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Chapter 18 - Chapter 18

Axel returns as a biker to aid Sora, Riku and Kairi in their battle against the Heartless.

Chapter 18 - Chapter 18

Chapter 18 - Chapter 18
Heartless Hunter Axel
By Axel Ingleson

(disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts belongs to SquareEnix and Disney. Seraphine appears courtesy of Saveena-001.)

-Chapter 18-

~I’ve finally made it,~ Demyx thought to himself as he stood at the gates of the Underworld. ~I’m here. But now that I’m here, I don’t think I can go through with it. What was I thinking? Letting him goad me into this. But it’s more than that. I want my sitar back. But, do I want it badly enough to face Hades alone?~

He looked up at the gate which loomed before him for a long time before finally steeling himself and nodding.

“Yes,” he said, aloud.

“Talking to yourself?” Sora asked, playfully.

Demyx jumped about a foot and spun around in mid-air. “You!”

“Hi,” Sora waved. “Hey, look. You don’t have to prove anything.”

“I want my sitar back,” Demyx told him. “And I’m going to get it.”

“Demyx,” Axel said, putting a hand on his boyfriend’s shoulder, “at least let us go with you. You can’t do this alone. Even I can’t.”

“He’s right,” Hercules told him, as he joined the group. “I saw a shooting star, and I knew you had come back. It was just like the last two times you visited. And it looks like you’ve made some new friends.”

“The rash one is Demyx,” Sora introduced the blond Nobody, “the red-head is Axel. The girl is Seraphine.”

“Please, I am not a girl,” Seraphine said, pointedly.

“Sorry, I mean the young lady,” Sora corrected, wishing he could stop putting his foot in his mouth. “And the best looking one of the bunch is Riku… I mean King Riku.”

“Not officially,” Riku reminded him. “I still have to go through the coronation and all that stuff.”

“You sound thrilled,” Sora remarked.

“I wish there wasn’t so much formality,” Riku sighed. “It’s so boring.”

“Look, I hate to interrupt his majesty,” Demyx said, softly, “but I really would like to get my sitar back.”

“Looks like we’ve got a new mission, guys,” Riku decided.

Xirin nodded in agreement. “Let’s go.”

“Hold on,” Hercules said, “first you all should get in some training. I know you’re good, but Hades will have the upper hand unless you get in some practice.”

“He’s right,” Riku decided. “You all could use a little practice.”

“You too, your majesty,” Sora pointed out.

Riku smiled. “I guess it couldn’t hurt.”

They made their way to the training arena where Phil awaited them.

“Hey, if it isn’t the heroes,” he said. “And what’s this I see before me?” he examined Riku carefully. “I sense both light and darkness in you. A rarity, indeed, especially for one as young as you. A hero, indeed.”

“I’m no hero,” Riku shook his head. “I once betrayed my best friend. That’s hardly heroic.”

“I assume you’ve made up for it,” Phil asked.

“I’m still making up for it,” Riku replied. “I owe Sora my life.”

“Then you’re a hero,” Phil told him. “Nice to meet ya.” He extended his hand, which Riku shook.

“You’re a lot stronger than you look,” Riku smiled. “Care to join us in our quest?”

“Sorry, kid,” Phil apologized. “I’m no hero. I just train ‘em.”

“We all have our parts to play,” Riku observed.

“So, what now?” Xirin asked. “What are we supposed to do, paint these urns?”

“Nope,” Phil replied. “Break ‘em. But you only have three minutes to do it. So, who’s first?”

Xirin readied his weapon. “Set ‘em up.”

Phil indicated the urns. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Xirin attacked the urns, and managed to smash about sixty out of a hundred before the timer ended.

“Riku?” Sora prompted.

“What are the rules?” Riku asked. “No use of magic? What?”

“Use your talents,” Phil replied. “Let’s see what you’re made of.”

Riku drew Way To The Dawn and rushed into the midst of the newly set up urns, smashing all of them in less than two minutes.

“Well done!” Phil praised. “You, the red-head. Let’s see what you can do.”

Axel leapt into the middle of the urns and sent his chakrams flying, breaking the last urn just as the clock hit the three minute mark.

“Not too shabby,” Phil decided. “Work on your time, kid.” He nodded to Seraphine who took her cat-o-nine-tails and used it to draw the urns together, smashing a majority of them before the timer ended.

“Clever,” Phil smiled. “But you’ve got a way to go.”

“So,” Demyx asked. “Are we ready?”

“Not yet,” Phil replied. “Let’s see what you’re capable of.”

“I can’t show you my true power without my sitar,” Demyx sighed.

“Let’s see what you can do with what you’ve got,” Phil prompted.

Demyx took a deep breath, then used his Keyblade to eliminate two thirds of the urns before the timer ran out.

“Hm,” Phil shook his head. “Well, it was a nice try. I look forward to seeing how you perform with your sitar.”

“You will,” Demyx promised.

“Okay, we’re ready,” Riku decided. “Demyx, you think you can handle this?”

Demyx nodded. “I think I can manage it now that my friends are with me.”


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