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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13

Axel returns as a biker to aid Sora, Riku and Kairi in their battle against the Heartless.

Chapter 13 - Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Chapter 13
Heartless Hunter Axel
By Axel Ingleson

(disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts belongs to SquareEnix and Disney. Seraphine appears courtesy of Saveena-001.)

-Chapter 13-

“Sora,” King Mickey said, disapprovingly, as Seraphine hugged Edym, “you know that people are not supposed to be made aware of other worlds.”

“She’s Edym’s owner,” Sora explained. “She must already know that there are other worlds. I don’t think she’s from here.”

“Hm,” Mickey considered. “If that’s the case, then someone has been tampering with the boundaries between worlds.”

“Or she may have simply been abducted by Dark,” Riku suggested. “He does seem the type.”

“That would fit what I’ve been told about the Autumn People,” Axel agreed. “The town librarian said they were a group of people who went around stealing souls. I expect they would follow the same pattern of behavior that the Heartless do.”

“So, does she come or does she stay?” Riku asked.

“Well, we can’t leave her here if this isn’t her home,” King Mickey decided, looking over at Seraphine who was playing with her long lost kitten. “We’ll have to take her with us.”

Sora sighed with relief, then watched as little Edym leapt in the air, following Seraphine’s fingers as she wiggled them for his amusement.

The lost Nobody looked around at the world he had landed on. Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t the Underworld. The Underworld wasn’t this sunny, nor were there this many flowers.

“What an ugly flower,” a dandelion said, startling the Nobody. “It must be a weed.”

“I’m not a weed, nor a flower,” the cloaked figure said. “I’m a Nobody. My name is Demyx.”

“Hmph,” a rose huffed, waving its leaves and thorns. It would’ve added more, but a shadow blocked out the sunshine and it looked up, hoping for a refreshing rain.

But it was no rain. Nor was the sight it beheld refreshing in any way. It pointed behind Demyx with a leaf.

The Nobody looked behind himself and saw a large insectoid Heartless looming over him.

“I am so the wrong person for this…” he muttered. Then he narrowed his eyes, and glared at the Heartless. “I’m not a wimp. I’m not going to run away this time.”

Demyx sized up the Heartless, looked at himself, and decided that though he wasn’t a wimp, he also wasn’t an idiot.

So, having no effective weapon, he started running. But the Heartless blocked his way. He ran the other way, only to be blocked again.

There was no way around it. He would have to fight. He wished he still had his sitar. He needed it for his attacks.

A voice that was vaguely familiar whispered a single word in the back of his mind:


Before he could work out why he was being offered a Keyblade, it appeared in his hand. Grateful for it, he narrowed his eyes and prepared for battle.

The Heartless leapt forward. Demyx countered with his new Keyblade, not exactly thrilled with the position he was in. He hated fighting. But he realized, now, as he battled the Heartless, that he’d pretty much signed up for it when he had gone to retrieve his sitar.

He brought the Keyblade down upon and through the creature’s neck. Then he watched as both the creature and the Keyblade vanished.


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