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My 10 Year Anniversary on FAC, plus an apology

My 10 Year Anniversary on FAC, plus an apology

My 10 Year Anniversary on FAC, plus an apology by sabrinat14
My 10 Year Anniversary on FAC, plus an apology by sabrinat14


Hello everyone, remember me? I don't know if any people from the old days who would remember are even still around here, but anyway I'm back! It's been a while, huh? I haven't logged onto FAC in about five years. I'll explain why in my profile.

I may or may not stay around here for too long, but I've returned for now because it's my 10 year anniversary of joining FAC! I've moved back to this account (I previously had been posting my art on my second FAC account called IAmTheWALRUS4 back in 2010) because this is where it all started. On a side note, I will be removing the account IAmTheWALRUS4 soon, so if anyone wants to look at my work over there, now is your last chance.

Anyway, I'm here because I've recently felt that a lot of things are coming full-circle in my life, almost like the years are repeating themselves but going backwards in time, like everything old is new again.
After finding a lot of old stories and drawings in an old drawer a few weeks ago, I really felt a blast from the past and started remembering so many good times from my childhood, with FAC and Sonic being a very prominent part of my childhood memories.
It reminded me of the song Childhood Memories by Rockwell, particularly the opening lines:
 "I don’t know how I got here/but maybe I should do it all again/if only I had taken your advice/then everything could be so much better/it seems just like yesterday/but yesterday was so long ago."
The lyrics to this song really affected me. (By the way, for anyone interested in hearing the song, here it is: )
Anyway, I began to feel very nostalgic so I played some of my dusty old Sonic games and decided to draw a simple picture of Sonic the Hedgehog, a re-make of my first ever upload to FAC when I was only ten years old.
I decided I would come back to FAC and post it side-by-side with the original, just to complete the full cycle of the last ten years repeating themselves.

I also wanted to take this time to say that I'm so sorry to anyone who I ever wronged and everyone who I ever mistreated or hurt their feelings.
Starting around 2007 I became very aloof and paranoid, and I pushed everyone away and was very rude to a lot of kind-hearted people who were truly devoted fans and friends of mine.
I want to say that I am sincerely so sorry about all of that. I know that most people aren't around anymore to hear this, but if any of you are still out there, please accept my apologies.
I was always a hypocrite who preached about peace, love and compassion for all, and I never listened to my own advice. I was rude, judgemental, conceited, and lacked compassion and patience for others. I often ignored people who were friendly towards me, and even mistreated them. A lot of times people approached me asking for friendship and I told them that I didn't want to be their friend, or simply ignored them.

Quite a few people told me that I was the reason why they joined FAC, and a lot of people looked up to me. I just never acknowledged it or appreciated it. I ruined my own reputation because I refused to notice that I was becoming exactly the type of person that I hated.
Reflecting upon this, I can finally understand why I lost so many fans and friends and why I became widely disliked in general.

But, in my defense, I was a scared and awkward child who was trying (and failing) to cope with my own mental disabilities and mental illnesses and I didn't really know how to properly communicate or identify with other people. I know it doesn't quite excuse my behavior, but please know that my behavior is one thing that I truly wish I could go back in time and change if time travel were possible.

But now I have matured into a fairly intelligent young woman and I promise that I now live by my lifelong belief in peace and acceptance for everyone. I encourage you to approach me for any reason, whether you desire to be my friend or simply just want to talk, or if you need advice or have any questions of any sort.  If you choose to contact me, I will not ignore you, judge you or reject you like I might have done five or so years ago.
(However, I would like to clarify that by becoming my "friend," I really mean to say that we will become casual aquaintences, as there are not many people in this world whom I truly consider to be my real "friends," but I am willing to be friendly with anyone.)

I have become an entirely different person in the five years that I was absent, and I no longer hold onto old grudges and resentment. I forgive everyone who ever wronged me, just as I would want everyone to forgive me for my mistakes. I learned from every experience, good and bad, and I wouldn't change one thing about my experiences here even if I could reverse time to do so.
Like I said earlier, the only thing that I would go back and change is my poor treatment of other people in this community. Other than that, I have no regrets and I hope that we can all move forward from now with no hard feelings.

Anyway, I know I rambled on for a while, but this all needed to be said. If you're still reading, thanks for devoting your time to reading my ramblings.

As for the drawings, obviously it's a drawing of Sonic that I drew in 2005 on the left and a drawing of Sonic that I drew now on the right. I hadn't drawn Sonic in several years, so the line art might be a little bit off in the new one, but still never as bad as the old drawing, haha. 
Not sure what pencils and such I used for the 2005 drawing, but for the 2015 version the line art was drawn with a sharpie pen and a calligraphy marker and coloring was done with Prismacolor manga markers. Most of the shading was done using my trusty old Staedtler ergosoft colored pencils, which I've been using this same exact set of pencils since November 2006, meaning that many of my old colored pencil works on FAC were drawn with the same exact pencils!

Also, yes I am currently taking requests! I have a few slots open, so check out my profile for more details on requests.
For old time's sake, here is the original description from my first FAC post in 2005:
"This is a picture of Sonic,this is my first picture on here. I hope everybody likes it. My name is Danielle and I am 10. I have always loved Sonic since I was 7. Please comment on my picture."
I don't know why I said "since I was 7", as I'm pretty sure that I got my first Sonic game when I was about four or five years old....

Anyway, I'll finish up this post now. I hope that all of you lovely people are having an awesome day. And if you're having a bad day, let me know. Maybe I can cheer you up! My mission in life is to spread joy to others.
And if you managed to read every word of this description, here have a cookie and I love you! Let me know in the comments below if you read this entire post and I might draw you a gift. :)

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