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Saiyuki: Teamwork

Saiyuki: Teamwork

Saiyuki: Teamwork by yamikayshie
Saiyuki: Teamwork by yamikayshie



Anywaay~~ Well i'm starting my little 100 Art thing [on my DA account] with numbah 41. Teamwork. Because when enimies work together...IT'S COOL! [<3]

i know there's alot of errors especially with Kougaiji's crew. I basically forgot their whole attire so it's based off pure memory [>.<] And you all know when i base things off memory it's scary.

So this is what i image will happen when they get to the fricken west.

1. Sanzo-ikkou's huge scence enternce
2. Hakkai & Gojyo stay and fight while Sanzo and Goku go to the source
3. Sanzo and Goku find kou's step mom aka doglady
4. doglady asks Sanzo to brush her hair
5.Sanzo says "frack no"
6. dog lady sends kou to get them
7. kou and Goku get into a serious fight
8. Sanzo gets kidnapped [cuz he's tha number 1 target sexual abuse. this has been proven]
9. Goku beats Kou up [yet again] and starts to go emo cuz Sanzo's kidnapped
10. Hakkai and gojyo r fighting
11. Hakkai and Gojyo are losing
12.Hakkai suggests going demon
13. Gojyo says "no no no"
14. Gojyo unexpectedly gets injured REAL bad
15. Hakkai gets super pissed and goes demon
16. Hakkai kills all tha demons.
17. Hakkai heals gojyo
18. Gojyo does not wake up.
19. Hakkai thinks Gojyo died and starts to cry on him.
20. gojyo wakes him and tells him to stop bein a pussy
21. Hakkai turns that frown upside down
22. They go to help out Sanzo and Goku
23. [Insert eye Catch]
24. Meanwhile Sanzo is chained up [naturally]
25. That Nii Jin guy aka bunnyguy is there
26. Sanzo is disturbed
27. Bunnyguy tells sanzo a LONG story about the scripture and his master..etc....
28. Sanzo is shocked!
29. So bunnyguy takes Sanzo's scripture, his and the thrid one which Lirin found in a happy meal and ressurects Gyu Maoh
30. so kougaiji asks his step mom for his mom
31. she says "Screw your mom, i have all three scriptures"!
32. Kou finally realizes he's been had so he wants revenge
33. Kou gets yaone, dokugukaiji(<--sp=bad), and Lirin
34. Hakkai and Gojyo runs into them and decided to help.
35. goku finds Sanzo and frees him!
36. They have a father-son scene
37. fangirls piss their pants
38. Bunnydude interupts them
39. Fangirls slit his throat in their minds
40. Sanzo shoots him
41. Bunnydude dies [or does he?]
42. Sanzo and Goku find everyone else
43. Yaone, Lirin, Hakkai, Gojyo, Goku and Doku wanna work together
44. Kou and Sanzo rant about how they don't
45. doglady comes with big @$$ demons attcking
46. They end up working together anyway.
50. BLOODDDYYY!!!!!!
51. Demons are destroyed by Kou since Sanzo's scriptue still M.i.A.
52. doglady's mad, but glad when Gyu Maoh comes!
53. Gojyo insults him
54. Gyu Maoh aka BigDaddy comes and starts to kick their @$$..even his kids!
55. everyone = getting pwned
56. Sanzo gets hurt! BADLIER THAN GOJYO DID!
57. Goku thinks sanzo died cuz there's mad blood.
58. Goku goes crazy and off goes his headband.
59. everyone and their mom says "NOO!!"
60. BigDaddy gets pwned again
61. doglady dies.
62. everyone's happy!
63. But..Demon Goku's still acting a fool.
64. Sanzo's not dead and once again tries to calm Demon Goku down
65. deomon Goku tries to kill him
66. Sanzo puts the headband on
67. Goku falls into Sanzo's arms and faints
68. Sanzo hugs him...for real, not a pat on the head he HUGS he MEANS it!
69. is flooded with new GokuxSanzo stories by the end of the episode & is flooded with new pictures of gokuxsanzo by the end of the day.
70. Kou's sad cuz his mom will not come back.
71. Sanzo's master's scirpture somehow has the power to resserect demons from stone.
72. Kou's mom comes back
73. kou's mom thanks Sanzo, goku, Hakkai and Gojyo.
74. then kicks them out.
75. now a new journey has started... TO THE EAST!
76. Bunnydude is seen watching the ikkou drive away.
77. The End...of this season that is <.< >.>

If you actually read this then ZOMG! THANK YOU!!!

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