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My Awesome, Wrong, KH2 Theory

My Awesome, Wrong, KH2 Theory

My Awesome, Wrong, KH2 Theory by blind_stranger
My Awesome, Wrong, KH2 Theory by blind_stranger


Behold, a more-accurate (not necessarily better) illustration of my awesome-but-wrong KHII theory! =D

~ The half with the chains represents Memories; here, Light and Darkness are indifferent.
~ The half with the wings represents Dreams, and Nightmares; the war between Light and Darkness takes place entirely in this one half.
~The fire is, literally, Emotion.

***When the heart is split vertically, Dreams become Heartless (the black kind), and Memories become the Endless (the white heartless). The fire (Emotion) goes out upon the split and both halves exit the body, which becomes a Nobody. Because the Emotion-Fire (for Fire is a source of light) goes out, all three entities will exist in darkness.

Even so, if the heart is removed from the body unharmed (halves intact), then the Fire will still burn, and the Heart will retain a person-like form. (twas my theory about Ansem a long time ago)

***But, when the heart splits horizontally, you'll witness a Dr. Jekyll --- Mr. Hyde effect, ending up with what seems like two complete people------but is really two half-people; one light, and one dark. A couple things can happen to the body after this:
a- Both halves stay in the body and fight over it, like in the famous novel "the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde".
b- One of the halves will keep the body, and the other will just sort of...leave...and exist on its own somewhere in a slightly different, but still human, form. (like in's awsome fanfiction "Into the Light" read:
c- The body itself will be split, and each half will have a whole body that half-exists.
d- Both halve leave the body (but, again, stay human), and the body itself becomes a Nobody. (this would have been KH2-Cloud's case, except that, perhaps by the power of a princess of heart, the halves of his heart, Tifa - light and Sephiroth - dark, could still communicate with his body, the Cloud we all know, therefore saving him from becoming a Nobody)

===When Kairi saved Sora from being a heartless, I figured she'd done so by 'openig up a chanel of communication' between the two halves of his heart (via her princess of heart powers), albeit they were still physically apart. And with dreams and memories back in contact again, although his body gone, Sora as we knew him returned. :-)

Y'see, heart-fragments stay human as long as they have the three things it takes to make a whole heart: Dreams(light and/OR dark), Memories, and Emotion. If any one of those is completely lost/'taken', then, well, you know what happens. ("Kingdom Hearts" happens) 0_o

Great! Now you know the make-up of the human heart! (ok, not really by a looong-shot, but just pretend you do, for the sake of guud videogames) ^_^
And now, we proceed to the next section of this theory......Mind, Body, and Soul! 0.0

We already know what the Nobodies are, a living, breathing, thinking, empty shell of a body left behind to fend-for-itself by a person who has entirely lost their heart. Simple enough.....or perhaps not. For, Y'c, hearts can do many things, but they cannot think, and corpses cannot get up and walk let alone fight you to the death. Obviously, this "complete" theory of human existence is missing some things; the corpse's "motor", and the heart's "problem-solving tool".

As we know from each of our own personal experiences, the Heart and the Mind work closely together. Some might even say they are opposites! However, since they themselves, individually, are composed of two similar opposite halves, in order for them to be opposite of each other, they would have to be exactly the same! ...And as a matter of fact, they are almost exactly just that:

Heart = 1/2Dreams + 1/2Memory
Mind = 1/2Creative + 1/2Logical

...1/2Imaginitve and 1/2Practical...

Imagine that. 0.0

As for the "motor", that would be one's Soul. But a soul is more than that, too... The Soul is one's very consciousness, their sense of self. Without that, like in the cases when someone is turned into Heartless and Endless, then aside from loosing their identity through
a- loosing their ability to remember, and
b- loosing their ability to desire (in the later case),
they loose their sense of self, and become no-longer "themselves". When one looses their heart, that 'sense of self' stays with their body, creating a working Nobody.

However, if this were true, (and if you're actually understanding this and not already lost as heck by now ^_^;), the you're probably asking 'then why does heart not become another inhuman creature when it's "removed from the body unharmed", like you said your theory about Ansem had been?!' Well, that's because the Heart remembers, and it dreams, but most importantly, because of that Fire. Fire/Emotion is able to act as a mock-Soul/'sense of self' (with aid of the heart's components, of course) until the true Soul returns. 0.0

Yes, I love depth in my videogames. ^_x ...And everything else, for that matter. ^_______________________________^

What's even better about this theory, though, is that, now, KHIII might've been about ghosts, Awesome Ansem (not "Mansex") would still be the badguy, two words: "Auron's Inferno", and there might even have been a happy ending for all those people who became heartless as well as all our favorite characters. But, alasso, as you can see, my theory, albeit awesome and very strait-forward besides cool and just making a lot of sense, alas, is incorrect according to Kingdom Hearts II. *heavy sigh*---no, really.

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Comments (9)

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mystic_rat_theif on November 15, 2006, 7:12:33 AM

mystic_rat_theif on
mystic_rat_theifKool! don't feel embarassed, i always have some crazy stupid theory.....O.O'

tripletrouble3 on September 10, 2006, 1:40:30 PM

tripletrouble3 on
tripletrouble3Oh really? COOL! x3

I wish my mom would get me some more good crayons... I have 2 boxes of 24 and one freezer bag of who know how many... but they suck eggs. >_<

blind_stranger on September 8, 2006, 10:59:41 AM

blind_stranger on
blind_strangerI use RoserArt and Crayola... But, for this, I pretty much just used Crayola. :-)
(FYI: I'm still using most of the same crayons from when I was four) XD

tripletrouble3 on September 7, 2006, 12:29:18 PM

tripletrouble3 on
tripletrouble3And yet more questions...

What brand of crayons do you use? It looks like yo use Crayolas, but tell me if otherwise...

Me: Where are all these questions coming from?
Question: We live in your closet. And we multiply really fast.
Me: So that's why my closet's so messy! 0_o

tripletrouble3 on September 6, 2006, 2:45:16 PM

tripletrouble3 on
tripletrouble3OOOOOOOH. I didn't think about using them that way! I use black gel pens, 'cus they give a smooth line[, but they can smudge. (GRR! HATE SMUDGES!!)

And it just now occurred to me that I drew one of these on my student planner during Art 1. 0_o

blind_stranger on September 5, 2006, 6:01:26 AM

blind_stranger on
blind_strangerJust a normal ball-point one. 0:-)
(but some of them are better than others, mind you... you want one that doesn't bleed or create goober {by getting tiny paper fibers caught up in the ball, filling them w/ ink, then dragging them around the paper messing up ur lines as if it were a bad microscopic marker} 0_o

I get that fancy line-effect there by:
1st- drawing a picture in pencil, w/ normal lines.
2nd- making a photocopy of that picture.
3rd- using a ballpoint pen (any color) to thicken the "lines" into something more like "shapes".
4th- make another photocopy.
5th- color the photocopy.
6th- go over the lines of the colored photocopy with pen to make them look sharp and fresh again. (cause u want them to look nice, but sometimes they fade because of the printer, and/or sometimes u accidentally color over them slightly, messing up their nice-ness)

Wow. 0_o
It seems so much longer wen I write it down! XD
It's really just a process of refinement. But, I think there are special manga-pens that could save you most of the trouble. (I'm just to lazy to look for one, and too afraid to use one, cause I think they might be fountain... Yes I'm afraid to use fancy pens.) :-\

tripletrouble3 on September 4, 2006, 11:01:11 AM

tripletrouble3 on
tripletrouble3Oh yeah... what kind of pen do you use for the line-art?

tripletrouble3 on September 4, 2006, 10:59:52 AM

tripletrouble3 on
tripletrouble3You are AWESOME. I love this depictiion! Too bad your theory was wrong... if it wasn't that woulda been AWESOME!!! x3

(Huggles u)

ClerksX on August 30, 2006, 3:01:49 PM

ClerksX on
ClerksXwhoa! what a great idea AND its colored and drawn wonderfully i cant believe no one commented!