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Ryu_no_saiya-jin/Arugu by malO
Ryu_no_saiya-jin/Arugu by malO


This is character that I made up as a concept for a parody type web comic/manga series that I would likely do only as a free time hobbyist endeavor. one of those concepts for it was the Ryu_no_saiya-jin, or Dragonborn Hybrid Saiyan. If you don't know what a Dragonborn is, the only thing I'll tell you is that it's a race from the Dungeons and Dragons series of table top games that made their first appearance in 4th edition D&D. I think, as far as I could remember. But basically I decided to make what is effectively a dragonborn saiyan hybrid character, and I'll likely make more as I was designing them for the fictional verse I'm going to put them in, and the first piece of concept art I drew was this little fellow here. As for his name, I have no idea what his name is suppose to be a vegetable related pun for, other than I simply got it from a Saiyan name generator online. I'll get to the reason why I chose to give him a Saiyan name, other than the fact that he is a hybrid Saiyan.

Fictional universe/multiverse of character and it's influences:
As for the fictional verse I'm going to put him in, it's going to be part of a fictional multiverse, with the concept of aliens from other universes, traveling to, and or creating/living in/ colonizing parts other natrually ocurring universes and artificially created ones and pocket dimensions. It has many influences other than D&D, and Dragonball, I'll give you a few details for now, but I'll later tell you all about the rest of the things I was influenced by. But think of his respective fictional verse as almost like a combination of all the things influence wise, that it'll also probably parody, as you'll see in more of my stuff that I'll likely post on here later on. but in a nutshell, think a Sci-fi esque spyro(mostly classic, and skylanders to an extent) mixed with a little starwars, megaman because there are androids and cyborgs in his fictional verse, and one of the characters in it is heavily influenced by megaman, and is planned for spin off's, but also influenced by astroboy, so their a little of that too, pretty much anything I liked, again I'll talk about the rest of the influnces later when I make more things, but for now that's just a few. Though keep on mind he is not the main character, he is just one of the side characters, that's reserved for another character of mines, Nita-chan! a female character of mines slightly resembling Spyro. But then I could probably implement Arugu more in a spin off or something. Now, I am going to try not to make this too long.

Some minor lore:
As for the dragonborn of his fictional verse, You should keep in mind that they are going to be a completely different incarnation of said race for obvious reasons, also the saiyans of his world are entirely different. But as this is a different incarnation of the dragonborn race they are going to have a different origin and lore. I also have ideas for there being at least three different variants such as the human like and subtle low dragonborn, the mid dragonborn, and the more dragon like high dragonborn, and their hybrid saiyan counter parts. As for why Arugu has a Saiyan name instead of a draconic name, well to keep it as short as I can, I did originally wanted to make it like combination of a dragonic and saiyan name, but that was too difficult, so instead I opted to just be like forget it I'll just give him a Saiyan name instead to keep things easier, and also make it intentionally humorous in of its self. You got to admit it it, it is kind of funny. XD I was like, well I might as well make them kinda default more to their Saiyan heritage without thinking about, so more often then not they'll just give their kid's Saiyan name unless, one of the parents were pure blooded Dragonborn, which should give them a slight chance of receiving a draconic name.

Some extra ideas and concepts before we go:
And few more things before I finish. Yes Arugu kinda does looks like a draconic version of a super saiyan 4 goku due to his hair. Yes I'll have a coloured version of this character next time, and yes there will be a super saiyan version of him also, I am also wiling to do him SSGSS. I'll explain why I made dragonborn hybrid saiyan's look like Chinese dragons instead of western ones, like the Pure blooded dragonborn, or the D&D incarnation of said race as I make more characters like this, other than 1, why not, I simply thought it would be very cool if there was a version of the dragonborn race that looked more like Chinese dragons opposed to western ones, with the pure bloods, and the D&D incarnation unless it's the high dragonborn ones which look like a combination of both 2, in a sudtle influence type of way, it is related to the way dragon's are portrayed in Asian folklore in relation to the new super saiyan god, and super saiyan god super saiyan transformations. Hopefully I didn't spoiled anything there if so I apologize I'll hide it if I have to. but basically it has to do with the way dragons in Asain folklore were oftenly deified, in a sort of strange subtle way. Yes I am willing to make this character completely public domain, so you are all free to draw him any time you like assuming you really like him, just credit me. and finally I based Arugu's design somewhat on that mysterious(assuming he still is) Chinese dragon skylander everyone calls Sun Dragon, who've I heard was a scrapped character for that series of games. So when I do colour Arugu next time, he's going to have the same colours, if not similar as that scrapped skylander. Well at least he is reborn as a hybrid Saiyan now. ;) now we have to do is make him really angry so that he can go super saiyan.

Whew! I hope none of this was too long, and  filled with spelling errors then turns into this to long didn't read scenario. I didn't wanted to give some background on the character to kinda give you all an idea of what I was thinking when making this, what I was going for, and how I plan to use him, and about fiction I built him in. So that no body gets to lost. All right I'm done now! time to work on more characters

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