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Sylis & Reyah (ER Broken Mirror Designs)

Sylis & Reyah (ER Broken Mirror Designs)

Sylis & Reyah (ER Broken Mirror Designs) by truegamer
Sylis & Reyah (ER Broken Mirror Designs) by truegamer


This is the final appearance of Sylis and Reyah.  Book 2: Remorse marks the official end of Endless Reflection (it's 6 pages from done).   This will be how they appear in the offshoot subcomic ER: Broken Mirror. The scan looked smaller then usual so I am putting the full sized one up.

It seems common to dole out a ton of info on OC's when showing them off so I thought it would be fun to give out some stats as well.  All states will be based on Broken Mirror, since the characters have changed over time.

Hair: Blonde (with red streak down back)
Eyes: Green
Species: Wandering Soul (deceased human)
Direction:Facing Away
Combat Attitude: Varies from indifference to minor joy.
Fun fact: While living he thought his greatest skill was playing harmonica.
Fun fact 2: He has named his combination of guns "Apathy Trio"  His original gun names were No Name (left hand), Nameless  (right hand) and Chain (you guessed it, on the chain).  A new set he aquired in ER2R were named Heartless, No Soul, and Chain stayed the same, these three are Apathy Trio.

Hair: Black/Brown (nondescript, Broken Mirror is B&W)
Eyes: Brown
Gender: Female
Height:5'2 or 5'4 (depending if you include the hieght of her hair)
Species: Lost Soul (deceased human)
Direction:Facing Toward
Combat Attitude: Pure ecstacy
Fun fact: Reyah's gun, Noapte, has two pairs of initials carved into it in the human world. "TT" for Treymayne Taylor, and "SG" for Sylis Graves.  In it's current form only the "SG" shows, no longer carved but filled in with blood.

You may be wondering why Wandering Soul and Lost Soul are both listed with the same (), It's to make it clear.  But In Broken Mirror, there will be many other Character types, prodominantly "Empties," as well as "Tranversers."  The distictions will be made in the book.  But for now....I still have to finish Endless Reflection.

And now that you read so much, Enjoy. (Would be nice for those of you who have dial up connections, those still around?)

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Jadis on June 8, 2016, 7:33:11 AM

Jadis on
Jadisreally nice reference sketch, now I want you to draw the same image also but with her front and his back, and color them [if I were doing it I would reverse it on the computer and trace it so it would be the exact same pose]
wow---I did not realize your characters were undead. very interesting, I'm wondering how that works, i.e. what are the natural laws of your world surrounding this sort of being. can they be "killed" out of their present undead existence also? if so then what do they become? how do they enter this undead all who die, or only those killed in certain ways or what? 
are their cloth also undead? 

Jadis on June 8, 2016, 7:33:48 AM

Jadis on
Jadisthat should read are their clothes undead

truegamer on June 8, 2016, 10:45:22 AM

truegamer on
truegamerThroughout Endeless Reflection both characters were living humans. Broken Mirror is what happens after their deaths (Spoiler: which happens at the end of ER2R). They are not undead, but souls in (my version) Hell. A lot of lore will change but there will be a lot of references espeically to Dante's Inferno. Their physical bodies still exist in San Issac. I could do that it may even be my 100th post.
The Natural Laws of my world are similar to that of this world. People who die stay dead. I do not plan to include undead or zombie characters. But some of the details of my Hell are characteristics revolving around convicting sin and cause of death never leave a character. And in my Hell there is no escape because death does not exist for a soul. These are not physical bodies, but they react in a similar way, making it easier to punish the damned. Convicting sins for example include suicide, wrath and lust. The suicidal almost all get stuck in the forrest of suicides, those who escape have an eternal noose around their neck. Even if cut off it regrows around the neck. This characteristic exists in all parts of character except thier death wound. They can suffer extreme pain, and do, and heal at the same rate a human would if a human could withstand such injury. Also cause of death is always reflected based on the moment of death, say (trigger warning: graphic discription coming up) a bullet goes through someone's head front to back, straight through and out, their soul will only show the entry wound as far back as going into the brain. In hell, these structures do not work the same, so missing pieces of the brain has no effect on mental or sensory capability. Thier clothing and weapons all reflect the things they were most connected to in life. But there are some reinterpretations, such as Sylis' pants having a flame detail on the bottom and Reyah's boots having a steel toe and a steel heel for combat, of course.

Jadis on June 9, 2016, 1:05:19 PM

Jadis on
JadisThat sounds like a very interesting context for a story, but it being in a "hell" full of people who invested in wrongdoing, and no escape, I suppose it would tend to be an unpleasant place.  thus, Personally, I wouldn't want to hang out in such a place as much as one must to write a story there. 
I'm not that familiar with Dantes inferno, but it's cool you are referencing established classical literature. 
I guess people in Hell are not exactly undead, since they would be surrounded by people equally ...dead...yet they are still sort of undead in the sense of not being a natural living human, and not dying in the natural way. 
all very interesting and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing,

truegamer on June 9, 2016, 1:31:40 PM

truegamer on
truegamerWell Sylis through his life saw himself as a hero, he was not aware of his wrongdoing until the very end of his life.  This was a result of living in San Issac, where there is a strong blur between good and bad.
Ultimately I see these characters as dead.  Their true existances have ended.  They no longer exist in the physical world, only as dead bodies.  In hell all being are souls of the dead.  There is a lot of extra stuff I'd like to put up in my personal lore to make things clearer about my Hell.  Eventually I'm just going to call it Hell, just because my becomes tedious.