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Chapter 1 - Night Whispers

These are poems that I wrote a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to put them up here because they have no were else to be. Please comment!

Chapter 1 - Night Whispers

Chapter 1 - Night Whispers
Night Whispers

The whispering trees in the breeze
Faintly flutter in the night
And when you look out, theres no doubt
That in the moonlight, its a beautiful sight

And this music goes on, until it is dawn
When the bright light chases darkness away
And the moon hides her face in disgrace
As the sun welcomes the brand new day

My cat

My cat is very odd
And I think that
He makes a better dog
Than he does a cat


Silent paws that kill
A crouching orange striped cat
A hunting tiger

Ever since you have moved, my heart has grown sore
For I miss being able to walk up and knock on your door
And when it opens, I can easily say,
Can Christian and Emily come out and play?
And having Mrs. Daniel smile a large grin
As she politely escorts me in
The smell of cookies flow in the air
As she offers to pull me up a chair
I sit and I wait while hearing the clock ticking
Which makes me squirmy and start itching
Because I want to run around outside
With Christian and Emily at my side
And when I thought I couldnt stand it anymore
My friends shout that theyve finished their chore
They came running down the stairs as fast as they could
And we had fun like any other kid should
But now youre gone and far away
Which dampens my spirit and day
Please move back next to me
For as any one can see
I heart is broken
And im not jokin
For I feel like I could die
And on this bed I will lie
Waiting for you for all eternity
For as anyone can see
I need you more than anything


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