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Mamthew redone

Mamthew redone

Mamthew redone by mamthew42
Mamthew redone by mamthew42


This is the mamthew as I just redesigned it. Shiny, isn't it? With its spikes and head and the like. Oh and it's half asleep.

I shall leave you with a quote.

From behind several towering, tree-sized ribs to the skeleton of what appeared to be a massive whale, came about seven huge, two-headed monsters. Each horse-skull-like head had fangs as big as my hand, a large pig snout, and glowing night eyes that seemed to see right through my brave face to my scared feelings within. Their hairy, monkey-like torsos ended in insect-like bodies with six legs each, and those insect abdomens slowly and smoothly changed to tails that were armed with five huge spikes. I was surrounded.

As they closed in, I looked for a weakness. Not anything big, just something that would get me back to Diserforet before I was monster chow. Their night eyes were staring into my soul. I was losing consciousness. I should have never left. I tried to run, but found my feet unable to move. I fell to my hands and knees, and my staff flew out of my reach beside me and landed with a clunk. One of their hairy legs stepped between my staff and me. I could not reach my staff. My arm was unable to move from fear. The thing towered over me, using a bone as a club. It raised the bone high over its head, and brought it down. I regained movement long enough to roll out of the way. I bounded to my feet, and ran to get at my staff, but one of the things already had it. I jumped up, and grabbed on, but the monster swung it, and catapulted me through the air, right onto one of the heads of the largest one. I held on for dear life as it tried to shake me off like a bucking horse.

The thing with my staff sniffed it, and breathed out deeply. The area exploded with light from the staff. It dropped my staff and ran. The other monsters screamed with unearthly voices and fell back, tripping over themselves to get away from the light. My “steed” tripped over a whalebone, and finally threw me off. I grabbed my lit staff and watched them leave. I kept the light on the rest of the way back. I was not taking any chances.

General Info

General Info

Category Fantasy » Creatures
Date Submitted
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Media Colored Pencil / Crayon
Time Taken 90 minutes
Reference none


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