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HP avitar for my RP charicter!

HP avitar for my RP charicter!

HP avitar for my RP charicter! by vixenrath
HP avitar for my RP charicter! by vixenrath


k, so i'm in this RP game forum, and it's SO MUCH FUN! my charicter is Maxine Fermand, and she's a 6th year Hufflepuff, and i love her! She Rox!

here's her profile!

Charrie Name: Maxine Fermand
Nickname(s): Max, M
Age: 16
Blood: Muggle-born

Physical Description: She is tall, with short, strait black hair with red highlights comes to about her chin, framing her face in a fine thin sheet. Thin square glasses adorn her small nose, and surround her thin, green eyes. Her lips are pale, and thin, almost as thought they are not there, while a small grin is almost always in place. Her long reed-like fingers curl around objects before she picks them up, giving her the illusion of being made of sticks. He ankle-length robes are well washed to a dull grey color, and are almost always dirty. An over-filled messenger bag hangs from her right shoulder, and she is right handed.

Brief History: Born in London, she was raised by her grandmother, due to the fact that her mother and father were taken by the police for attempted theft. She hasn’t seen them since the age of three. Having grown up in the garden, she developed a love of the out – of – doors. Taught how to heal injured animals by her grandmother, there was a constant supply of creatures for her to learn about and learn from, as her country cabin was smack in the woods of hunters and poachers.

The first signs that she belonged to the magical world came at the age of ten, when a broken cup in the kitchen was changed into a bird after she cried over it. Seeing her potential, her grandmother was more than happy to fund her in her education at Hogwarts. Although she herself knew nothing of the wizarding world, her grandmother, Joyce, was very pleased that Max was going to learn something as useful as magic, and hoped for the best.

Having never really been part of the magical community, she had many problems in retrieving her school items, and had to be helped by a senile old witch who thought that Max was her son. Having gotten her supplies with the help of the old woman, Max gained the help of a Hufflepuff fifth-year as to how to get onto the platform. Sitting on the train with him, she soon decided that she would like to be in Hufflepuff with him, as he was kind and helpful. Having to go through the sorting hat, she waited, telling it of her wish to be with her first ever friend. He was pulled out of school later that year by his parents due to a family holiday that’s been lasting the last two years of his schooling. Undeterred, Max was still determined to make something of herself, and to become whatever she could in order to gain enough power in the fight to help endangered animals from losing to the magical hunters.

Having to adjust to castle life, she soon found it easer to judge where you were in the castle by the trees and lake outside the windows, and know which way (either towards or away from them) that she had to go for her next class. Excelling in Herbology and care of magical creatures, she barely managed a passing grade in charms and potions. Always managing to bring her grade up with anything that had to do with plants and animals. Even so, she failed miserably in Transfiguration, and Defense Against the Darks Arts. She only managed to pass over to the next year with a lot of help from the other people in her house… most of who were very patient and were able to lend a hand.

Personality: kindly, often too nice to those about her, she enjoys making acquaintances. Preferring to be outdoors, she can often be found in the Herbology greenhouses, and enjoys being around the Care of Magical Creatures pens when there is time and an interesting creature. There are constant pots of new and flourishing plants on her bed-side table.

Often seen eating alone, reading a book or taking notes on a new creature/plant. Or is known to sit outside, watching the skies or the lake to discover and learn. Enjoys fiction books and mythology, she can spin a tale for her self. Not that she would share them with too many people, only those that are extremely close to her. Equipped with many spiral notebooks from home, they are full of poems, stories, doodles, and notes from day – to – day occurrences. She aspires to one day be the head of some department in the ministry that pertains to animals, books, or plant life. Until that day, she observes, studies, and jots down ideas. Having a way with animals, she isn’t afraid to protect those close to her from a creature that attacks. She also will never leave her friends; the few of them that she has are precious to her.

Strengths: well versed the in diversity of plants and animals, she always has a copy of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them”, as well as “One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi”. She also has a calming voice, and treats for animals that she sees every day, taking the time for the creatures to get comfortable around her before she handles them everyday. Having patience, she is willing to work to gain a creature’s trust no matter how long it takes…. The longest so far is six months. Has a large stock of spells and potions that help animals or plants. Because she is kind and soothing with animals, she has a natural talent for getting the upper hand of a spooked animal. Good with many, but not animals, and know how to avoid those that can be nasty.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t pick up on spells or jinxes too well, unless they have something to do with animals or plants. Although she herself is human, she tends to forget that humans are an animal too, and ignores their needs… such as the need for food. Constantly with either an animal, plant, or with her nose in a book, she will forget to eat, and her closer acquaintances will have to remind her constantly. She will also forget that there are others present, and attempt to hold a conversation with herself in debate over what she just read/learned. Nice, but not exactly use-friendly, she doesn’t consider too many people to be actual “friends”, though there will be one or two that she could really place in such a category. Hates being indoors, and is an extreme procrastinator.

Hobbies and Interests: reading, writing, and anything in the outside, she hates to be stuck in a stuffy classroom. Not one for spells or potions, she makes her own little worlds, and will write about them in her journals during her more “boring” classes. Rapt in science and art, her time spent away from animals, classes, and plants are spent coloring, drawing, and writing on any scrap of paper or cloth that she can find. There are quite a few table cloths that she needs to wipe clean with a cleaning spell after meals because she was zoned-out and her hands did what they wanted too. She isn’t one for talking, but if you get onto a subject that she knows about, or is in a class that she enjoys without hesitation, she won’t keep quiet. With a powerfully loud voice when needed, she makes sure that what she says is heard.

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FallenAngel0792 on October 6, 2006, 6:49:20 AM

FallenAngel0792 on

vixenrath on January 10, 2007, 6:30:36 AM

vixenrath on
vixenraththanks guys! wow, i haven't seen this one for a while, it's so very out-dated now. i have way more then just Max now... sad, but true.


Amaya_LOD on August 24, 2006, 7:52:07 AM

Amaya_LOD on
Amaya_LODsweet avatar :)

vixenrath on October 3, 2006, 11:57:36 AM

vixenrath on