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Reyah&Sylis (Broken Mirror)

Reyah&Sylis (Broken Mirror)

Reyah&Sylis (Broken Mirror) by truegamer
Reyah&Sylis (Broken Mirror) by truegamer


Well this is my 101st post, so 100 was also of this pair.  That's exciting.  101 and posts to FAC.

Jandis suggested I flip my image of Sylis&Reyah so Sylis could be seen from the front and Reyah could be seen from the back.  Though the suggestion was to flip and trace stuff with the computer, I just grabbed a new sheet of paper, drew the characters flipped around and....Got this.

I referenced the original, by putting it up to a window so I could see it backwards, I could have flipped it in my head, but it's probably good that I got a little sunlight...sort of.

I will also be posting a full color version of the original with a background in about a week.  ]

Redesign Fun Facts;
     The reason Sylis was facing away in the original was because I hadn't decided on the shirt he would wear. 
    Reyah's redesign is predminatly black though her original design had her almost entirely in blue.  In Endless Reflection Sylis' companions almost all wore blue.
   Sylis and Reyah's guns are no longer equiped to their bodies, they are now embedded in them.  With the exclusion of Chain.  Sylis' guns (Heartless&No Soul) appear on the back of his hands when he is not weilding them.
  Early in ER:Broken Mirror, Sylis has trouble understanding others.  Sylis exclusively speaks English, it was the language he was born with.  Reyah is a skilled English speaker but a native Romanian speaker, in the begining of ER:Broken Mirror she loses her ability to speak English (It is not regain but Sylis learns to interpret it and it is put in English for the reader).  This also happens with Demonspeak, which has no firmiliar letters or sounds for Sylis, but he learns it as well.

General Info

General Info

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Media Colored Pencil / Crayon
Time Taken An Hour?
Reference Sylis&Reyah (ER: Broken Mirror designs)


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Jadis on June 9, 2016, 6:20:13 AM

Jadis on
Jadisthis is so cool. I'm so pleased you actually did this. thanks. these characters both look awesome, the pose looks just is good in reverse, and it suits them since they are from a story about reflection..hahah...
I want to do fan art of them. 
I love the Idea of his guns being stored in his body while not using them. it leads me to imagine a picture of his drinking a cup of coffee at a cafe with his hand forward, and the gun showing on the back of his hand  like a tattoo. 
which leads me to wonder, since they are sort of undead, do they eat and drink as they did when they were alive? 
what's the brown long thing coming down from her left shoulder on this image? part of her hair, or something she wears around her neck or what? 

truegamer on June 9, 2016, 1:27:13 PM

truegamer on
truegamerIf you'd like to do fan art of it go for it.  I may put up some extra referances for you.  (Such as the image of his guns and which hand they go to.  Then again Heartless and No Soul look the same except for the hammers, where Heartless has a little heart shape on the back.)  Great call on the coffee shop, that is a common place for Sylis, he always asks for the barista to suprise him, he's usually displeased with the beverage. 
 Yes they eat and drink just as if they were living.  But in my hell food and drink are only available to demons and gluttons.  Gluttonous food is all extremely acidic, it burns through those who consume it.  I have yet to go into demonic drink and food, but it may end up excessively similar to human food.  But I would love to see if you do fanart of them(or either of them).  Yes his guns appear exactly as tatoos.  You've got a good feel for my characters it seems like. 
  The long brown thing is connected to her 'choker.'  Reyah first appeared in the Forrest of Suicides.  She has managed to severe the rope from the tree she hung from, but the noose does not come off.  So yes it is what she wears around her neck, it's hard to show because it's hidden by her hair from the back.