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Chapter 1 - Griving

A old love interest of Tai Lung seeks a hidden object in the Jade Palace that can bring great power while a young student of Oogway weeps for her departed Master.

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Chapter 1 - Griving

Chapter 1 - Griving

Oogway's passing did not only effect the grieving of Master Shifu and The Furious Five and Po but also affected a grave sadness in one of his other students. This student's knowledge is needed to save the valley from an incoming threat but she is too upset and dismayed to help. Can Po and gang help her get back on her feet to stop this incoming danger?[br]
The Grieving.[br]
There was a beautiful scarlet sunset overlooking the Jade Temple as the Furious Five, their master Shifu and the newly discovered Dragon Warrior Po stood under the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom and watched it. This was once the place where their beloved master and sage to the Valley of Peace meditated. But now that Oogway was gone this area held more specialty than ever before, it was now considered to be a memorial spot and was not to be trifled with. Only respective, curdiest people where aloud to visit and no more for a few seconds, Master Shifu's orders.[br]
The 7 members of the fighting force watched over the sunset in silence until Crane spoke. "So that's it? He's gone?"[br]
Shifu looked on undeterred. "It was his time."[br]
Master Tigress spoke up doing the Kung Fu respect fist in the hand gesture. "Master, surly he would of said goodbye. He was one of us."[br]
Shifu still looked on. "He didn't want to bear anyone with the sadness of him moving on. It was his time."[br]
Viper looked up sullen remorsefully. "It still hurts."[br]
Shifu turned to his 6 students. "He is still with us as he's in the air we breathe and in the wind that flows through our hearts."[br]
Po looked on amiss twiddling his fingers. "I hope I didn't ya know accidentally swallow him the last time I inhaled cuz you know because of the whole tree- petal- thing."[br]
The others looked at him unpleased.[br]
Po tapped his fingers together. "Too much?"[br]
Master Shifu turned to the sky and looked on completely ignoring Po's comment. "There is one way to reach Oogway and that is the Plain Of Enlightenment. If he chooses to see you."[br]
Po looked to Viper in a whisper. "What's the Plain Of Enlightenment?"[br]
Viper returned the whisper. "A legendary plain visible only to those through meditation. You can see and talk to another meditating spirit there even those of the dead. If they wish to see you."[br]
Po looked up. "Like Oogway?"[br]
Shifu shot back. "Of course Oogway!"[br]
The motion struck stunned fear and concern in the six other students as Shifu sighed. "I'm sorry. I just miss him that's all." With that being said Shifu left the tree and headed on down the pathway.[br]
Po looked down at the ground. "Kinda hurts the most doesn't it."[br]
Viper looked up. "Oogway was close to Shifu and having him gone…"[br]
Po looked down unimpressed and sullen. "Hurts him up the most."[br]
Viper looked on to Po reluctantly. "There was another student though who Oogway taught who misses him just as much as Shifu does."[br]
Po looked on eagerly. "Really who?"[br]
Just then Shifu beckoned to Viper from the distance while all the other students moved along. "Viper!"[br]
Viper called out quickly and slithered away. "Coming Master Shifu!"[br]
Po looked confident and spoke to himself. "Another student huh?" Well I'll find this other student of Oogway's even if I-"[br]
"Po, come help me in the kitchen! Feeding 10 other mouths is not easy!" cried Po's dad from the palace kitchen.[br]
Po quickly ran down the pathway to meet his father. "Coming Dad!"[br]
Meanwhile during a mediation hour in the training yard of the Jade Palace, Shifu snuck away from the others and fetched Zeng.[br]
The goose immediately ran up to Shifu panting. "You called for me Master Shifu?"[br]
Shifu looked quietly away from him. "Go to Lotus Lake and check on Oogway's family."[br]
Zeng looked up. "Right got it! Even-[br]
Shifu looked down. "Even her…"[br]
Zeng flew off and Shifu looked up to the sky. "I hope you can deal with this as much as I can…."[br]
Meanwhile somewhere in another destination, someone was in the middle of a bad dream that reflected from their own past. In the vision a female leopard slashed away at a turtle figure as she returned the returning blows. There was a series of kicks and punches as the dream was ended by a voice. "Peach Tree!"[br]
"Huh?" a female tortoise raised her head and looked on to her mother standing in the doorway. "You weren't having that dream again were you?"[br]
Peach Tree looked onward. "Uh…"[br]
Her mother sighed. "You did. When are you going to stop dwelling in the past? Daiyu was placed in a settlement in the Reformation Mountains after that attack and is yards away from us."[br]
Peach Tree looked on silently. "What if not forever?"[br]
The girl's mother looked on while sighing as Peach Tree continued bluntly. "He won't able be to defend us this time."[br]
The girl's mom shook her head and looked down.[br]
The tortoise stood there continually unmoved. She was unmoved, a tragic event that had just occurred and was not into helping those around her. The mother tortoise raised her head and looked at her daughter. "Your grieving will not bring him back anymore then I've wished him to return." Peach Tree didn't move from her post. "I want to reassure that."[br]
The mother tortoise who went by the name of Lotus Flower walked silently up behind her and spoke. "You think I don't miss him? He was as close to me as he was to you Peach Tree. Why can't you move on like the rest of us? Oogway would not be able to rest easy knowing his-"[br]
Splat! There was a sudden pounding noise outside as Zeng plopped on the ground panting as some tortoise gathered around confused. "Message from Master Shifu... Check on Master Oogway's family."[br]
Lotus Flower stepped out the house Peach Tree grieved in and approached the goose. "We are all saddened by the path Oogway has taken… (Looks at Peach Tree through the doorway.) Some more then others…But we assure you we will get by."[br]
Zeng spoke up questionably. "All of you?"[br]
All the tortoises looked on silently to Lotus Flower little questionable to results of obvious hidden facts. "Well will get along and others will just have to get along in time..." Lotus Blossom said with a slight sneer toward the background.[br]
Zeng looked obvious. "She still not over it?"[br]
The mother tortoise looked casually. "You have no idea."[br]
The other tortoises left as Zeng continued to talk seeing as they weren't really needed anymore.[br]
Zing spoke casually somewhat direct. "Master Shifu will be not pleased, future sages should not fret on the past."[br]
Lotus Flower looked at him rather obvious. "Not when there's work to be done…"[br]
Zeng looked on as the mother tortoise spoke "She's not contributing and chooses to spend most of her moping about or standing in that direct spot. Her soul is devastated. Peach Tree will not move on. Her brothers did but not her."[br]
Zeng looked up hopefully giggling. "I guess that goes for the whole sage thing eh?'[br]
Lotus Flower looked on directly. "Oogway chose Peach Tree for the position of next sage but if she keeps that constant moping she won't get that chance."[br]
Zeng walked toward the open door that housed Peach Tree. "May I talk to her?"[br]
Lotus Flower showed him in. "Go ahead, if you can get a word out of her."[br]
Meanwhile in another distant location far away from Lotus Lake laid the Reformation Mountains. A place where people who have had committed crimes on assault, possessed bad tempers and claimed vengeance were sent. Here laid Tai Lung's personal friend and affection Daiyu. A snow leopard that ran amuck on the Valley of Peace and assaulted the Jade Place after hearing Tai Lung was put in prison. Daiyu wanted something that laid inside the Jade Place that could free her master and bring her and her master about power. But she was thwarted upon opposing an attack on Oogway and got dragged away to The Reformation Mountains. The item in question was a sacred flute that possessed extraordinary power. It could summon a dragon who could bring peace to the valley or destruction. The dragon needed only to be instructed by the flute player what to do through vocal command and it would do it.[br]


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