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Zora Boy

Zora Boy

Zora Boy by celes234
Zora Boy by celes234


On deviantart:

Maybe he's royalty? He's got a lot of marks.

That's a censorbar. XD;

General Info

General Info

Category Games » - by Publisher » Nintendo » Legend of Zelda series » - Ocarina of Time » Characters (Zora)
Date Submitted
Views 1781
Favorites... 4
Vote Score 3
Comments 22
Media Colored Pencil / Crayon
Time Taken ??
Reference ??


Comments (22)

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DemonChild92 on November 6, 2008, 4:03:10 AM

DemonChild92 on
DemonChild92Aw, he's adorable. I love his eyes.
The markings on his skin are pretty cool too ^-^
This is really good! *faves*

ageshero on April 22, 2008, 5:07:55 AM

ageshero on
agesheropfff yeah. im sorry for your suffering in the past, it sickens me that people would do that, but someones gotta love the molesters to. how they must hurt, know how wrong they have done things.

celes234 on April 22, 2008, 5:13:17 AM

celes234 on
celes234Well we've reached a point in which I simply will stop replying to your messages. =3 From here on it is none of your business, mind you.

ageshero on April 22, 2008, 4:58:11 AM

ageshero on
agesheroas you will see on my profile im a Follower of Jesus! ^_^ i wont be ashamed, even with the comments i made, even if they were a bit rash, i apologise for that part, but its mostlikely stereotypical for a christian to say how sex is wrong.

thats not what im saying though. its that. sex at a to young age is wrong. 18 or older. you have a right, any younger, your pretty dumb espessialy if you wind up getting pregnant, and you die from being to young to have the baby,

and the baby dies with you.

not a good thing. >_> be safe all who read, and keep your virginity, god gave you it to give away, TO THE ONE, special and only person in your life.

if he wanted you to go crazy he would have given you multiple virginities....>_> anyway. sorry for the ranting, ill stop now

celes234 on April 22, 2008, 5:05:40 AM

celes234 on
celes234I was molested as a child. I meant what I said that I had too much sex already.

I know all that. And my beliefs are different from yours, XD I don't mind you commenting all over my stuff, but I'd rather have artistic comments than statements telling me how wrong that picture is.X3
I'm not bashing you, I'm not against you. but please let me develop as I go along, let me see what is right and what is wrong so I can make the decisions for myself. =3 I am resposible for my actions, thank you very much. XDD

ageshero on April 22, 2008, 4:53:21 AM

ageshero on
agesheroby no means strictly for children, they didn't edit out part because of kids, they did, because, it just would have looked nasty.

why else do we wear clothes in real life.

celes234 on April 22, 2008, 5:02:06 AM

celes234 on
celes234the ratings are most probably, if I'm not mistaken, on Ocarina of Time, from ages 10+.
Of course, but Zoras don't wear clothes, neither do Gorons. But if you look at it from another perspective, they would have to possess some kind of genitalia for reproduction. I am not being faithful to the game, if I was, I would have made it clear by drawing so. Zoras do not have such extensive and decorated markings on them, unless you are talking about the zoras in the Twilight Princess game, which have almost nothing to do with the Ocarina of time Zoras, which are my favorites and the ones I inspire in most when drawing Zoras.
Also, the reply button exists for a purpose. X3

ageshero on April 22, 2008, 4:54:06 AM

ageshero on
agesherooh just saying, while were at our conversations, id appretiate a few comments on my own pics, like to know what ya'think.

ageshero on April 22, 2008, 4:48:34 AM

ageshero on
agesherowell.... it is zelda afterall. just think about it, crazy fire people and rock monsters? let alone fish people with genitalia.

ugh i don't even want to think of an old saggy Goron

celes234 on April 22, 2008, 4:51:48 AM

celes234 on
celes234it's a child's game. Of course you would not see gorons or Zoras mating. =3
I just know they do not come to life magically. =3 I'm sure if they were real they would have to come to life in a more biological fashion.

ageshero on April 22, 2008, 4:45:14 AM

ageshero on
agesherob-but zora.....dont have.....eghhh....UGGHhhhh -shiver-

celes234 on April 22, 2008, 4:46:48 AM

celes234 on
celes234I went for the more realistic look. How would they reproduce? Zora don't have bellybuttons, therefore they come from eggs. And the eggs do not fertilize magically.

B on April 22, 2008, 2:52:48 AM

B on

celes234 on April 22, 2008, 2:53:41 AM

celes234 on
celes234thank you. =3

athanyell1000 on April 22, 2008, 2:40:32 AM

athanyell1000 on
Comment Deleted

celes234 on April 22, 2008, 2:43:11 AM

celes234 on

Falconlobo on April 22, 2008, 2:35:57 AM

Falconlobo on
FalconloboCute nice style, eyes, pose, and marking

celes234 on April 22, 2008, 2:36:49 AM

celes234 on
celes234Thanks. <3

Falconlobo on April 22, 2008, 2:38:47 AM

Falconlobo on
Falconloboyou're welcome^^

heh i have over 2000 pics up and been here a little over 2 years^^

celes234 on April 22, 2008, 2:42:49 AM

celes234 on
celes234I've been here for three years. X3 But I've deleted most of my old stuff.XDD

Falconlobo on April 22, 2008, 2:46:19 AM

Falconlobo on
Falconloboi only deleted the pics that fac does not allow anymore a while ago

and duplicates and very few other pics

and i still have over 2000 i draw a lot^^

Falconlobo on April 22, 2008, 2:44:52 AM

Falconlobo on
Falconloboi don't have the patience to delete all my really old pics^^