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Hollyleaf- Seeking Solace

Hollyleaf- Seeking Solace

Hollyleaf- Seeking Solace by icestorm
Hollyleaf- Seeking Solace by icestorm


Hollyleaf seeking solace! This is Hollyleaf from Warriors: Omen of the Stars. She is Lionblaze and Jayfeather's sister as most of you know. This is kind of after she went insane and ran away. In this picture she climbed a tree way high up to try to get away from the world below. (oh yes so heartbreaking ;__; ). I discovered for the first time (or I think second time but I forgot about it after I first found out awhile back) that you can change the brush setting or whatever from default to like pen pressure, etc XD. So in this pic I kind of experimented with a lot of brushes, which was pretty fun. I seem to learn a new thing about Photoshop every day xD. Anyway, here's a short fanfic story thing to go along with the picture. (And YES I believe she is still alive)

Hollyleaf scrabbled up, her claws aching from the climb, with one last great heave she clawed her way up on a branch, panting. She looked down at the cruel world below, a cold fist clenched around her heart, making it hurt with sorrow. Why couldn't things be simple? But no. Someone always had to mess things up. Like her parents. No-no, she would not think of that right now. She would not. A river roared far, far below, and Hollyleaf could see the foam of the rapids crashing into the stones that lined the water's edge. Everything was so distant, far away now. So far down that if she fell, Hollyleaf knew she'd die. But she liked that. Fear kept away her worries. She sat in silence and her thoughts drifted to her brothers, Lionblaze and Jayfeather. What would they think of her? They probably assumed she was dead and hadn't escaped the rock fall. And they were most likely happy about that. Content that she was gone. No, Hollyleaf lived on, and one day she would get revenge on all the cat's that had ever hurt her. Leafpool, Crowfeather, Squirrelflight, Lionblaze, Jayfeather...everyone would pay. They all betrayed her. A holly leaf gently floated by in the breeze with berries still attached, right in front of Hollyleaf. When she was a foolish young kit she would've been thrilled and claimed it a sign. But she knew better now. StarClan did not watch over her. They cast her out, drove her to madness and what she was today. They too would pay. Hollyleaf dug her claws into the thick tree branch. Somewhere in her heart she hoped she'd accidentally fall and plummet to her death. She could escape all her pain and suffering. Then Hollyleaf snarled to herself. No, there were far more important things for her to do. Revenge, she reminded herself, revenge. She could feel her time coming as the wind buffeted her fur, her time would come. Very soon. When the Dark Forest struck back against the four clans and StarClan, Hollyleaf would be their fighting on their side. Every cat next to the lake and in StarClan would wish they'd never been kitted when they saw the power of the Dark Forest- the power of Hollyleaf.

DUN DUN DUN!!! Yes very suspenseful. Anyway, enjoy~

Art (C) Me
Warriors and Hollyleaf (C) Erin Hunter

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luckylace222 on July 6, 2011, 1:19:03 PM

luckylace222 on
luckylace222Don't fall! :O

Nice scenery!

icestorm on July 6, 2011, 2:40:34 PM

icestorm on
icestormhaha thanks :)