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Chapter 14 - Chapter 14

Axel returns as a biker to aid Sora, Riku and Kairi in their battle against the Heartless.

Chapter 14 - Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Chapter 14
Heartless Hunter Axel
By Axel Ingleson

(disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts belongs to SquareEnix and Disney. Seraphine appears courtesy of Saveena-001.)

-Chapter 14-

Aerith looked up as Sora walked into Merlin’s house with the others. “Welcome back, Sora! Donald! Goofy! It’s good to see you all. Who are your friends?”

“Nice to see you, too, Aerith,” Sora replied. “This is Riku, Axel, Kairi, Kajihana and Xirin. The kitten is Edym.”

“We’re glad to meet all of you. We could really use your help. Those Heartless are back. Not quite as great a variety as last time. But…”

“Where are Merlin and the others?” Donald asked.

“They went off to find a way to defeat the Heartless,” Aerith told him. “What brings you back this way?”

“We’re looking for a friend of ours,” Sora explained. “You haven’t seen a young man with a mulhawk, have you?”

“No, I’m sorry,” Aerith replied.

“You sure do misplace a lot of friends,” Leon remarked, casually.

“Cloud’s back,” Aerith told them. “He’s off fighting an old enemy at the moment.”

The sound of a motorcycle could be heard just outside. Aerith and the others didn’t seem bothered by it, so Sora decided all was fine.

The door opened and a silver-haired man who greatly resembled Riku, save for the difference in how his hair was parted, walked in.

“This is my son, Kadaj,” Aerith told them. “I adopted him,” she explained, seeing the looks on their faces,

“Pleased to meet you,” Riku said, offering his hand, which Kadaj shook.

“Why didn’t you come to the Reunion?” Kadaj asked.

“What are you talking about?” Riku wondered aloud.

“The Reunion,” Kadaj repeated. “Why weren’t you there? The others came.”

“I didn’t get an invitation,” Riku explained. “I’m sorry I missed it. Though even if I had got one, I’d have had to refuse it. I was not myself. Literally.”

“I can sympathize,” Kadaj admitted.

“You ever been possessed?”

“Yes,” Kadaj replied. “By Sephiroth.”

“Then you can sympathize,” Riku smiled. “I’m glad. I felt so alone. Even Sora can’t understand. Though he tries to.”

“Speaking of Sephiroth,” Sora asked, “what’s his obsession with Cloud. I don’t buy that he’s part of Cloud.”

“He’s not,” Aerith told him. “He’s Tifa’s rival.”

“Tifa’s?” Sora asked. “So why does he fight Cloud?”

“It’s the only way Cloud will let him get that close.” Leon explained. “From what I can make out, Sephiroth secretly cares for Cloud. But Cloud refuses to reciprocate. He’s never forgiven Sephiroth for burning his hometown to the ground.”

“Ouch,” Axel winced, momentarily regretting his ability.

Kajihana put her hand on her father’s shoulder, understandingly.

“So, you haven’t seen Demyx,” Axel said, sounding disappointed.

“Your friend with the mulhawk? No,” Leon apologized. “Sorry.”

“How did you and he get separated?” Tifa asked.

“Sora insulted him and he went to find his sitar to prove he wasn’t a wimp,” Axel explained. “We would have gone directly to the Underworld, except that we’re not sure he’s there yet.”

“That wasn’t very nice, Sora,” Aerith chastised him.

Sora had the decency to bow his head in shame.

“I just hope Demyx is alright,” Axel said, gazing out the window at the darkening sky.


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