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Chapter 2 - Daiyu

A old love interest of Tai Lung seeks a hidden object in the Jade Palace that can bring great power while a young student of Oogway weeps for her departed Master.

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Chapter 2 - Daiyu

Chapter 2 - Daiyu

An Interesting Conversation and Zeng's Serious Point of View[br]
Deep within the settlement of the correctional facility laid a huge cafeteria that housed 130 rough necks, among them was Daiyu. Daiyu was not always a villain; she once sat in the Jade Place as a student of Kung Fu under the tutelage of Tai Lung and the masters but went astray after Tai Lung taken away and landed herself in the correctional facility.[br]
Daiyu sat quietly among hundreds of others, who either brawled over the tables they were sitting at, eating their dinner, arm wresting or talking. One conversation practically going would on change setting of the peace of things.[br]
A giant rhino sat at table ahead of Daiyu discussing the matters of which he heard from the hippo guards. "You guy hear about what went down in the Valley of Peace last month? It's crazy."[br]
A small boar bandit looked on intrigued. "What?"[br]
The Rhino pulled in close noticing Daiyu and spoke in a whisper undertone so she couldn't hear. "Oogway chose the Dragon Warrior, a novice panda who came from out of blue and had Shifu train him to fend off against Tai Lung."[br]
Daiyu's knuckles crackled against the table when she heard that name.[br]
The Rhino moved in closer and spoke in a under whisper. "I heard Tai Lung was defeated by the Wushi Finger at the hands of the panda and now he's ya know."[br]
The little boar spoke amiss. "Dead, yeah…What are we gonna tell Daiyu?"[br]
The other boar butted in annoyed. "Nothing, Are you crazy? She'll kill us."[br]
The little boar looked on to the Rhino. "What'd Oogway about this?"[br]
The Rhino butted in. "Nothing, last I heard he was part of the universe now…"[br]
The medium boar looked on shocked. "You mean?"[br]
The Rhino looked on calmly. "Yep, time passed."[br]
The Rhino and the boars in the process of speaking all this had pulled away from keeping it a secret and had spoke clearly enough for Daiyu to hear somewhat but not innately just by mistake.[br]
The Rhino and boars then caught sight of Daiyu looking at them angrily and displeased. "I heard you correctly right? Oogway has passed? What about Tai Lung, where is he about now?"[br]
The smaller boar looked on unconvincing. "How should we know?"[br]
The medium boar looked a little awkward. "Not saying we did know, but if we did…"[br]
Daiyu had stepped closer to them and was now standing on the right side bench of her table. "Pity me…"[br]
Meanwhile Zeng had made several conversation attempts with Peach Tree but to no a vile. The tortoise stood stuck, glued to her spot un-answering and uninteresting in doing that involved movement.[br]
Zeng looked on uninsured. "How do you think Oogway would face this?"[br]
Peach Tree looked on unmoved. "I don't know…"[br]
Zeng looked on forwardly. "Well do you think this is solving anything?"[br]
Peach Tree looked on unimpressive. "What can I do? He's gone."[br]
Zeng got serious. "Finish your sage training. Oogway would want that…"[br]
Zeng walked to the doorframe of the doorway and turned to her again. "Come back to the Jade Place when you're ready. We could have you up there." And with that Zeng walked away leaving the tortoise wondering.[br]
Zeng walked out of the house on his own dismal looking rater looking dismayed. Lotus Flower looked to him questionably. "Well?"[br]
Zeng sighed. "She's unmovable; all I can say is sending her up to Shifu might do her some good."[br]
Lotus Flower sighed and lowered her head to the right in a small shake. "That's not going happen if she doesn't move…What can I tell Shifu or my dad if she doesn't stop her resistance?"[br]
Zeng looked up unknowing. "Your dad would say-Wait your dad? Grand Master Oogway has spoken to you? I though the Plane of Enlightenment wasn't for everyone."[br]
Lotus Flower looked on calm. "It's only for those who truly focus through meditation. It takes a great deal to maintain balance. One little focus error can send you back to the normal world."[br]
Zeng looked up. "Like a noise from the outside?"[br]
Lotus Flower looked on. "Yes but traveling back to Master Oogway, he has not contacted me yet…but I feel his presents beneath the trees…He will contact me soon."[br]
Zeng moved his head toward the door. "What about hmmm…"[br]
Lotus Flower looked on straight. "She will only see him, when he is ready to see her and this grieving can not help that."[br]
Zeng looked on… "Ok…That's unusual…But traveling back to your other family. How are Shore Pebble and Bo?"[br]
Lotus Flower looked on… "They have moved on but are still sad at recent events."[br]
Zeng looked toward the tortoise… "How sad exactly?"[br]
Lotus Flower moved away from the door space and stepped away. "Come, I'll show you…"[br]
Zeng followed the mother away from the door while Peach Tree continued to stand in the doorway.[br]
Back in the Reformation Mountains, Daiyu had maid her point by lowering down the rhino's head to the table with her claws. Daiyu had extended her claws into the rhino's neck on a soft spot where it was sensitive and held him down with all the strength she could muster. "Now…you were saying something about Daiyu killing you. What do you suggest I kill you for?"[br]
The rhino looked up a little fluttered. "Well, if I tell you kill me anyways…"[br]
Daiyu looked on. "Well perhaps maybe…Or perhaps not…"[br]
The rhino looked up… "What's the difference you still gonna become a murderess wretch after you hear what I have tell you…"[br]
Daiyu brought her head down and chuckled toward the rhino's head in a whisper. "Pity me…"[br]
The rhino became enraged, pushed off against the table and flung Daiyu to the left. She looked up from half between under the left bleacher and the table and ran as the rhino bashed up the table from underneath with using his horn, creating a huge dent within the table. This frightened the other members of the dining hall as they looked at the rhino in shock. Daiyu was caught amiss this sneaking out behind the table's end where she ducked under. The Rhino squinted angrily as Daiyu snuck by and seized huge iron plate from the table and hurled it into a corner where Daiyu had obviously gone and she emerged up angry by the assault but unharmed near the last bleacher in the corner. Daiyu looked at the plate which was hidden from view and cast her eyes back to the Rhino in anger. "What did you do that for?"[br]
The Rhino just choked out a phrase angrily. "You know why."[br]
Daiyu crackled her knuckles and lunged forward, galloping up on all fours toward the Rhino threw the table aisles. (There only one table between them). Daiyu pounced on the Rhino and was about to make a grab for him when she was caught in the act by two surprised hippos guards standing there surprised. They had just walked in…[br]
The guards dragged Daiyu down the Hall to Madam Tranquil, a peaceful at mind tan pink hippo who severed as a guidance consoler to those in of help. Daiyu was one such candidate; she was frankly having to go see the hippy hippo for guidance. The guards dragged Daiyu in the chamber where Madam Tranquil was sitting happily against the back wall trying to meditate but was caught in the moment of bopping her own head around being caught in rhythm of a song in her head. The hippo opened her eyes, sensing Daiyu's arrival as the guards plucked Daiyu down on the ground in front of her and scurried out of the room. They didn't want to be involved with this session.[br]


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