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Chapter 21 - Chapter 21

Axel returns as a biker to aid Sora, Riku and Kairi in their battle against the Heartless.

Chapter 21 - Chapter 21

Chapter 21 - Chapter 21
Heartless Hunter Axel
By Axel Ingleson

(disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts belongs to SquareEnix and Disney. Seraphine appears courtesy of Saveena-001.)

-Chapter 21-

The ship raced along the dark paths that led to the World That Never Was. Most of the crew could not see in the darkness. But both Riku and Xirin watched as the home world of the Nobodies and the Heartless loomed before them.

Soon the ship touched down.

“I’ve brought them, my lord,” Xirin said, bowing to a hooded figure who stood before the opened mouth of the dragon ship.

“Well done, Xirin,” a familiar voice laughed. “You’ve done well.” The cloaked figure turned his still-hooded head toward Sora and his friends. “Ah, the Keyblade Masters and the two traitors. Welcome home, Axel and Demyx.”

“This is no longer our home,” Demyx retorted. “I stopped calling it that when you tried to have me killed.”

“Well, well,” Xemnas said, removing his hood. “Looks like the kitten his claws after all.”

“You knew I was a kitten?” Demyx demanded.

“Of course I knew,” Xemnas laughed. “I was the one who made you a Nobody in the first place.”

Seraphine, Axel and Demyx attacked Xemnas, but he easily tossed them aside with his abilities.

“We can’t fight him separately,” Riku said. “We must fight him together.”

A gunshot barely missed Xirin. Looking up in the direction it had come from, they found themselves looking at a man with a patch over one eye who was standing on the ceiling, glaring down at them.

“Did you think he would be alone?” the man laughed.

“Hey! Watch where you’re pointing that!” Xirin demanded. “He’s Riku!”

“Sorry,” Xigbar laughed. “But I can’t be sure. So it’s best that I kill you both. You understand.”

“I…” Xirin stared in horror. “No! You promised me a heart! You liar!”

“Have you forgotten,” Xemnas scoffed. “You’ve had a heart from the beginning. You gave it up when you betrayed your brother.”

“No!” Xirin shook his head. “I’m not listening to you. You lied to me! You made me betray him.”

“Your betrayal was your choice,” Xemnas laughed. “I only planted the seed in your mind. You’re the one who chose to nurture it. Blame yourself if you’re looking for someone to blame.”

“You were planning this from day one,” Riku realized. “Xirin, how could you? We were your friends! I treated you like a brother!”

“I had to,” Xirin replied. “And yes, I did plan it from day one. I would’ve brought you here, sooner. But I wanted the reward for the capture of both traitors.”

“And reward you shall have,” Xemnas promised, giving a slight nod.

Xigbar fired another shot. And there was no almost about it. It hit Xirin square in the chest, throwing him to the ground.

“No!” Riku shouted, racing to Xirin and lifting him gently from the pavement. Cradling Xirin in his arms, he looked down at the replica.

“Why?” Xirin asked. “After what I did to you, why do you still care so much?”

“Because, you’re my little brother,” Riku reminded him. A tear fell upon Xirin’s cheek as the young replica finally died.

Then, setting Xirin’s body down upon the ground as gently as he had lifted it up, Riku turned and drew his keyblade to do battle with Xemnas and Xigbar.

Seeing that their King was ready to fight, Sora and the others readied their own weapons; chakrams, Keyblades, and sitar.

Axel hurled his chakrams at Xigbar, knocking the gun from the Sharpshooter’s hand. Xigbar countered with a second gun, Axel barely deflecting the bullet with his chakrams as they returned in the nick of time.

While Axel and Xigbar battled each other, the others took on Xemnas. Demyx used his water clones to launch an attack on the Superior. But Xemnas used his own water clones to counter the sitar player’s attack.

It was enough to distract Xemnas, however, from Riku and Sora as they prepared a joint assault on him along with Seraphine, who wrapped her whips around Xemnas’s feet and pulled them out from under him.

Riku and Sora crossed their Keyblades over Xemnas, just as Axel drove one of his chakrams through Xigbar’s chest, the Sharpshooter firing one final bullet, which struck the arm of the Flurry of Dancing Flames too late to stop the red-head’s attack.

“It’s over,” Riku told Xemnas, plunging Way To The Dawn through his chest.

Xemnas’s body vanished into darkness as Riku and Sora got to their feet.

“How do we get home?” Sora asked. “Xirin was the only one who knew the codes to start the dragon ship.”

“I can’t open doors through darkness any more,” Riku regretted. “But maybe I can open a different door.” He held up a hand and a softly shimmering portal appeared before them.

“A twilight portal,” Sora recognized. “But to where?”

“Home.” Riku replied.


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