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A Somewhat Short Story, Originally Written back in June 2019 as one of my Earlier Alien-Type Works.

'Aliens: Revenge' takes place Three and a Half Years after the Supposed Demise of a Rare King Xenomorph.

The Story Primarily sees things from the Weyland-Yutani perspective, as they set out to see what may have become of their old Adversary.

And most importantly, to find out if he is Truly gone.

New Chapters:
Chapter 10: Conclusion
Chapter 9: Revenge
Chapter 8: Point Of View
Chapter 7: Awakening
Chapter 6: The Big Discovery
Chapter 5: Potentials
Chapter 4: An Uneasiness
Chapter 3: Clues
Chapter 2: The Zenith
Chapter 1: Uncertainty

This is a Somewhat Short Story that i had written back last year (2019) as one of my early Alien-Themed Fanfiction Pieces.

In This Story, We will follow my Xenomorph OC, Ghost, a Rare King Xenomorph in my Personal Alien/AVP Fanfictional Universe.

As he copes with being in Weyland-Yutani Captivity.

New Chapters:
Chapter 6: Conclusion
Chapter 5: Alien VS Yutani
Chapter 4: An Unexpected Rescue
Chapter 3: Experimentation
Chapter 2: Captivity
Chapter 1: Origins