins as she glides through the water with her powerful tail. This tail can shoot sharp spikes near its end and has a flat eye shaped blade on the tip that can open and close like a pair of scissors. She is about the size of a horse while in this form, and while sharp spikes line her back, they are able to flatten out to allow people to ride comfortably on her back. She also has gills which allow her to breathe underwater for while, but she still needs to surface after around an hour for fresh air.

While in her human form she can use any combination of these abilities and can even sprout some extra appendages when she wants to. For example, she can sprout her wolf fangs or dragon tail, or even her owl wings (which attach to her back) or dragon wings (which attach to her arms).

She can also curl up into a ball and rotate really fast, allowing her to use her dragon tail or spikes as a blade. She can use various fire techniques as well (in any of her forms); such as producing and controlling fire. She can also withstand any amount of heat, and summon a sword, which she seems to draw out of thin air.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, is her medallion. With this medallion she can teleport to different worlds on the night of a full moon. The medallion is also what gave her fire abilities.

Appearance: While she is 68 years old, she has the appearance of a woman in her early twenties late teens. This is because ten years to us is only one year to her (she got this power when she was around seventeen). Her hair is near shoulder length, layered, and light brown. Her eyes are also a light brown, and she has an athletic build. She stands at around 5’ 3” and usually wears simple blue jeans and a t-shirt.

History: Laura’s history is kinda’ complicated, but I’ll try to sum it up the best I can. She started out as a 15-year-old high school student who lived in Wisconsin and lived a normal life. However, one evening in the February of her sophomore year, she went to the band room after her last back-stage-choir-performance of Cats (the school musical) when a sudden fire broke loose. She was the only person in the room at the time and got trapped behind the flames. That’s when she saw two wolves, one black and one white, and with a sudden flash of light she was teleported to another world by use of the medallion she would later come to posses. They hadn’t meant to bring her along, but she’d gotten in the way, so Iron (the white wolf) decided to take her in. You see, in Zambar (the world they took her to), wolves, owls, and dragons ruled the land, and while humans existed, they weren’t in as high a position of power. Also, there’s only one full moon every five years in Zambar, so it was impossible for Laura to go home for at least five years after getting there. She later came to find out that the black wolf in the band room had been a villain named Ryo who was trying to take the medallion from Iron for its powers (Iron was unable to teleport Laura home the first night due to the commotion with Ryo). She also learned that there was a war going on in Zambar that involved Ryo striving for world domination by way of three magical medallions. It would take way to long to explain the technicalities of this world, but in short, Laura joins the war after Iron dies fighting Ryo. After he dies she gets his wolf powers and long life span (mentioned above), but once the full moon roles around for the second time she decides to travel to different worlds for a while (considering she now has possession of the medallion). After many years of travel (during which time she acquires her sword) she comes back to Zambar only to find it still engaged in war. She re-joins the war, a bunch of stuff happens, and to make a long story short, she gains the rest of her abilities and Ryo is defeated. After the whole war thing Laura visits her original world, only to find that her best friend was killed in a freak construction accident. Discouraged, she goes to different worlds to look for her friend and eventually finds her counter part (Beebo). However, she needed a place to settle down for a while, and Beebo’s world just wasn’t going to cut it. It was then that she decided to take Beebo to the X-Men: Evolution world, where they would both live for the time being. They convinced everyone there that they were mutants and Laura became an instructor at the Xavier Institute.

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mikita_inugirl on September 18, 2006, 10:31:49 AM

mikita_inugirl on
mikita_inugirlNeato! ^______^

DivineWolf on September 18, 2006, 8:18:33 AM

DivineWolf on
DivineWolfHey thats pretty neat! I wish I could draw human figures like you.